Are Fanfare Trumpets Good? (An Honest Review)

Are Fanfare Trumpets Good?
Written by Corey Morgan

Are Fanfare Trumpets Good?

Fanfare trumpets are good trumpets and we will show you why they are good trumpets in the following sections.

An Introduction

Fanfare trumpets are one of the numerous types of trumpets that are used by trumpeters. The fanfare trumpets are also made of brass just like the usual trumpets, and so they share striking resemblance with the usual trumpets but are longer than those trumpets.

More so, the fanfare trumpets were used during the composition of fanfares as well as in playing already composed fanfares. It has an extra length that is used to mount a banner on the trumpet, that way the identity of the player or the team are seen. They were first used in Roman Tuban of Rome, they were also used in Iran, China, and Korea.

Why are fanfare trumpets good?

It is not enough to say that a thing is good, what matters more than the judgement itself is what makes it good. Hence, this section and the succeeding paragraphs of this section will share what makes it good and possibly why you should have one.

The fanfare trumpets are good for a whole lot of reasons, some of which include the following:

  • The nature of its structure
  • The nature of its length
  • The nature of its sound
  • The purpose it serves

There are a whole lot of other qualities or features that have qualified the fanfare trumpet as good. However, this few mentioned here will be explained below:

The Nature of its Structure:

The fanfare trumpets have an amazing structure, which is the most important part of every trumpet. Yes, the structure of a trumpet is very important as it has to be firm, rigid and strong. It also has a bold appearance that makes it beautiful and appealing to the sight.

However its structure is such that makes it very easy to be held because the trumpet is used in honourable occasions and so must be quite presentable and readily easy to be used by the player of the trumpet once the need for the use of the trumpet arises.

More so, the bright yellow brass colour of the trumpet add colours to the structure of the trumpet. Although the trumpet is long, it is not too heavy to be carried, instead it is quite portable and equally durable especially when it is well maintained.

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The Nature of its Length:

The nature of the length of the fanfare type of trumpet is another outstanding feature of the trumpet that makes it quite outstanding from a whole lot of other types of trumpet. The length of the trumpet is such that it is long enough to have a flag attached to it. And flags or banners are a huge part of one’s identity.

More so, the length of the fanfare type of trumpet creates a space for a firm grip of the trumpet, which is very important for all instruments of brass to have, because if the hands are not positioned well on the brass instrument (the trumpet precisely), the players will only make a limited output so the nature of the length of the fanfare trumpet is also plausible, and is a very remarkable feature of this trumpet that makes it a good type of trumpet.

In general, the length of the fanfare trumpet is used to hang a flag or a banner to show the identity of the person playing the trumpet or to show the identity of the man of the day or the person or country that is being honoured during a parade, or an event, or even the entrance of a personality to a certain place. And it also makes provision for a convenient placement of the hand.

The Nature of its Sound:

More than other instruments made of brass, the trumpet and all of its various types are mostly remarkable for the unique sound they have and the texture they bring to the world of music especially during an ensemble, say an ensemble of jazz.

The fanfare type of trumpet is one of such trumpets with sound that is bright, clear, and loud enough. The sound is quite distinct and soothing which also accounts for why the fanfare type of trumpet is used during parades, events, entrance announcements, and basically a lot more occasions of honour that require to be graced by the sound of trumpets, or events that need to be announced.

For a fact, the fanfare type of trumpet is one of honour especially with the varieties of colours that it brings to an event.  So the fanfare trumpet is classified as good by the virtue of the sound that this trumpet produces.

The purposes it serves

Even the good book acknowledges that there are various types of instrument that serve various types of purposes. The fanfare type of trumpet is really good based on the kind of purpose that it serves. Clearly you can agree with me that the fanfare type of trumpet serves a whole lot purposes and some of these purposes include the following:

  • Grand entrance
  • Fore runner
  • Parades
  • Ceremonies

For the grand entrance, the fanfare brass instrument or type of trumpet is such that can be used to make a grand entrance to an occasion. The sound in its acoustic nature makes it very suitable for this purpose. In Rome where it was used, and in some other places where it was used in the past, it creates the right atmosphere for the entrance of dignitaries or personalities that require some sort of recognition.

In the same vein of the grand entrance, the fanfare type of instrument is also used to announce the arrival of a person, particularly royalty. It was used in Great Britain, Korea, and in some other places not mentioned here. A fore runner is one who announces the coming of a superior to the people, in a manner that gets the people aware of who is about to appear before them as well as alert them to take the suitable position that is required to welcome such person. Hence, a forerunner can be likened to a royal messenger, or perhaps a royal escort as the case may be.

Again, another necessary purpose the fanfare type of trumpet serves is that it is used in parades, especially by the military. For instance the Russian military uses during its parade, more so a whole lot of other countries have their military use it as well.

It has a sound that is quite clear, the volume is loud enough too, and it is used in brevity. That is it is used to make calls for about ten seconds to twenty seconds, judging by what call is being made. For instance it can be used to call on arms, or to even inform the horsemen that it is time for them to mount the horses. Generally, brevity refers to concise or shortness as the case may be, depending on the context in which it is used.

The military are known to be disciplined disciples of time and the fanfare offers the brevity that the military requires. Again it is also used for a quick introduction, and this is also accounted by its nature of brevity.

Finally, the fanfare trumpets are also used for ceremonies. Among other good uses of the fanfare trumpet, it is also useful during ceremonies especially during orchestrations. The fanfare type of trumpets are good leads of melodious lines during orchestrations, they player of the fanfare trumpet can also lead a solo alone, as well as play in the lead of other orchestra instruments.

The following sections will share the other details.

Types of the fanfare trumpets

The various types of the fanfare trumpets are categorized in two different ways, and these two categories include the following:

These categories have various types of the fanfare trumpet that belong to them. More so, it is important to in this section note that the fanfare trumpets are also called the herald trumpets. This choice in its name is probably as a result of the nature of the sound it produces.

The Natural Chromatic Fanfare Trumpet:

The natural chromatic fanfare trumpet is modeled to look the natural trumpet, which is the trumpet that has been before the early seventeenth century that saw the dawn of modern day trumpets. The succeeding paragraphs of this section will explain why this category of Fanfare is called the natural chromatic fanfare trumpet, and as well show the various types of fanfare trumpets that belong in this category.

Fanfare trumpets that belong to the natural chromatic fanfare trumpet include the following:

  • B♭/F natural chromatic
  • E♭/E natural chromatic
  • G/F natural chromatic
  • B natural chromatic

The various types of the natural chromatic fanfare trumpet basically rest on the keys of these brand of trumpet.

The Valved Herald Fanfare Trumpet:

The Valved Herald Fanfare trumpet is modern trumpet designed to modify the valved trumpet. More details of this category will be shared in the succeeding paragraphs.


The fanfare are honorable instruments, and a lot of good is present in the place of honour which also makes the fanfare a very good instrument.