7 Top Songs About Tomboys

Songs about tomboys
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs About Tomboys

A girl who displays qualities or actions that are regarded to be typical of a boy is known as a tomboy. The wearing of attire traditionally associated with men, as well as participation in games and activities that are of a physical nature and are seen as unfeminine or traditionally reserved for males in certain cultures, are common features of tomboys.

Do you identify as a tomboy? Could that be your girl? Or the person you have a significant other relationship with? This article is intended for you if you answered “yes” to any of the questions presented below.

It is a common theme in these songs that people should embrace themselves exactly as they are, rather than feeling pressured to modify their lives to what other people think is “normal.” Tomboys are a vital part of society, and this compilation of songs offers a powerful depiction of their lives.

7 Top Songs About Tomboys

1. Peeping Tomboy by Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile - Peeping Tomboy

First on our list of the best songs about tomboys is peeping tomboy, this is one of the many important love songs that can be found in Kurt Vile’s repertoire, and it was written by him.

My best assumption is that we are talking about his wife here. Since he was a young man, he has been happily married. Is she a tomboyish kind of wife? If that is the case, then that would explain it.

The song has an intimate feel to it. It does not appear that the singer meant for the term “peeping tom” to be taken in an overly literal sense when he used it to describe himself in the song. It is a lovely song, and I have a feeling it was inspired by a memory.

The majority of Vile’s songs contain snippets of memories and thoughts that are meant to evoke the listener’s own emotions.

2. Tomboy by Panda Bear

Panda Bear - Tomboy

The opening of this song is just fantastic; it reminds me of a boss battle from a video game from the 1980s.

I like how candidly he assesses his life throughout these songs, and how he ultimately comes to the conclusion that the most important thing in life is to keep things as simple as possible. That is the thing with Panda Bear: he has the power to transform the conversation into anything lyrically important. beautimous.

Tomboy” is the second tune that can be found on Princess Nokia’s album 1992 Deluxe, which was released in 2017.

This song is about Princess Nokia embracing her sexual identity and being confident in her physique at the same time.

During an interview with Mass Appeal, Princess Nokia discussed Tomboy and made the following statement: by falling in love with yourself despite all of your imperfections. I have developed feelings for every one of mine.

My very existence is a middle finger raised in defiance of the norms of society. I indeed have a potbelly and some cute little ti**ies, but that does not make me any less of a goddess or any less of an aphrodisiac. This is one of the best songs about tomboys.

3. Tomboy Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers - Tomboy (Official Video)

Destiny Rogers wrote this song intending to introduce herself to the world right away and let them know who she was. She can skate, dress however she pleases, and hang with the guys whenever she wants, but she is also able to hang out with her girlfriends.

She wanted to compose a song about a subject that she had not written about before, so she came up with the idea of singing it about her appearance, as well as the fact that she is a female skateboarder and, of course, a tomboy.

She decides that the title of the song is going to be “Tomboy,” and everyone around her expresses their approval of the concept by stating that “Tomboy ought to be the title of the song.”

At that time, the empowerment of women was beginning to take the lead. Even though the song was written about her, the songwriter felt it was essential to include some uplifting lines to serve as a role model for younger women and girls, ensuring that all women are capable of holding their own and that they all feel secure in their skin. She accomplished what she set out to do with the help of this song.

4. Tomboy by G idle

(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'TOMBOY' Official Music Video

The song “TOMBOY” by (G)I-offers DEL’s a nasty pop-punk concept that will be featured on their album “I NEVER DIE.” This song might also serve as the opening track for the album it is included on.

The words of the song reflect the girls’ indomitable attitude and determination, as they place a powerful yet cold-hearted persona on themselves, within the context of the song’s pop-rock introduction.

The music video incorporates the sinister theme of the song by having various people believe the band members to be “Barbie dolls.” The band members appear in different sequences acting as dolls, and in the end, they are responsible for the death of Ken, the ideal man-doll.

5. One Direction: She is not Afraid Meaning

One Direction - She's Not Afraid lyrics

The song is about a young woman who does not want to risk her heart by falling in love with a boy because she does not want her heart to be broken.

This young lady presents herself to the world as a tomboy because she does not want people to believe that tomboys experience romantic feelings. But as time goes on, she finds herself developing feelings for him.

However, whenever the boy inquires about it, she always gives a denial. She is courageous and unafraid of anything, except for the possibility of falling in love.

The girl’s primary concern is that the boy will not break her heart. She has shut herself off emotionally, replacing truth with lies and heartbreak with more heartbreak. On the exterior, she projects an image of strength, but on the inside, she is shattered. Simply put, she does not wish to experience falling in love ever again.

6. Rebel Rebel by David Bowie

David Bowie - Rebel Rebel

According to my understanding of the lyrics, the song is narrating the experiences of a tomboy who is unsure of who she is.

Except for one person who understands and accepts her for who she truly is, everyone else around her shares her confusion regarding her identity.

It is about a young kid and his lover, and how he tries to reassure her that she is still unique and special even though she is different from everyone else.

7. Daughters of Darkness by Halestorm

Halestorm - Daughters of Darkness Lyrics

It should not come as much of a surprise that this song is about fighting, given that the phrase “Daughter of Darkness” might refer to a witch or another woman involved in the occult. A coven of witches decides to wage war, and they are so dedicated to victory that they are willing to fight with scissors if necessary.

However, few people can fathom the motivation behind their actions. They can be on your side at one point, but they can also turn against you, and their wickedness can spread quite far, becoming something like an empire.

They keep to themselves (like an army), showing no sign of fear despite having previously been members of a pack that disbanded. Because of their widespread notoriety, people often say things like, “And I do not need a dog tag, my name is on my back.”

They claim that they enjoy going to parties and being in the company of guys. Because they are tomboys, they insist on being carried back to their house before sunrise.