5 Great Songs With Feelings/Feel In The Title

Songs with feelings/feel in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with feelings/feel in the title

When it comes to feelings, most of the time people let their emotions control their behavior. Songs with feelings/feel in the title do not necessarily mean that the song speaks feelings related to love. Instead, some of these songs place an emphasis on feelings related to fear, anxiety, sentiment, and other such emotions.

Have you ever given any thought to the number of songs with the word feelings/feel in the title? Regardless of the genre, the songs having feelings/feel in the title are given priority on this list.

Despite the fact that the majority of the tracks featured here are songs about emotions, practically all of them have distinctive lyrical meanings, despite the fact that their titles all contain the word “feel.”.

5 Great Songs With Feelings/Feel In The Title:

1. “Afraid to Feel” by LF System

LF SYSTEM - Afraid To Feel (Official Lyric Video)

In this instance, the addressee is being identified as the individual who is “afraid to feel.” He appears to be the romantic interest of a singer who, in contrast to him, is shown as being prepared to give their relationship her all.

Debra is able to discern that the intense level of attraction is mutual, which is why she is calling him out in this manner. She has learned that the addressee shares the same fear of a true love as previous guys she has encountered.

Thus, “Afraid to Feel” appears to be the singer’s invitation to a potential love interest, urging him not to be afraid to fall in love with her. In addition, the song’s lyrical recurrence indicates that it is a dance tune.

2. “Pick Up Your Feelings” by Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan - Pick Up Your Feelings (Official Video)

Jazmine’s ex-boyfriend, the recipient of “Pick Up Your Feelings,” has made a terrible mistake. In addition, he’s been “double-dipping” or, to put it more bluntly, cheating, which he blames on her for the recent misunderstandings in their relationship. Furthermore, it appears that he is financially dependent on the singer, which further compounds the problem.

There are two things that may be deduced about her personality from this composition. One of these is that the narrator exudes self-assurance. Furthermore, as implied in the second stanza, she will not put up with a man who is a serial cheat.

The recipient now has to accept the fact that he or she will lose something. So, he can no longer live at the singer’s house, for example. Indeed, the song’s title is meant to imply that the performer has decided to break ties with the recipient in a clean, no-holds-barred manner.

If she advises him to “pick up his feelings,” she’s really telling him that she has no intention of thinking about him again. Jamie, on the other hand, appears to have no interest in having to deal with him in the future, so he doesn’t need to get emotional or beg her to take him back..

3. “I Feel Funny” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - I Feel Funny (Directed by Cole Bennett)

This is a song which, as put forth in the title, features the Biebs taking a comedic approach. Owing to this, “I Feel Funny” is a tune which listeners are not taking as seriously as some of his other songs.

But even though this piece features only one terse verse, the main points actually come across clearer, may we say, than even your usual Justin Bieber fare. And said main points are threefold. First is that the vocalist puts forth that he is on the paper chase, i.e. out to make “bills on bills”.

Secondly, Justin acknowledges that back in the days he used to be a serious loverboy. But now in the present he has “settle(d) down”, thus making this one of the rare Bieber tracks we have come across where Justin actually acknowledges his marriage.

And the chorus goes on to reiterate that this is a piece which the singer is dropping while “feel(ing) funny”. As such, the Biebs is also encouraging us listeners to “laugh it up” and get off some “chuckles” in the process.

4. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” by Shania Twain

Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman! (Official Music Video)

While working at a resort in her early career, “Man!” was inspired by the drag acts she saw there. The song “I Feel Like a Woman!” is about female independence and having a good time.

To celebrate her status as a lady, Twain invites her closest friends to join her for a girls’ night out. Both of them are going to let loose and enjoy themselves without regard for the rules of being a woman.

We can infer that Twain is attempting to defy the conventional wisdom about how a woman should conduct herself in public by being pleasant and composed in this instance. Basically, she’s saying that women should be free to have fun however they choose (as long as no one gets hurt, of course).

Men’s shirt and “short skirt” combine for Twain’s nighttime ensemble, a nod to her reputation as an outspoken individual who dared others to follow her lead.

According to current fashion trends, we may claim that Twain’s choice of dress was a headline-maker in the late ’90s. Twain and her gal pals go “out on the town” to have a good time and dance the night away in their headliner outfits..

5. “No Hard Feelings” by Old Dominion

Old Dominion - No Hard Feelings

The loss of a romantic interest is unlike any other kind of letdown that can be experienced. When something like this happens, it should be a circumstance in which the persons concerned may go their separate ways with “no hard feelings,” as Old Dominion has suggested should be the case.

In the real world, however, the vast majority of us probably aren’t that selfless, even if the other person is someone we love deeply. This is especially true in situations where one of the people involved is our child. And this song does a good job of conveying such a feeling in a manner that is true to life in the way that it does.

For example, in the first line of the song, the performer freely acknowledges that the breakup “was terrible” on him (with other parts of the song further suggesting that it still is).

In the second, he makes the insinuation that the breakup was primarily caused by him being a toxic partner due to his tendency to act erratically. The fact that the vocalist believes that he is primarily to blame for everything does not make it any easier to swallow the bitter pill.

Having said that, the rest of the chorus seems to imply that when he and the addressee did finally end their relationship, there wasn’t any animosity or resentment involved (even though other parts of the same passage can be interpreted otherwise). The ex-lover of the vocalist is now committed to a new relationship with another person.

Therefore, despite the fact that he still has feelings for her and is in the process of recovering from the breakup they went through, Matthew gives off the impression that he is pleased that his ex-girlfriend has found a new partner who brings out the best in her.

When the lyrics of “No Hard Feelings” are taken into consideration, however, it appears that this song was meant to be an exercise in romantic selflessness after all.

However, after everything is said and done, it reads more like the cries of a man who has put himself in a worse position than he was before in terms of love.