8 Great Songs About Walking Away

Songs About Walking Away
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Walking Away

We’ve all at some point in life walked away from something or someone. This could be a toxic relationship, a psychopathic narcissist or a terrible situation. In the same way, we might have also had some people walk away from us due to certain reasons. Music bridges the past to the present.

Songs can act as tools to hold these memories. With songs, all the memories and emotions are contained. So if you’re looking for songs about walking away, you’ve found the perfect spot. You just relax and read on and you’ll be astounded as to what you find.

8 Songs about walking away

1. “Someone Like You” by Adele

Adele - Someone Like You (Official Music Video)

There are two aspects of this song that deserve praise: the first is Adele’s powerful and amazing vocal delivery, and the second is her passionate and genuine lyrical content. As soon as it was made available to the public, the song shot straight to the top of the charts in more than 20 different nations and regions throughout the world.

Someone Like You is a depressing song that is filled with hatred and acrimony, yet it is also full of optimism, real respect, and kindness to those around the singer.

Even after all the sadness and sorrows, you’re still able to let go and wish your partner a lifetime of joy and happiness and make peace with that. Indeed, this song conveys a lot of emotions. I highly recommend you listen to this.

2. “Don’t Hurt Like It Used To”  by Grace Carter

Grace Carter - Don't Hurt Like It Used To

This is a song for anyone who has recently concluded that they should be treated better in life.

You may have been hurt and rejected in the past, but that does not imply you are not deserving of joy in your life. Even though you may have thrown everything away, it does not imply that you are unable to pull yourself back up and try again.

Raise your chin and walk tall with your head held high. Tell them that you are past the point where it bothers you since you have moved on from it. You were given the gift of happiness at birth, and no one else has the power to ever take that away from you.

3. “Better By Myself” by Hey Violet

Hey Violet - Better By Myself

There are times when being by one’s self is preferable to being in the company of another. It helps you feel more alive and self-sufficient, as well as more connected to the world, and it makes you feel more alive.

This song is for the people who are sick and weary of being exploited and mistreated in any way, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally.

It may be time to sever ties with certain people if you have the impression that the relationship you have with them is not serving your best interests. It is imperative that you love yourself more.

4. “Better In Time” by Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis - Better in Time (Official Video)

This song is for anyone who has had their heart shattered and is having trouble moving on because they can not think of a reason to. It is possible that the relationship you had in the past caused you a lot of pain, but that does not mean you have to continue to suffer forever.

This song by Leona Lewis conveys the message that the passage of time may heal even the deepest of scars. You will one day realise that the most important thing is to find your inner peace and pleasure.

5. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Official 4K Video)

This iconic song was performed by Whitney Houston because it won several awards and holds great meaning. Both women (Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston) did this song justice by recording classic versions of what became a number one hit in many countries.

The song was initially written by Parton as a gift for her former mentor and business partner, who was moving on at the time of the song’s creation. She had the want to tell him that even though they were going their separate ways, she would always think of him in the most positive way possible.

This is a song you sing to the person with whom you have shared your life’s most priceless memories and experiences. The greatest method to get over the loss of a loved one is not to wallow in sorrow and resentment over the fact that a relationship no longer exists, but rather to focus on the positive and send that individual well-wishes for a happy life.

6. “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - See You Again

Having to cut ties with a person you care about might be one of the most painful situations in life. The suffering might be incapacitating at times.

Carrie Underwood, however, teaches us the importance of holding on to optimism while still accepting ourselves. Things may have come to an end, but who knows? Perhaps one day you will be able to catch up with them and pick up where you left off.

7. “You Learn” by Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette - You Learn (Official 4K Music Video)

In this song, Alanis Morisette encourages us to relax and have fun every once in a while so that we might have a life that is more satisfying. It is time to let go of the sensation that you are caught in the past if you now have that emotion.

Engage in activities that you have never attempted before. Feelings that you have never before experienced will flood over you. When you are ready to move on, break out of your routine and strive to live a life that is more carefree and brings you more joy.

8. “Let It Be” by The Beatles

Last on our list of songs about walking away is this timeless classic from one of the most important bands of all time, The Beatles, this song is all about letting go of the past.

Paul McCartney was inspired to write the song “Let It Be” by a dream he had in which he was with his mother. The band was going through a difficult time at the time. In his dream, her mother reassured him that everything would turn out okay, so all he needed to do was relax and let things take their natural course.

You need to let things flow the way they are designed to in order to be successful, just like The Beatles did. If something is causing you pain, learn to let it go so you can go on to a happier place.