17 Best Black Gospel Songs – You Should Listen To

Black Gospel Songs
Written by Corey Morgan

What is black gospel songs?

Traditional black gospel is music intended to convey individual or communal belief in the Christian life of African Americans and (in terms of the diverse music styles) to provide a Christian alternative to popular secular music. This style of music is a subset of gospel music and is considered to be Christian music.

The best gospel songs are hard to choose because gospel music is meant to uplift the human spirit. There is so much more to gospel music than just the music itself. One gospel song may touch one man’s soul but not another.

Based on their overall impact on the Christian Church and their capacity to push the genre ahead, we have chosen the best black gospel songs of all time.

17 Best Black Gospel Songs

1. Bless The Lord by Tye Tribbett

Bless The Lord (Son Of Man) - Tye Tribbett & G.A.

This song is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention best black gospel songs.

Great songs have the power to move listeners to tears, and this one will do just that. I was able to win over a staunch atheist to Christ with its help, and a friend of mine used it to calm her nerves before a big test.

It’s a song I’d recommend to anyone going through a tough moment or just looking for some inspiration. Numerous people have benefited from it. Sing praise to God from the depths of my being. To God be the glory!

2. “Celebrate (He Lives)” ` Fred Hammond

Celebrate (He Lives)

This song, which celebrates the joy of Christ’s resurrection, has a groovy beat thanks to Darryl Dixon’s wah wah guitar and Fred’s fiery bass playing. An excellent choice for Easter services, and an annual favorite. (Taken from the song “Something ‘Bout Love”).

3. “Don’t Judge Me” by Kierra Ki-Ki Sheard

Kierra Sheard - Don't Judge Me

The message of the video is maybe its most compelling aspect. In case you need convincing, here are the song’s words: “I did it all for the first time. Fumbled, but I paid for it with blood, sweat, and tears… Don’t judge me if I go out of my way to dance. Please don’t pass judgment on me if I crack a smile while I’m in pain.

Sheard proudly accepts and celebrates her flaws. Let her live and let God perfect her, she begs, rather than condemning her for them. This is a message to which everyone may connect. Lyrically, this is one of the best black gospel songs.

4. “Forever” by Jason Nelson.

Jason Nelson - Forever (Live Music Video)

According to Jason Nelson, the song “Forever” is a testament to God’s unending love for humanity. Unlike human love, which may change depending on circumstances, the Lord’s promises to be with us and love us no matter what. The love of God endures forever.”

5. Declaration by Krik Franklin (This Is It)

Kirk Franklin - Declaration (This Is It!) (Video)

The upbeat tune is taken from the album of the same name. The music has a gospel rhythm. The powerful song rebukes the challenges in life. He is promising that if you give your problems to God, they will be solved. If God truly wants to help you, He will. You’ll find yourself reflecting on life and the world while you listen to these lyrics, which are profound. Franklin is able to elicit strong feelings with his profound songwriting. He used a snippet of Kenny Loggins’s “This Is It” in his song.

The upbeat and energizing rhythm will have you dancing in your seat. The sample is the perfect marriage. It’s excellent, just like the words. He lifts the catchy chorus from Kenny Loggins’s smash hit and uses it to great effect. Including the original song was a brilliant move on Franklin’s part, given the tune was already considered a classic.

The tunes are contagious and sure to be enjoyed by anyone who hear them. Franklin is once again singing by shouting the lyrics, but it fits the song perfectly. The tune frees him up to raise his voice to conduct the choir.

The singers bring a breath of new air to the proceedings. The music they make together is on fire. Their resonant vocals could make you lose track of time. The singers covered Kenny Loggins’ classic and did a fantastic job of recreating the song’s memorable chorus. We dare you to make it through this song without humming along.  This is one of the best black gospel songs that reflects on a lot of things.

6. Donnie McClurkin’s “I Am Amazd Read”

Donnie McClurkin - I Need You (Official Music Video)

The single has been hailed as one of the most stunning recordings in contemporary Gospel music for its uplifting and heartfelt composition. The song’s fundamental lines are, “I am astounded at the power of His name, I am amazed at the force of His love,” and they express the thoughts and emotions of a devout believer.

The song was released as a single from the 2014 album of the same name. Donnie McClurkin is the lead vocalist, and Erica Campbell and Preashea Hilliard provide harmony.

7. No Weapon “Fred Hammond

Certainly, this ranks among the best tunes ever composed. Fred gave it his own spin and personality even though he didn’t write it. That song has helped so many people get through tough times. Many of Fred Hammond’s fans immediately think of his hallmark song, “No Weapon.” (Inspired by King David)

8. “Church Medley” by Donnie McClurkin

The style of this album has been cited by some as the foundation of Donnie’s whole discography. You can almost feel the wave of faith, straight, and positive energy that washes over you as you listen to this song. This track was first included on the album “Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs” (2005). Arrangement and composition of the song were done by Albert Goodson.

9. Shackles (praise You)   Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You)

This duo contributed to the growth of urban contemporary gospel in the 2000s by fusing jazz, hip hop, funk, and soul into their performances.

