5 Great Songs With ‘Ship’ Or ‘Boat’ In The Title

Songs With Ship Or Boat In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With ‘Ship’ Or ‘Boat’ In The Title

Have you ever been intrigued about the number of songs that have been written with a ship theme? No matter what genre the song is, if it has the word “boat” or “ship” in the title, it is considered for inclusion on this list. Even though many of the songs in this collection are about boats and ships, each one has its distinct lyrical interpretation, which helps to set it apart from the others in the collection.

5 Songs With ‘Ship’ Or ‘Boat’ In The Title

Let’s take a look at some songs with ‘ship’ or ‘boat’ in the title.

1. Speedboat By Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry - SPEEDBOAT (Official Music Video)

Gun violence and Curry’s financial situation are the primary topics of this song, which focuses on Denzel’s street life and ascent. Hip-hop fans are hailing him as one of the next major performers because of his lyrical abilities rather than his subject. What he’s saying sounds like typical rap music lyrics to me.

At the beginning of the song, he refers to his rise from poverty to wealth. Curry is said to be the inspiration for the song’s title, which alludes to his current way of life. Furthermore, he makes numerous allusions to his gun-wielding prowess, even suggesting to his audience that they “have their money up before going to war.”

Denzel’s tribute to deceased rapper X (1998-2008), who was also from Florida and supposedly a buddy of Curry’s, is noteworthy. Moreover, he conveys the message that he will not be assassinated like X. Additionally, he invokes “Jesus” in a ‘prayer over all his people,’ a common rap refrain, to keep an eye on the ‘hood.

What we think about this song

As a whole, this tune doesn’t offer anything new or noteworthy. That, however, is not a criticism of Denzel Curry, as this was most likely not his intention when he wrote it. Perhaps this song was a way to show that he’s one of the best lyricists out there, as opposed to just another rapper.

“Speedboat,” on the other hand, has achieved its aim. Simply put, “Speedboat” is a single to listen to if you’re in the mood to hear mainstream rap performed by someone who can rhyme.

2. Rock The Boat By Aaliyah

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Original Video)

Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” is a bedroom pleasure song in the truest sense of the word. In addition, the song’s title suggests that the vocalist uses seafaring metaphors to describe an intimate connection.

She doesn’t mean for the recipient to paddle a canoe paddle when she tells them to “stroke,” for example. Considering the video and all, this may have been Aaliyah’s most erotic song to date.

Because it was already getting a lot of attention on the radio, the song was released as a single.

Aaliyah pushed for the release of “Rock the Boat” as a single on her behalf. In part, this was due to the executives in charge of the project prioritizing the release of Timbaland-produced tunes rather than the others.

3. Ship to Wreck By Florence And The Machine

Florence + The Machine - Ship To Wreck (The Odyssey – Chapter 4)

The narrator’s self-destructive behavior is the primary focus of “Ship to Wreck.”

When someone engages in a self-destructive activity, they do so with full knowledge that it could lead to physical or psychological harm. Negative habits might include anything from excessive sexual activity to substance misuse. And throughout the song, the narrator expresses this same sentiment.

Accordingly, the song’s lyrics introduce us to a protagonist who constantly gets in her way of finding enjoyment in the present moment. She is a talented artist, but she is also a destructive one. We learn on the bridge that she did the same thing in her love life.

She worked hard to make the connection blossom into something so lovely. However, she quickly destroyed it due to the destructive nature of her personality, leaving her lover devastated.

Our narrator is a heavy drinker based on the evidence. And, based on the evidence, it appears that her binge drinking contributed to the breakup of her relationship. In the pre-chorus, she asks her lover if her alcoholism was the cause of their relationship’s difficulties.

4. Ship of Fools by World Party

World Party - Ship Of Fools

The story told in “Ship of Fools” has the sense of a biblical parable, but it also integrates mythological ideas and actual atrocities into its plot. The lyrics “We’re setting sail to a place on the map from which no one has ever returned” are the first thing that is spoken in Wallinger’s song.

This phrase starts off the song as the opening lyric. The lyrics of the song read, “It’s where they hold all the darkness you need,” and “You sail away from the brightness of the world.”

The unfortunate travelers are greeted by a few terrible sins at the beginning of the second verse of the poem. Wallinger can sound like he is addressing the world leaders who are erring their populations at times, giving the impression that he is speaking directly to them.

Those who are naive enough to participate in Wallinger’s deception will pay the price, just as Wallinger has promised: “You will pay tomorrow.” On the other hand, he is concerned that even innocent people could be taken aback by the situation.

5. Boat Drinks by Jimmy Buffet

The song’s inspiration, according to Buffett, was as follows: “In Boston, it was February, and the cold had made me miserable. I want to return to the familiar surroundings of my house.

Today’s antifreeze is rum and tonic and the newspaper is filled with adverts for warmer climates. Derek Sanderson, a legendary 1970s Boston Bruins player, owned the building where I was standing.

The location was owned by Sanderson, who was also its manager. My only option for a taxi after leaving the bar was the one parked in front of the nearby hotel, so I took that. I couldn’t care less about the consequences because I was shivering so much and there was no driver in the car.

If you’ve ever heard the expression “Ask forgiveness, not permission,” you’ve heard it before. In the car, I drove toward my lodging. I didn’t remember to pay the fare when I got off the train.”