6 Great Songs With Easy In The Title

songs with easy in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with easy in the title

Since the beginning of the 21st century, our collective goal has been to simplify our everyday lives as much as possible. Anyway, who doesn’t want a life that’s less complicated?

There are a lot of songs with easy in the title. Despite the fact that the word “easy” appears in the titles of each of these songs, the songs’ lyrics all deal with a variety of subjects. You should definitely think about adding some of these songs to your go-to easy playlist.

6 Songs With “Easy” In The Title:

1. “Easy Lover” by Ellie Goulding (ft. Big Sean)

Ellie Goulding - Easy Lover feat Big Sean (Official Video) ft. Big Sean

Ranking firs on our list of songs with easy in the title is “Easy Lover” by Ellie Goulding. The concept of this song revolves around a woman who realizes too late that she is in love with a player, despite the fact that she was aware of this fact before she fell in love with him.

This is the simplest way to explain the concept of the song. The “easy lover” referred to in the title is this one right here. In point of fact, the adjective “transient” is perhaps the most appropriate one to use when referring to him.

However, the method in which the word “easy” is incorporated into the themes that have been provided may be along the lines of the vocalist pleading with him to go easy on her. To put it another way, now that she is in love with him, she recognizes that she is emotionally dependent on him.

Ellie is worried that he will end up breaking her heart “just like he did with all the other girls” he dated because it appears that he has already practically abandoned her.

As a consequence of this, Ellie is afraid that she will turn out to be another of his victims. But in addition to all of that, it appears that she is also persuaded that he has romantic feelings for her.

2. “Let Me Down Easy (Lie)” by Why Don’t We


Having a romantic interest is hardly a walk in the park. The ups and downs are difficult to predict, which can put an unreasonable amount of strain on the relationship. The song “Let Me Down Easy (Lie),” which is credited to Why Don’t We (abbreviated as “WDW”), perfectly portrays the emotion.

This song disproves the assumption that being in a romantic relationship protects one from experiencing heartbreak, as it depicts exactly the opposite scenario.

In point of fact, it is perhaps the most difficult when you discover that your significant other is beginning to lose feelings, which is a challenge that members of WDW are or were facing at the time that this tune was written.

3. “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting

Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)

It’s probably easier to think of “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” as the vocalist playing the part of Superman while attempting to explain the song. As you may well be aware, Superman is a character created by DC Comics. His superhuman abilities include the ability to fly at extremely high speeds, incredible strength, and an almost complete immunity to harm.

And in this particular instance, Superman is coming off as somewhat like an unhappy superstar who is bothered by the concept that the general public believes his existence to be more ideal than it truly is.

In point of fact, Superman is going so far as to suggest that being the Man of Steel is “not simple,” despite the fact that he possesses a number of impressive skills. For example, let us not forget that the planet he considered to be his “home,” Krypton, has been obliterated. Additionally, it would appear that the thing that irritates him the most is the fact that other people feel he is immune to harm.

Or, let us assume that it is factually correct that Superman is extremely difficult to kill from a physical sense. However, when it comes to his feelings, he is as bit as sensitive as the rest of us.

In addition to this, there is a sense of isolation that comes along with having superpowers like flying, for example. As a consequence of this, he is indirectly requesting that the wider audience have compassion for what he is going through on the inside.

4. “Easy On Me” by Adele 

Adele - Easy On Me (Official Lyric Video)

On the basis of the brief excerpt of this song that was made available to the public on October 9, 2021, our initial hypothesis would be that the vocalist is most likely addressing a close friend or family member. In addition, the phrase “go easy on her” is where the title comes from; it was her instruction to the others.

Despite the absence of any words that could be construed as explicitly amorous inside this song, at least at first listen, one might get the impression that Adele is singing to a romantic partner.

It has also been suggested, and not without justification, that the guy in question is Simon Konecki. This is the man the songstress was married to from approximately the beginning of 2017 to the beginning of 2021, which means that they obtained a divorce a little over a year before this music was released.

Again, taking into account the lyrics as a whole, this is a logical postulation. The vocalist tells the person being addressed in the second verse that she “placed you both first,” which is possibly the strongest indication that this is the case that can be found in the song.

This is the only section of the song in which the vocalist is overtly aiming her comments towards two different people rather than just one person.

5. “Easy Come Easy Go” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons - Easy Come Easy Go (Official Lyric Video)

This song’s title is a typical idiomatic expression that you have most likely heard before and is likely already recognizable to you. And what it highlights is the fact that just as randomly as fortune, if you will, may enter our lives, it can also just as rapidly exit our lives.

This story’s central premise is that the vocalist’s career has caused him to lose many of his close friends. It’s a reasonable assumption. Because he is a well-known performer who is constantly on stage, you can chalk this success up to his busy schedule.

Having said that, despite the fact that he is able to admit that sometimes losing contact with loved ones is “just the way it goes,” it is also evident that this reality of life is upsetting him, particularly in reference to his friendship with his close friends.

6. “Easy” by Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan - Easy

Concluding our list of songs with easy in the title is easy by Troye Sivan, this song tells the story of a romantic partnership that is in the process of getting dissolving. And the fundamental reason why the relationship is in such a state of disarray is because one of the partners acted inappropriately.

It is obvious that the partner in question cheated. And now that they have come to terms with the gravity of their actions, they are essentially giving the shattered relationship their utmost attention in the hopes of mending it. It would appear that the “cheating” partner values the union very highly and would be devastated if they were to lose it.