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Are King Trombones Any Good? (An Honest Review)

Are King Trombones Any Good
Written by Corey Morgan

Firstly, when it comes to choosing to play an instrument, you have chosen wisely; the ‘King’ of trombones. Consider King trombones if you’re new to the trombone or seeking for your first upgrade.

King trombones are currently managed and manufactured by Conn-Selmer. It’s a less expensive brand than others, but that doesn’t imply the instruments aren’t up to par. At all levels of the instrument, the design and materials result in high quality.

How good is the quality of king trombones:

For students and intermediate trombone players, King is one of the greatest brands available. They’re of high quality and can be used for both marching and indoor play. New King trombones cost roughly $1,300 for beginners and $1,600 for more advanced models.

How Difficult Is It to Play King Trombones?

Students and intermediate players alike will enjoy playing the King trombone. Professionals can also play them, but professional King trombones are becoming difficult to come by these days. King trombone brand has been around since 1894, and great musicians have used it over the years.

The same manufacturing procedure that made the King trombones so popular is still used today. Student trombones are built on the same foundation as professional trombones, giving new players greater features right away.

The resistance of beginner King trombones is slightly higher than that of professional versions. King trombones are some of the best on the market for students. You can’t go wrong with this if you’re just getting started with the instrument.

Which Genres of music Are They good for?

Classical and jazz music can both be played on a king trombone. These trombones are flexible due to their design and sound. They come in helpful when you’re in a marching band and need to maintain proper posture.

While not technically a genre, King trombones are lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for use in marching bands. The trombones can tolerate high temperatures and frequent travel, making them ideal for use on the field.

Its loud tone also aids in long-distance projection, and it may be used to play any marching band song. King trombones are wonderful whether your band specializes on pop, rock, or anything else.

They are also good for jazz music. Intermediate models, like the Silver Flair, have features and sounds that are ideal for jazz music. King is a well-known brand for brass instruments, and jazz musicians adore it. Other King instruments, including the trumpets and saxophones, have also been played by jazz greats.

When it comes to King Trombones, how long do they last?

King trombones have a long lifespan, if not centuries. On the internet, you may locate a plethora of old instruments. While the trombones may be lacking some lacquer, they still play well and have a tone that you won’t get in new King trombones. You can still find some old king trombones from 1925 on the used market.

You won’t need to replace your King trombones as long as you take proper care of them. You may find that the slides wear out even if you take care of them. If you play the trombones frequently, this can happen faster than reserving the King for special occasions.

Slide grease, on the other hand, can help to alleviate this problem. This will prevent the slides from becoming stuck or causing other problems as they move up and down.

You can keep your King trombone in use long after you stop playing it with proper care and maintenance, and then sell it or give it to a student or a child. They’ll be able to play the it for years.

What Does The Reviews Say?

It’s critical to know what others have to say about King trombones before choosing if they’re right for you.            There were 27 reviews found in total:

  • Amazon
  • Guitar Center (
  • WWBW

All three websites have an average rating of roughly 4.1/5 stars. While King trombones are not as well-known as Bach trombones, many people nevertheless like playing them.

They are lightweight

The fact that King trombones are lightweight is one of their most significant advantages.

As a result, they are appropriate for both novices and those who require a marching trombone. Some buyers say their trombones can withstand harsh weather conditions.

When you’re learning to play the trombone, the weight can be a factor. You should hold the trombone in such a way that the mouthpiece is against your lips while maintaining appropriate posture.


Many customers have remarked on how long their King trombones last. Even though the trombone isn’t used as a primary horn, it’s still a simple instrument to learn and practice on.

Its durability makes it a good alternative for students who may not treat their instruments with the utmost care. If you’re looking for a vintage trombone, there are plenty of Kings on the market that are still playable.

How Do King Trombones Maintain Their Value?

Unfortunately, the value of earlier King trombones does not always keep up. The instrument’s value will drop if the lacquer begins to wear off or the slides develop difficulties.

Silver-plated King trombones are also more expensive than normal brass versions. It’s possible that this is due to the plating not wearing off as quickly as lacquer.

The value may also be affected by the instrument’s level. Used student trombones can be had for a fraction of the price of new ones. Trombones at the professional and intermediate levels can also keep their value for longer.

Some antique King trombones, for example, have very little wear and tear and are selling for considerably more than used beginner trombones.

Used Silver Flair model costs around $1,300. The student model 601, on the other hand, sells for roughly $300 on the used market.

How Long Does the King Trombones Warranty Last?

When you purchase a new King trombone, you will receive a five-year warranty. King, like other trombone manufacturers, has warranty limit for beginners, you’ll only obtain a warranty if you buy a trombone from a reputable retailer. You can’t use the trombone for anything other than its intended use and still get coverage.

The King’s trombone warranty only covers replacement, and the firm claims it isn’t responsible for any damage or loss caused by the buyer’s failure to follow the policy.

The trombone’s warranty does not cover selling or maintaining it. To keep the model in good shape, you’ll have to pay for regular checkups in full. Other Conn-Selmer models only have a one- to three-year warranty, so you can count on the King trombone to last.

What Accessories Does a King Trombone Come With?

A King trombone comes with a mouthpiece and is packaged in a high-quality casing. The model you get will be determined by the trombone you purchase.

Separately, you’ll need to purchase slide oil and a soft cloth for polishing. You’ll be able to keep the slides running smoothly and the outside looking nice.

Best King Trombone Models

Trombone, King 2102 2B Legend Series

The King 2102 2B Legend is designed to resemble a vintage jazz instrument. This trombone has a 481-.491-inch dual bore, unlike many others.

As a result of this bore, you can expect a distinct upper range and excellent projection from this instrument. Its bell is made of one-piece hand-hammered brass, just like the rest of the instrument.

The outside slides, too, are constructed of brass with a lacquer finish. The bell is only 7.35″ in diameter. Although the package’s shipping weight is 15 pounds, the instrument itself is significantly lighter.

A case is one of the primary components of the whole package, and it is designed to make carrying your trombone as easy as possible. After you receive the box, you will also receive a mouthpiece. Overall, the King 2102 2B Legend Series Trombone is an excellent choice for jazz musicians.

King Legend 4B Series

This next trombone is a great high-end model. It’s built to last and glides effortlessly.

It has a huge bore and produces a professional-sounding orchestral note with brassy resonance and a beautiful timbre. The standard-weight hand-slide has a nickel-silver outer slide. The mouthpiece is of good size and quality. The crooks, as well as the lead-pipe and bell, are made of yellow brass.

It features a gold lacquer finish with an F-rotor attachment. It has a great responsiveness and enables for smooth transitions. Everything is expertly made and polished.

  • Bore is large.
  • F-rotor
  • Beautifully constructed.

Why We Liked It: It’s a lovely instrument with a wide range and a lot of dynamics.