6 Christmas Songs About Lights

christmas songs about light
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Christmas Songs About Lights

Christmas songs brings happiness to the holiday season, whether you do it at church, with family, or while caroling through your neighborhood. The lights of Christmas serve as a visual reminder that Jesus Christ is the true source of light in our lives. In this way, they might serve as a gentle reminder to be Christ’s light to the world and to bring people to Him.

When there is light, there is hope. We can tell that the darkness has ended when we see the light. There will be darkness where there is no light.

Light gives hope. Light is always a good thing in music, and many christmas songs have the word “light” in their titles. Whether it’s a real source of illumination or a symbol of optimism, light aids humanity in seeing clearly and avoiding the shadows of doubt.

Here are a few of the most famous and intriguing tunes that either directly address the issue of light or feature the word “light” somewhere in their titles, demonstrating how common this theme is among composers. This playlist contains some of the best Christmas songs about lights.

6 Christmas Songs About Lights

1. Lauren Daigle, “Light of the World”

Lauren Daigle - Light Of The World (Lyric Video)

Lauren Daigle’s “Light of the World” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention christmas songs about lights.

Singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle, 27, wrote the song “light of the world” for the Christian music genre. Her 2015 debut album, titled “How Can It Be,” went platinum and earned her international fame. Our featured track today may be found on the Christmas album Behold.

Although the message refers to the birth of Jesus, it is still very relevant today. Aren’t we all, in some way, hoping for a “miracle”? Something that transforms the world, balances it, and saves it.

The lyrics of this song have a beautiful tune, but they remind us of harsh realities, such as the youngster who prays to God despite crossing a sea of anguish because he or she believes in God’s love. How is it that someone with seemingly insurmountable obstacles can have such unwavering faith, but those of us with relatively easy lives couldn’t help but have doubts?

Seasonal activities such as Christmas preparations, gift-buying, social gatherings, holiday trips, and wardrobe planning help us forget the pressures and delights of the approaching holiday season and the impending end of the calendar year.

One of the best things about this song is how it directs our attention to the reason for the season: Jesus. Daigle’s songs teach us about the genuine gift of this time: the Love that comes to change and heal everything, which is a radical departure from the commercial norm.

The song’s title and biblical references distinguish between living in darkness and living in the Light of Jesus. Both the song and the holiday season provide a challenge by calling on us to be the Light of the world. Celebrate and share this light with everyone we come across along the path, whether it be at home, at school, or during our involvement in other activities.

2. This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine with Lyrics

A classic children’s song! In the early 20th century, Harry Dixon Loes penned this classic song. The words “light of mine” have a profound significance of Jesus Christ’s love and truth and are simple enough for children to learn and recite effortlessly. The message of this hymn about trusting in Jesus is perfect for sharing with and teaching young children.

The song “This Little Light of Mine” has a wide audience and several renditions in different languages and styles. This stirring song was sung by civil rights movement activists in the 1950s and 1960s as they stood up to their oppressors. The lyrics are versatile and lend themselves well to improvised musical performance. Although the meaning of “This Little Light of Mine” is not explicitly religious, it is often sung by Christian church organizations. It is not known who wrote “This Little Light of Mine.”

No proof exists that “This Little Light of Mine” is a spiritual written by or about enslaved African Americans prior to freedom. There is no record of this tune in any nineteenth-century spirituals or plantation song anthologies.

The words in the song’s lyrics may have been influenced by Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:14–16 Shine like a beacon for all to see, so that they may praise your heavenly Father on account of you.” This masterpiece also reflects on christmas songs about lights.

3. “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay

Coldplay - Christmas Lights (Official Video)

Wonderful music! Naturally, I couldn’t have expected anything less from Coldplay.

This song is so beautiful…

The main point, in my opinion, is that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the person you genuinely love. In his song, he sings about a person he has lost and expresses his desire for her to be present for his Christmas (“maybe they’ll bring her back to me”).

On Christmas Eve, the protagonist of this song and his love interest get into an argument, which prompts the protagonist to take a stroll down “Oxford Street” and think about their relationship.

