15 Great Songs About Positive Affirmations

songs about positive affirmations
Written by Corey Morgan

Believe it or not, listening to uplifting music can brighten your day. Songs about positive affirmations can inspire you to greater heights, from aiding in the transformation of the toxic negative thoughts that are constantly running through your mind to giving you more vigor. This article is filled with a ton of uplifting tunes that will make you feel fantastic. So let’s begin this uplifting dance party. Welcome to the joyful train!

1. “I Gota Feeling” ` Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (Official Music Video)

This song is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about positive affirmations.

This songs will demonstrate how to think positively if you’re wanting to improve your mental attitude. They have a gut sense that tonight will be a wonderful night, but they aren’t certain.

You’ll get closer to having a pleasant day or night if you have a sensation that things will be good and positive. How you perceive the world is half the battle.

An optimist will search for the positive aspects of a situation before, during, and after it occurs. So if you’re seeking for upbeat music, this will help you become motivated to “do it, do it, do it.” And by “do it,” we mean “think positively”!

2. Demi Lovato, “I Love Me”

Demi Lovato - I Love Me (Official Video)

Demi Lovato’s song “I Love Me” serves as a reminder to criticize yourself when you’re not liking yourself. She reaffirms that you ought to be comfortable with loving yourself. You don’t have to love yourself more than other people. You are equally deserving of love as the person you are showing it to.

The song’s phrase, “Haters that live on the internet, dwell in my head, should be paying rent,” serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to change your perspective and think more positively because hateful, negative thoughts don’t belong in your head.

3. Daisies – Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Daisies

Daisies and other upbeat tunes encourage pride in oneself, no matter how unique one may be from those around them. The song is about a person who has been criticized for having unusual dreams and goals but yet manages to achieve everything they set out to do. It also acts as a warning to not give up on your goals and aspirations simply because other people don’t.

This upbeat tune promotes self-reliance. I’ll never let them change me, as Katy Perry sings, is a great reminder to stay loyal to who you are.

4. ME! Swift, Taylor

Taylor Swift - ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) ft. Brendon Urie

The most upbeat song by Taylor Swift to date is called Me. It talks about how although we are all flawed and have unpleasant times, no one else in the world is exactly like me. It’s all about savoring your individuality.

Life can be chaotic for some individuals by nature, but Taylor Swift chooses to see the silver lining by assuring her beau Joe Alwyn that at least he’ll never get tired of her. So, if your relationship ever experiences a rough patch, this is the most upbeat music you can listen to.

5. The Greatest Showman’s “This Is Me”

The Greatest Showman Cast - This Is Me (Official Lyric Video)

From the musical film The Greatest Showman, one of the uplifting songs is available for listening. The song explores the common experience of wanting to hide oneself and feeling embarrassed of one’s identity.

Fortunately, the song is about overcoming those emotions and being proud of who you are. It’s about overcoming challenges brought on by any bullying or hate you encounter in life and not apologizing for who you are.

6. I Am, by Ava Max

Ava Max - So Am I [Official Music Video]

Positive songs like Ava Max’s So Am I basically talk about how common it is to feel different from other people, to let negativity consume your mind, and to feel like an outcast.

The song unites individuals by letting them know they’re not the only ones who experience these emotions. It’s the perfect song for everybody who has ever experienced miscommunication. Fortunately, you’re not the first or last person to experience that. Play this upbeat song hence on days when everything seems to be uphill.

7. Vicetone’s song, “I Feel Human”

Vicetone - I Feel Human (Official Video) ft. BullySongs

The theme of this upbeat song is how you may manage your happiness. Vicetone sings that “my thunder has blinded me to the sun, and now my vision is all in color.”

In essence, it is about how you are oblivious to the good in the world because of your own acts. And you can get that enjoyment back by changing your attention.

You could become a new person if your attitude changes. The good news is that life’s highs and lows are what make us who we are as people. The theme of this joyful, inspirational song is what it’s like to feel human.

8. Young Bombs and Aloe Blacc’s song “Better Day”

Young Bombs - Better Day ft. Aloe Blacc

Songs about positive affirmations like Better Day talk about accepting your flaws but yet believing that today is a wonderful day to adore. When we are at our lowest, we can become hateful. We still have the option to choose to love others.

In those times when you find yourself leaning toward hatred rather than love, this song may be the ideal one to listen to. In the end, you have the choice to choose to be a kind person at any time.

9. Klingande alive.

The upbeat Klingande song Alive is all about battling and conquering the fear that causes you to hide. The theme of the song is proving your existence to the world. Realizing that you still have some of your greatest days ahead of you why not let the world know that you are among the living as you have been given this amazing opportunity to be alive?

This song is the self-esteem anthem that is all about giving you a boost in confidence if you’ve always desired to leave your mark on the world.

10. Know Your Worth by Disclosure and Khalid

Khalid, Disclosure - Know Your Worth (Official Video)

Songs about positive affirmations like “Know Your Worth” are about getting through difficult times and believing that “something better” is at the door.

The words of the upbeat tune urge you to “keep your head up.” It serves as a reminder to value yourself and locate a good partner. “Find someone who will adore you at your worst.

11. Katrina & The Waves’ “Walking On Sunshine”

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Music Video)

Walking On Sunshine is among the world’s happiest tunes. The lively song is about the joy that comes from being loved. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that love doesn’t solely come through romantic relationships if you’re single and unhappy about it.

Additionally, being cherished by friends and family might bring you happiness. It’s enjoyable to sing and dance to this upbeat bop. The most uplifting lyrics? “When I’m out in the sunshine, I feel alive and filled with love.”

12. Journey ` Don’t Stop Believing’

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Live 1981: Escape Tour - 2022 HD Remaster)

This is a song about life, is one of the list’s most upbeat songs. You’re reminded that most people wish they had more time as they near the end of their lives by the phrase “paying anything to roll the dice just one more time.”

So, make the most of each moment you have left to live. The song serves as a gentle reminder to hold on to positive emotions and the magic that life has to offer. Additionally, singing along to it when you’re depressed is a lot of fun.

13. Sia and David Guetta’s song “Titanium”

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

Titanium is without a doubt the song that makes you feel the most optimistic. Being shot down but rising again is the subject of the song.

The lyrics’ impact. Songs like “You shot me down, but I won’t fall” are about getting back up after being knocked down. You’re a lot more resilient than you may believe. And this song gives you back the power you require to persevere in trying circumstances.

14. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Video)

You’ll be clapping along to this tune from 2013 and wondering what type of joyful medication Pharrell Williams is on. If you arrive with terrible news, he advises not to waste time fretting because everything will be OK.

15. Imagine Dragons, “On Top Of The World”

Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World (Official Music Video)

Songs about positive affirmations like this one by Imagine Dragons help us see the bigger picture. The line, “Waiting for this a while now, paying my dues to the dirt,” pretty much captures how much effort we must occasionally put forth to reach the point where we feel on top of the world.

When life knocks you down, it can take some time to get back up and reach the top of the globe. This song serves as a reminder that putting oneself forward and working hard will eventually pay off.