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9 Trombone Brands That Are Made in U.S.A

Trombone Brands Made in United States
Written by Corey Morgan

If you want a new trombone and want to support American businesses, you may be wondering which trombone brands to consider, many manufacturers including some of the most well-known, produce their instruments in the United States.

9 Trombone Brands Made in United States

1. Bach

First on our list of trombone Brands made in the united states are Bach trombones made by Vincent Bach in the American Midwest. At the moment, the factory that makes the student versions is located in Eastlake, Ohio.

Almost 260 miles away in Elkhart, IN, the company manufactures intermediate and professional horns. Elkhart is well-known as a hub for the production of wind and brass instruments.

As it stands, Bach trombones are among the most sought-after in the world. Buying a Bach trombone is a great way to show your support for a homegrown American business.

Of course, one of their two manufacturing facilities is also where they produce their mouthpieces. If you’re on the fence about upgrading your trombone, you can get a Bach mouthpiece.

2. B.A.C. Music

Next on our list of trombone brands made in United States is B.A.C. Music located in Kansas City, Missouri , where they produce their handcrafted Custom Brass and Handcraft Series.

The Paseo and the Plaza are the two available models in the Handcraft Series, and their names refer to well-known city locations.

Custom Brass trombones are made to order, as the name suggests. Alloy, gauges, and bore size can be customized to fit your specific requirements, and so can the taper.

B.A.C. Music uses the same methods pioneered between the 1930s and 1960s to create their exceptional custom trombones. So, you can get a classic sound without hunting down an old horn. This brand now produces trombones suitable for students and intermediate players.

However, it is unclear from the website whether or not B.A.C. Music only produces these instruments in Kansas City or also produces them elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

3. Blessing

A lot of the trombones sold by Blessing are produced at their factory in Elkhart, Indiana. Many skilled brass instrument makers work for the company.

By making each instrument by hand, they can control every aspect of the manufacturing process and guarantee the highest quality. There are now more well-known and superior trombone manufacturers than Blessing. Still, they are cheaper than other brands, allowing you to get a quality model even on a tight budget.

Of course, you can purchase your next trombone and support an American company at the same time. Make sure the mouthpiece receiver works before you buy a Blessing trombone. Some of the trombones are manufactured in China.

4. Conn-Selmer

All the trombones and other instruments sold by Conn-Selmer, including those aimed at beginners, intermediate players, and professionals, are manufactured in the United States.

Depending on the manufacturer, trombones may be made in a number of different locations.

There was no indication on the website as to whether or not each factory caters to a particular type of instrument or tier of instrument.

Conn-Selmer and its related brands are all made in the USA, so you can feel good about your purchases. The higher-end models will likely have more handmade components, as is the case with many other brands.

New trombone players on a tighter budget can start out with inexpensive beginner instruments. The instruments are then available for purchase at any number of music stores.

5. Getzen trombones are made in Elkhorn, WI.

This applies to both their top-tier professional models and the entry-level instruments you can use to get started.

Currently, Getzen’s website notes that while they produce their Bb and C trombones in Elkhorn, they also offer piccolo trombones for sale. Whether or not their piccolo trombones are produced in the same factory is unknown.

However, it’s possible that each and every one of their trombones is manufactured in-house. This guarantees that any size trombone you purchase was made in the United States.

There are many different series of models to pick from, starting with the top-tier Custom Series and going all the way down to the more affordable 300/400 series. In this way, you can find an affordable trombone that meets your needs.

6. King

King is a Conn-Selmer subsidiary, so it stands to reason that trombones are also produced by this company here in the United States.

Although the King 601 is the brand’s entry-level model, it is likely to include the more sophisticated models as well. Similarly to the Conn-Selmer brand, the origin of production for the standard King trombone model is unknown.

But it’s most likely at one of the four factories spread across North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana.

Conn-Selmer states that the King 2055S and 2055T are manufactured in Eastlake, Ohio. Given that this is also the case with the 601SP, we can deduce that Eastlake is likely the source of the standard 601 as well.

In either case, you can support a company in the United States, more specifically in the Midwest.

7. Holton

When Frank Holton first opened his doors for business, he was a small-time dealer in used instruments with the tiniest storefront in all of Chicago. Throughout the years that followed, Frank not only expanded the store but also introduced his brand to widespread acclaim. Players like Vincent Bach, Phillip Farkas, and Ethel Merker regularly choose Holton as their daily blowthrough because of its high quality.

Having the preference of top players is not an entry point, but rather a privileged position earned through years of hard work and a spotless reputation.

8. Schilke

All Schilke trombones are produced at the company’s Melrose Park, Illinois facility. They begin by manufacturing all of the components at their Illinois factory before custom-building each trombone.

That means you can buy an American trombone or a mouthpiece from the company. If you want to improve your sound without investing in a whole new instrument, a mouthpiece is a great option.

Regardless of the brand, you can purchase Schilke valve grease and oil to use on your trombone. Schilke trombones are among the best available, especially for advanced players.

Some of the models, sadly, are quite expensive. It is, however, well worth it to purchase an American-made trombone that meets all of your needs while also supporting a domestic brand.

9. Yamaha.

Yamaha is yet another trombone manufacturer, though not all of its trombones are made in the United States. They also manufacture instruments in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan.

In order to determine the country, you must check your instrument. If you don’t know what model or serial number your trombone has, you can get that information by contacting Yamaha.

In general, China is the production home for student models, whereas Japan is the more common manufacturing location for their professional horns. China is also the location of their headquarters.

Occasionally, you can find Yamahas that were manufactured in the United States. The best way to discover the origin of a trombone, mouthpiece, or other trombone component is to get in touch with the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

When comparing trombone brands, you might want to know where the instruments are made. While some manufacturers produce all of their trombones in the United States, others focus on producing only select models here.

If you want to know where exactly a brand stands regarding trombone production in different countries, you should contact the brand in question.