They are widely credited alongside Kirk Franklin for this development. Mary Mary’s “Shackles (Praise You)” is a landmark in the development of urban contemporary gospel music and was a major contributor to the group’s initial success.

The gospel, R&B, and pop communities all found common ground with this song.

It was an international smash, peaking at #5 in the UK and #17 in Ireland, among many other countriess, it was also the first gospel song in 5 years to make the R&B top 10.

In the song, the singer expresses a desire for God to free them from their chains after enduring a number of difficult experiences.

10. Yolanda Adams, I believe

Honey Soundtrack - Yolanda Adams - I believe. LYRICS

This song’s message is that if you have faith in yourself, you can accomplish anything. This is a fantastic tune.

11. “Love Theory” by Krik Franklin

Kirk Franklin - Love Theory (Official Music Video)

“Love Theory” from Long, Live, Love is at the top of our list of the Top 10 Kirk Franklin Songs.   The uplifting tune praises God for his unfailing love, which endures in the darkest times. The rhythm has such a contagious beat. It’s a great piece of music in every way. This song is a fusion of gospel and r&b. It will hold your interest till the very last note fades.

The percussion and piano chords are fantastic. When it comes to making music, the band members are true masters. The song’s catchy tune will have you humming along in no time. Cleverly, he makes the choir alternate between singing the chorus and the lyrics as he explains God’s journey toward unconditional love.

Franklin sings his part, and the choir is there to back him up. They perfectly time their recitation to his sung verses. They are able to follow the shifting rhythms while singing.

During the song’s dramatic climax, they transport the audience to a religious service. After years in the industry, Kirk Franklin has hit his stride with this single. This song is perfect in every way.

12. Sapp, Marvin “Thank You For It All”

Marvin Sapp - Thank You for It All (2020 Stellar Awards Performance)

Gospel music’s A-lister Marvin Sapp drops an emotional new single, “Thank You For It All,” complete with music video. The single, which features Sapp’s soaring vocals is a soothing balm that expresses gratitude to God for His unfailing guidance and offers encouragement to persevere in the face of adversity and grief.

This song, in Marvin Sapp’s opinion, perfectly captures the spirit of the current season. Being God’s people implies that no matter what happens, we will always have a heart full of gratitude for our gracious Father.

13. Israel Houghton you are good

You Are Good - Israel & New Breed

Israel Houghton could have easily become a statistic had it not been for the goodness of God. He was born to an unmarried teenage woman whose parents had encouraged her to seek an abortion.

Mother Israel had been pregnant for eight months when she was abandoned by her family and found Jesus on a street corner. That “chance” encounter drastically transformed both his mother’s and his own lives. So it was with deep feeling that Israel penned “You Are Good,” based on Psalm 100. He is fully aware of God’s infinite benevolence, love, and mercy.

14. The Soul Stirrers’ “Jesus Gave Me Water”

This hymn by Lucie E. Campbell was inspired by the account of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman in the Gospel of John. A woman walks to a well in search of water and discovers Jesus lounging nearby. She is taken aback by his request for water because Jews often avoid contact with Samaritans.

After establishing his divine identity, Jesus proclaims that he has come to give his followers “living water” that “will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” Scholars of the Bible have explained that the Holy Spirit, represented by the living water, actually lives within of Christians.

The Soul Stirrers, lead by a 19-year-old Sam Cook (before he added the ‘e’ to his last name), praise Jesus for providing them the living water to quench their spiritual thirst in the song “Jesus Gave Me Water.”

15. “You Waited,” Travis Greene

Travis Greene - You Waited (Official Music Video)

It all goes back to when Greene was 20 and lost track and focus for about 3 months, he was sidetracked you know and fell into sin but God did wait on him, like he was there the whole time patiently waiting for him to return and it boils down to the words “knowing my history covered my shame what incredible grace you’ve given”.

16. “Only You can satisfy,” by William McDowell

Only You Can Satisfy / You Satisfy | Deeper Worship, William McDowell (Official Live Video)

This song expresses the longing for closeness that can only be satisfied via fellowship. God offers a gift of His presence as an invitation to connect. One of these is listening to music that seems to have come straight from heaven and experiencing a deep sense of intimate closeness and reverence.

17. Walter Hawkins what is this

The Holy Spirit is the subject of this song. You have a personal relationship with Jesus and find yourself sharing the good news of His love and mercy with everyone who will listen when you ask Him to come into your life. You are unable to sin because the Spirit prevents it. It causes you to hallucinate and start speaking in strange tongues. You can do nothing when it strikes.

You are able to forgive people their mistreatment of you and even feel compassion for them. It convinces you to have faith even when everyone else does not. You have a habit of gazing inward, rather than outside, at other people. Once you realize that God loves you despite your flaws, you’ll feel rejuvenated and unworthy. He loves you, even if He doesn’t love what you’re doing.

This is the Lord whom I serve, and His presence in my life by the power of the Holy Spirit assures me that no matter what happens, God is in charge.