5 Great Songs With Game In The Title

Songs With Game In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With Game In The Title

1. Love Is A Game by Adele

Adele - Love Is A Game (Official Lyric Video)

The song’s lyrics delve into the process of falling in love again and the games that come with it. It’s clear that Adele views love as a meaningless game for the naive to pursue, as she sings about it in the chorus.

During her “Adele One Night Only” concert, Adele shared a fascinating anecdote with the crowd while performing “One Night Only.” She said that because we can’t “control bloody anything,” we should just go with the flow.

Adele’s ten-year romance with the now-estranged businessman Simon Konecki is the subject of this song. Adele began dating Simon Konecki in 2011, and in October 2012, they became parents to a boy, Angelo James.

Adele continues the narrative by revealing that the couple, who probably married when she was 30, had a bitter breakup the following year. The 12th track on the “30” album, “Love is a Game,” lays out the entire story of her failed romance with Konecki.

Listening closely to the words, one can almost see what Adele was feeling at the time she wrote the song.

2. Love Is A Losing Game by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game

First on our list og songs with game inthe title is Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is A Losing Game”. This song is best understood by comparing it to a game of chance. It’s possible that you’ll succeed at first. But the nature of the game ensures that you will eventually lose, no matter how good you get at it. And that, in a nutshell, was Amy Winehouse’s view on love.

So, in the song’s lyrics, Amy plays the part of someone who, while falling in love for the first time, is emotionally naive. That is to argue that she willingly sacrificed herself for her lover, as suggested in the opening verse. But now that she knows love is futile, she regrets ever venturing into that territory.

The second verse aims to further emphasize the central theme of the song. Without a doubt, the singer argues, there is no winning hand in love. Or, if you prefer to go beneath the surface, the very idea of comparing romantic pursuits to “gambling” indicates a great deal: namely, that the results of either are completely unpredictable.

The third and final verse can be best understood as the narrator arguing that the very nature of the universe works against the possibility of a love that lasts.

This adds further support to the central argument of the thesis. The singer thinks love is doomed because of who we are as people.

Furthermore, it is implied that the singer’s heartbreak was due in large part to her own foolish, or let’s say misinformed assumption otherwise, on her part.

In other words, the singer never directly places the blame for the breakup of the featured romance on her partner, even if Fielder-Civil is as much of a jacka*s as the media tends to paint him as. A more accurate description of her view is that she believes love itself is “rigged” so that everyone who plays will eventually lose.

3. Playing Games by Summer Walker

Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

The song “Playing Games” by Summer Walker samples and may have been inspired by Destiny’s Child’s hit “Say My Name” (1999). That is to say, the protagonist of “Playing Games” is a woman who is feeling unloved by her partner.

Walker adopts a “humble approach,” if you will, to the problem. She makes it clear that she doesn’t expect her guy to care for her financially, as she is capable of doing so on her own.

She also has no desire to be showered with expensive presents from him. What she actually wants from him is to have regular, sincere romantic encounters with her.

And that’s not the only thing wrong with this guy, according to her. To give one example, she makes him out to be a kind person when they’re alone together.

But when he’s with his pals, he puts on an act of faux machismo and coldness in an attempt to appear more attractive. And even in their secret love making, he talks a good game but doesn’t truly walk the walk.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Summer is in a precarious position. She’s over her heels, in love with someone who, despite their apparent feelings for her, is immature.

This means he uses his independence to his advantage by ignoring her often. And in general, he is “playing games” with their connection. She may be trying to imply that he is seeing another lady all the while this is going on. This song, then, is essentially an outpouring of her inner turmoil. Eventually, if the tension isn’t eased, she’ll probably stop seeing him.

4. Foolish Games by Jewel

Jewel - Foolish Games (Official HD Music Video)

Last on our list of songs with game in the title is “Foolish Games” This song is about Jewel’s feelings for a guy who she loves but who doesn’t return her affections. She becomes engrossed in her admiration of this man, only to be left with her feelings unrequited.

He attracts the singer’s attention, and she falls for him when she describes him in poetic detail. She is frequently let down by their encounters since she has concluded that he is not interested in her on any level, be it as a friend or a potential romantic partner. She finally breaks her silence, telling him that his inability to acknowledge her feelings for him is tearing her heart apart.

It appears that the singer may have misunderstood his friendly gestures and inclination toward her as expressions of romantic interest. She has come to this conclusion and freely admits that she was mistaken in assuming that he felt the same way about her. She feels like she’s being played for fools by this guy’s evasive behavior, and it hurts even more to know that they can’t be together.

5. “Only a Pawn in Their Game” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Only a Pawn in Their Game (Official Audio)

The events of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States in the 1960s serve as a backdrop to this song. The phrase “Only a Pawn in the Game” refers, of course, to the role of the pawn in the game of chess, where the pawn is the most numerous and worthless piece, whose sole purpose is to shield the king and his army.

And similarly, Dylan is suggesting that the poor White Americans who committed hate crimes, especially during the time period when this song was composed, are truly “pawn(s) in their game.” The word “their” in the preceding term alludes to the White ruling class, and the “game” being played is the White ruling class’s attempt to maintain power.

In short, his argument is that individuals who purposefully urge poor Whites to persecute and murder Black persons like Civil Rights hero Medgar Evers do so in order to keep them from seeing the broader picture, which is that they are fundamentally just as suppressed as the Blacks.