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Are Getzen Trombones Good? (Explained)

how long do trombones last
Written by Corey Morgan

Many musicians associate Getzen with Trombones, getzen Trombones are unparalleled in design and craftsmanship. The same processes and standards used in the Custom Reserve Trombones found in the finest symphony halls are used in the 300/400 Series Trombones.

Where are Getzen Trombones Made?

All Getzen Trombones are made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA.

How Well Does Getzen Trombones Last?

Some composers have referred to the trombone as the “Voice of God.” It’s easy to see why, given their superb range and intonation. The trombone’s rich, deep tone is unmatched in brass. Getzen Trombones are renowned for their smooth playability and excellent craftsmanship.

The slide is the most important part of the trombone, and Getzen Trombones’ slides are the best in the business. With sliver inside the slide tubes, trombone experts say Getzen slides are the fastest and smoothest on the planet.

How Good Is The Quality of Getzen Trombones

Getzen is one of the world’s most prominent brass instrument makers. Anthony James Getzen began the company in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, in the late 1930s. Originally a service shop, they started creating instruments in 1946. Getzen revolutionized brass instrument design and production by combining his broad knowledge with notable instrument manufacturers and his own business.

In 1946, the company began creating their own trombones, for which they are still famous. Their inventory eventually included trumpets, cornets, and other brass instruments.

Despite several ownership changes throughout the years, Getzen returned to the Getzen family in the early 1990s. Today’s trombone series are all professional-level prestigious models. Getzen’s Custom was the most popular series, and their trombones today are built on the same basic principles. Their unique features include nickel silver slide tubes, chrome coating, and barrel-shaped tubes. Obviously, their flawless quality sets them apart.

The trombone might be confusing at first for new players. With so many trombone brands available, it can be difficult to determine which trombone will provide the quality and durability you need to improve your talents. But Getzen Trombones is always there for students and pros.

Getzen Trombones are made by trombone lovers who take delight in their work. For this reason, Getzen will always be a favorite among trombonists.

Warranties for Getzen Trombones

They do provide warranties for their trombones.

The Getzen Gold Warranty covers all Getzen models (excluding Custom Series instruments) and includes a lifetime warranty on slides and a five-year limited warranty on all other parts.


Custom Series models come with the Getzen Platinum Warranty. The Platinum Warranty covers all Getzen slides for a lifetime against workmanship and material faults. All other parts of the instrument are similarly guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and materials.

Lifetime Piston Warranty

The Getzen Company warrants that the pistons in all of its instruments will be free of faults in workmanship and materials for the duration of the instrument’s warranty period. If a piston has a fault, Getzen will repair or replace it.

What kind of music are Getzen Trombones good for?

Pop, jazz, swing, and salsa have all employed the Getzen trombone, as have many orchestral pieces. The Getzen trombone can be used in military, patriotic, religious, or popular music festivals and processions.

Are they comparable to other brands?

Some brands are noted for making poor quality instruments, they are so bad that the instrument falls apart before you ever get a chance to play.

The Getzen Brand stands for consistency, which can make a great difference in how you play and the sound generated.

So it’s always best to stick to trusted brands like Getzen that have endured the test of time. You might sound decent on a cheap trombone, but you’d sound great on a quality trombone.

How Long Do Getzen trombones Last?

Yamaha trombones are designed to last generations.

With proper care and maintenance, a trombone can last for 50 years or more. It’s no surprise that the trombone has been used in various musical genres ranging from jazz to classical. The trombone’s use in orchestras dates back to 1847 and has lasted due to its ability to blend well with other instruments and create a richer sound.

How much do getzen trombone cost

Best Getzen Trombone Model


The Getzen 1052FD Eterna Series Bass ($4,051) Trombone has an outstanding tone full of energy and vigor. The Getzen 1052FD is a very responsive and adaptable trombone that comes highly recommended by the world’s greatest trombonists.

Best student Getzen Trombone

The Getzen 351($1,379) Series Student Trombone is ideal for beginners. The great combination of easy playability and durable manufacturing makes this a fantastic choice for amateur musicians.

Popular Getzen Trombones

  • 3508R Jazz

The 3508R ($2,151) jazz trombone has a CS7 mouthpiece. It has a.500/.508 dual bore slide. The instrument also includes a lightweight nickel silver exterior hand slide and three replaceable lead pipes. This is a high-end jazz trombone.

  • 3047AFR Custom ($1,389)

The large-bore tenor trombone (.547 inch) is a favorite among classical musicians. This model’s performance is flawless thanks to its professional-weight hand slides. Like the previous generation, the 3047AFR trombone has three interchangeable lead pipes, allowing you to tailor your performance. It also has outstanding axial flow valves.

  • Custom Trombones

All Getzen Custom Series Trombones are based on Getzen ProShop designs. A variety of bells and leadpipes are available on the Custom Series Trombones. In this way, the player can adjust the trombone’s tone and response. Trombones from the Custom Series are ideal for college and professional players.

They come with yellow or red brass bells. Yellow brass hand slides with nickel silver crooks and oversleeves. This allows the player to tailor the instrument to their specific needs.

  • 3062AFR($8,479) Bass Trombone

Axial flow valves have revolutionized bass trombone F and D attachments. The valve maintains the air column entering the attachment straight. The effect is similar to playing through an open horn. Axial flow valves from Getzen are smooth, quiet, and easy to maintain.

Professional Getzen Trombones

  • Getzen Eterna 1062FD($4,051) Bass Trombone

Intermediate or professional Getzen 1062FD Eterna Series Bass Trombone produces a wide spectrum of sounds. It has a brassy, energetic, and bright sound. With three replaceable leadpipes, the Getzen 1062FD bass trombone is dual bore. It works nicely with concert, symphony, and jazz bands.

For trombonists who want a free-blowing valve section and quick responsiveness. The 91/2-inch yellow brass Getzen bell has a soldered rim and is clear lacquered or silver plated. An open wrap F- attachment with two rotary valves is included.

This trombone’s open wrap valve part plays smoothly, with little resistance. The nickel silver tubes are hand-straightened. Getzen also chromed plated the tubes with barrel stockings.

The outer tubes are yellow brass with nickel silver crooks and oversleeves. The exterior slide is a one-piece brass drawn. The Getzen 1062FD is affordable.

For concert, dance, and church orchestras. Getzen suggests the Eterna Trombone for professionals rather than students.

  • Simple to play and enjoy
  • Consistent
  • Fast tone production
  • Smoother sliding
  • Responsive
  • The sound is vibrant.
  • Getzen Gold service warranty
  • minimal air resistance