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Are Yamaha Trombones Good? (An Honest Review)

are yamaha trombones good
Written by Corey Morgan

Yes, Yamaha Trombones are good and are one of the best when it comes to musical instruments. If you’re looking for a high-quality trombone, you’ll want to buy from a reputable retailer, such as Yamaha, they  have a great sound and can last for generations.

How Good is The Quality of Yamaha Trombones

Classical and jazz musicians all around the world rely on its build and high level of quality. When properly cared for,  If you’re looking for a trombone in the mid-price bracket, Yamaha has a wide variety of options for you to consider.

If you don’t have much expertise with trombones, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are making a solid purchasing decision, and whether or not Yamaha trombones are a decent option.

A large majority of Yamaha trombones are aimed at the beginning and intermediate markets, while the company also produces more expensive advanced models. They offer excellent value for money at the beginner to mid-level price range, with a build and sound quality that is often ignored because other brands are considered as more desirable in comparison.

If you’re a beginner, this article will provide you an excellent introduction to Yamaha trombones, and we’ll cover some of the popular types.

We’ll look at the materials they use, where they’re created, and some of the best options for beginners.

Do Yamaha trombones have a pleasant sound?

When it comes to making musical instruments, Yamaha is the biggest name in the business.

Yamaha is one of the few companies with the capacity to produce high-quality instruments, since musical instruments are just one of their many businesses.

Yamaha’s trombone design process includes stress testing its trombones to see how well they hold up under heavy use.

According to Yamaha’s website, they operate a Yamaha Quality Support Center that:

Temperature, humidity, and vibration testing are performed on all of their instrument designs. Drop testing and vibration tests are also used to ensure that the trombones’ shipping packaging is safe for the instruments during transit.

They use sound booths and instrument vibration quality testing to find ways to improve the tone of their trombone designs.

Where do Yamaha trombones come from?

Yamaha’s Hamamatsu facility used to make trombones, but the company now has factories all around the world.

There are presently factories in the United States, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan that produce Yamaha trombones.

Are they up to par with other trombone brands in terms of quality?

As we have previously indicated, Yamaha has never experienced the same level of popularity as other brands, but they are regarded for providing great quality for their asking prices.

Despite the fact that Yamaha may not immediately leap to mind when thinking about playing instruments, you will frequently see them on large stages and in jazz events.

When it comes to the quality of Yamaha trombones, it’s unlikely that any other manufacturer can claim greater standards.

Their high-end professional grade trombones are produced with meticulous attention to detail, and even their midrange and beginning series trombones are of a high quality that rivals that of any other well-known brand.

What Genres of music Are They Good for?

Yamaha trombones are utilized in a wide variety of musical genres.

While most people associate it with classical music, you’ll also find yamaha trombones in a variety of other genres, including jazz, blues, rock, folk and pop.

When it comes to classical music, how do Yamaha trombones stack up against the competition?

There are a large number of trombone players in brass bands and classical orchestras who play Yamaha trombones. Because of its rich sound and solid build, it’s perhaps the most popular trombone brand among classical musicians worldwide.

Is it possible to play jazz with a Yamaha trombone?

Yamaha trombones are the best when it comes to jazz. It’s easy to bend the note and manipulate the tone to create jazzy sounds that give your style a little edge and flair.

How long can Yamaha trombones last?

One can expect Yamaha trombones to last for many generations to come.

One of the longest-lasting brass instruments is the trombone; if it is properly cared for, it can last for more than 50 years without any issues. As a result of its sturdiness, the trombone has found a home in a wide range of musical genres, including jazz and classical. Although, the trombone’s use as an orchestral instrument dates back to 1847, its ability to blend in with other instruments and provide a richer sound has ensured that it has been used in orchestras ever since.

Does it make sense to purchase used Yamaha trombones? Are they any good ?

As long as the trombone is in good working order, buying a used Yamaha trombone is usually a wise choice.

With used Yamaha trombones, you may receive a high-quality instrument for far less than you would pay for a comparable instrument from a well-known brand.

It’s critical that you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy it. Consider bringing a professional musician with you if at all possible. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re more likely to end up with a crap.

How much does Yamaha trombone cost?

Which Yamaha Trombone is the most appropriate for a beginner?

  • Yamaha YSL-448G is an excellent choice

In terms of construction, the YSL-448G is one of Yamaha’s intermediate product that is well-built and comfortable in the hand. Using a closed-wrap design for the f-attachment tubing is one of the features that I’ve learned to like about this trombone.

Using a closed-wrap design not only covers the principal tubing, but it also provides good resistance for beginner players who have not had much time to develop and build on their talents, making it easier to strike the lower register and more pleasant to hold and play. Since most people’s hands are medium in size, they can easily use the YSL-448G.

  • YSL-350C ($1,599)

In contrast to other starter trombones, the Yamaha 350C comes equipped with a trigger that normally expands an instrument’s range. As a compact trombone, the 350C makes it possible for younger players to play comfortably and hit certain notes without having to extend the slide too far.

The Trigger allows for the slide’s 6th and 7th positions to be played in a higher position, which is quite a stretch. This allows smaller players to use a trombone slide with the same range as a regular trombone, but with a smaller slide. With the 350C, young players may quickly and effectively build their embouchure because it has a dual-bore mechanism.

The slide lock on this trombone is similar to those on other trombones, allowing players to keep their slides in place while they aren’t playing. The 350C, on the other hand, features a bracing guard to preserve the slide if it does fall off, and it also reduces strain when playing.