As he looks at the Christmas lights, he feels a sense of calm and contentment and thinks, “May all your difficulties soon be gone.” That’s simply how I see it, though. Absolutely fantastic track, and the video’s closing fireworks are a fantastic touch.

There’s a sense of longing and looking back in this song, but there’s also optimism that she’ll be reunited with him. There are a number of themes in this song that speak to me right now: nostalgia and optimism.

4. Toby Mac’s song “Light of Christmas”

TobyMac - Light Of Christmas (Audio) ft. Owl City

The Christmas song “Light of Christmas” was composed by Big Idea’s staff for the Christmas special “VeggieTales: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.”

Although the song was released in 2013, it was not the pair’s first time working together. A duet of “The First Noel” was recorded by the two in 2011 for TobyMac’s debut holiday album. TobyMac reissued his holiday album, Light of Christmas, in 2017 with two new songs written by Owl City.

I think it’s a great song no matter what time of year it is. the part that realy makes it awesome is: \sI believe that Jesus is the only way. And I celebrate Christmas because it is the day he was born. It’s nice how he manages to combine his feelings for Christmas, his religious convictions, and love in an one song.

5. Jesus Is The World’s Only True Light

Christ Is the World's Light - Christian Song with Lyrics

The Christian hymn “The Light of the World is Jesus” was written by Philip P. Bliss in the nineteenth century. This song makes a reference to John 8:12 in the Bible, which is where Christ is quoted as saying, ” “I am the light of the world. Anybody who chooses to follow me will never be in the darkness again.” Each verse ends with the joyful proclamation, “The Light of the World is Jesus,” proclaiming Jesus’ message to the world.

This is what says: “In order to support himself and his schooling, young Philip P. Bliss left home to work on farms and in lumber camps. He attended a revival when he was twelve and was completely transformed. Bliss became an itinerant music teacher after completing studies at New York’s Normal Academy of Music. He rode his horse to students’ homes throughout the winter.

After having his first song published in 1864, Dwight L. Moody pushed him to pursue a career as a singer and evangelist in 1868. Bliss toured the Midwest and South with Major D. W. Whittle during the remaining two years of his life. Gospel Hymns was a series of hymn books composed by Bliss and Ira D. Sankey. This series began with 1874’s Gospel Songs, which was made available to readers all across the world.

Unfortunately, Bliss passed away at the young age of 38 toward the year’s end, in 1876. Both Philip P. Bliss and his wife wanted to attend the evangelistic sessions at Dwight L. Moody’s Tabernacle in Chicago, which were being led by Daniel W. Whittle. Unfortunately, they were all killed in a railway accident and  fire.”

6. Christmas Carol “Silent Night”

Silent Night with Lyrics | Christmas Carol

Let’s just say that the story of Jesus’ birth, the central event upon which the Christmas holiday is built, is expanded upon in “Silent Night.” It’s almost as if the singer was present in the scene. On the other hand, the lyrics are a reimagining, in poetic form, of certain chapters from the Bible that are mentioned in connection with Jesus’ birth.

The first stanza, for instance, alludes to Jesus’ mother, the famous Virgin Mary. The image of the child himself shows him “sleeping in heavenly calm.” But as for the above-mentioned additions to the story, in reality there appears to be no citation from the Bible itself relating to such.

The second stanza shifts focus to some of the most forgotten figures in the Nativity story. The shepherds were just minding their own business when an angel suddenly appeared and told them about the birth of Christ.

Next, a plethora of new perspectives chimed in with their acclaim. Shepherds presumably were the first contemporaries of Jesus to bear witness to him, in the sense that they spread the news of the miraculous event surrounding his birth to others.

The third verse continues by describing the infant Jesus as stunningly beautiful. However, the Bible seems to remain silent on the topic of his existence as a newborn. In this case, the lyricism is obviously significant.

Like the rest of the hymn, its message is one of profound awe and respect for Jesus. This clarifies, in a nutshell, what his physical presence was supposed to represent to Christians in the first place: namely, the manifest holiness of God and salvation for fallen humanity.

Light of the World delivers a simple message; Jesus is the light of the world and He brings life and joy to everyone. Jesus is the brightest star in the universe, and He will remain so forever.