The mouthpiece that comes with the 350c is the Yamaha SL-48, a mouthpiece that is remarkably comfortable and provides excellent intonation and control over the blow. The Yamaha 350C trombone is a great choice for students who lack the range to play a full range of notes. They will be able to play a whole range of notes without any discomfort thanks to the trigger attachment, which they can use until they are able to develop into a full-sized trombone.

  • Yamaha YLS-354 ($918)

There is a lot to like about this tenor model from Yamaha, but it’s not quite as expensive as other of their professional versions. When you’re ready to step up to a professional trombone, look no farther than the YSL-354.

An eight-inch yellow brass bell is the only component of this model.   Easy to play and good sound are the main advantages of this trombone. Many musicians and teachers suggest it for its exceptional Yamaha craftsmanship.

Trombones are built to endure a lifetime, even if the player never pursues a career as a professional.

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • A good weight distribution
  • Quality of tone that is always rich and consistent
  • Slide lock
  • Warranty

Best professional models from Yamaha

Which Yamaha trombones are most in demand? Trombones made by Yamaha are among the top ten most sought for musical instruments on the internet. If you’re in the market for a trombone, I strongly advise you to try out a Yamaha model first before making a final decision.

  • Xeno Series YSL-882O ($3,116)

It was created with the help of experts from Yamaha. In addition, it has a conventional open F-connection wrap. With a fixed, yellow brass leadpipe and Peter Sullivan Replica Series big shank mouthpiece.

The larger, one-piece, hand-hammered yellow brass bell is 8-2/3 inches in diameter and creates a melodious, open sound with a firm resonant core. There is a continuous expansion of the materials in the bell’s lengthwise axial seam, which permits unrestrained vibrations to resonate. The YSL-8820 model from Yamaha also has a gold brass bell option.

The horn’s narrow hand slide elevates it to the ranks of the best trombones. The inside slide is drawn and chrome-plated nickel silver. The exterior slide is a single piece of yellow brass drawn. The crook of the handslide is made of yellow brass.

This professional horn, according to players, has a bright, open tone. It’s also quite simple to learn. In spite of the horn’s weight, the balance is flawless. Since the slide action on the YSL-882O is unmatched, the instrument sounds great in every register and has excellent overtones and slotting.

  • YBL-822G ($5,193) Bass Trombone by Yamaha

Our third option is a Yamaha bass trombone, which has a wider spectrum of tones to choose from. It is made to exacting standards and tested in-house for quality assurance.

It’s made of gold-plated metal, and the slides are all drawn together as a single unit. Inside and out, they’re made of silver-plated nickel with a yellow brass finish.

It is possible to remove the second slide segment. A low D or Bb F is an option with this arrangement. The rotors are offset from the body and hand-lapped with mechanical linkage.

The action of the valve register has been finely tuned. It has a 5.63-inch bore, which is quite huge. This trombone’s warm sound comes from a bell that is 9.5 inches in diameter.

Best Yamaha Trombones For Jazz

  • Yamaha YSL-891Z ($2,455)

There is no better trombone for jazz than this one! The YSL-891Z is a trombone designed for musicians who want to be able to play their trombone with ease, regardless of the mouthpiece they choose. The YSL-891Z has two interchangeable leadpipes, the NY leadpipe developed by Wycliffe Gordon, and the LA leadpipe developed by Andy Martin, both of whom designed the YSL-891Z.

After the mouthpiece, the leadpipe is the player’s initial point of touch. It has a significant impact on the instrument’s overall tone and feel. You may get a more focused sound with the long New York leadpipe and a more open sound with the short Los Angeles leadpipe, because of its general tonal flexibility, the YSL-891Z is ideal for jazz, whether in large groups or small combos.

  • Yamaha xeno YSL-882O ($3,116)

Compared to the Conn 88H and Bach 42B, the YHR-882O tenor trombone has a few unique features. In this competitive set, the 882O bell is significantly larger than the standard 8 1/2, giving it a more open sound.

Yamaha has created a horn that is rich in tone and allows the notes to slip in easily. Players have long complained that Yamaha trombones don’t sound as distinct as the Conn 88H or the Bach 42 because they fall somewhere in the middle. Due to the Xeno 882O’s larger bell and brighter sound, it has an open tone. While it doesn’t stand out as much as some of its rivals, this trombone is dependable and well-playing for musicians at all levels, from beginners to professionals.

How valuable are used Yamaha trombones?

A Yamaha Trombone will retain its worth as long as it appears new and sparkling, as it is a classic brand that most trombone players will be glad to possess and play.

However, you should conduct further research before making any conclusions regarding the worth of a certain model used in its construction.

In general, a trombone’s utilized value drops quickly if it has apparent damage or repairs. If you acquire a used Yamaha and take good care of it, you should be able to sell it at a profit in the future.

A Good Investment?

In general, this instrument is regarded as a good long-term investment. The instrument will provide you with years of reliable service with exceptional performance and sound quality.

What Kind of Accessories Comes With a Yamaha Trombone?

When you buy a Yamaha trombone, you’ll also get a mouthpiece and a sturdy case made of solid wood.

Most players will be utilizing a medium-sized mouthpiece. You can always request a different model or size from the seller. You’ll also receive a soft cloth for wiping down the trombone after use. Request a free bottle of Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant.