16 Best Female R&B Singers Of All Time

Best Female R&B Singers
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Female R&B Singers

There is something on this list for everyone, whether you enjoy funky pop music or soulful ballads. So enjoy your favorite song while these incredible vocalists continue to leave their mark on the music industry by turning on your favorite song.

The top sixteen female R&B singers of all time each have a unique style and sound. From Aretha Franklin’s gospel-infused ballads to Whitney Houston’s soulful pop, these musicians have all made an impression on the music business that will never be forgotten.

They are distinctive and memorable due to their individual musical tastes and voices. Their songs not only convey compelling stories, but they also serve as a reminder of how far the genre has advanced since its inception. The next time you hear one of their recognizable songs playing on the radio or in your favorite playlist, think back to what they contributed.

16 Best Female R&B Singers

1. Whitney Houston

Best Female R&B Singers

First on our list of the best female R&B singers is the late singer Whitney Houston, It’s difficult to think about a world where Whitney Houston’s music isn’t played.

The late singer-songwriter left a lasting impression on the music business and will continue to serve as an inspiration to future generations. Millions of people all over the world were moved by her songs and her simply mesmerizing voice.

Whitney Houston began her career in the late 1970s as part of the girl group The six Million

She went on to have a successful solo career with her debut album Whitney Houston in 1985, which was certified 13x platinum and featured the hit single .

Throughout her career, she would go on to release a number of additional albums and singles, including the soundtrack to The Bodyguard (1992). Over the course of her career, she received 415 nominations for awards and won over 400 of them.

Whitney Houston had a successful acting career as well. Her breakthrough performance was with actor Kevin Costner in the 1992 film The Bodyguard. This movie was a huge hit right away, and the soundtrack received numerous accolades.

It is impossible to overstate the influence of Whitney Houston’s music and life. It continues to be adored by fans all over the world and has influenced numerous singers and songwriters. Her legacy is one that will live on forever.

2. Mariah Carey

Best Female R&B Singers

Next on our list of the best female R&B singers is Mariah Carey, she is a pillar of American popular culture, and generations have enjoyed her music. In 1990, she released her self-titled debut album, which established her as a major force in the R&B and pop genres.

Mariah has amassed the most sales of any female artist in history as a result of being acknowledged for both her songwriting and vocal prowess over the years. Mariah Carey has influenced countless people all over the world with her range, power, and recognizable whistle notes in addition to her distinctive style.

We will talk about her influence on music, the distinctive features of her style, and how she has developed as an artist over the course of her impressive career in this blog post.

Many people have found inspiration in Mariah Carey’s music. Her music is a fusion of R&B and pop, with sporadic additions of gospel, soul, and jazz. Although she has a strong range, her distinctive whistle notes are arguably what make her the most recognizable.

Mariah differs from other pop stars due to her ability to blend various genres while still giving each song a personal touch. She also uses vocal runs and inflections to add depth and emotion to her music, drawing inspiration from jazz.

Mariah has always been proudly and unapologetically authentic in her personal style. Mariah stands out for her distinctive approach to pop music in everything she does, from her style to the music she chooses, and she keeps pushing the envelope and developing new artistic mediums.

She has shown a willingness to try new things throughout her career, frequently taking chances and going outside the box. Most notably, her album “Glitter” caused controversy because of its subject matter and sound, but it was nonetheless a significant turning point for her and a representation of the riskier side of her artistic expression.

Mariah Carey has generally played a significant role in American pop music culture. Mariah is a true icon, and her influence has influenced countless artists over the years. She is known for her distinctive whistle notes as well as her willingness to experiment and push boundaries.

3. Aretha Franklin

Best Female R&B Singers

This list of the best female r&b singers won’t be complete without the “Queen of Soul”. The legendary American singer and songwriter Aretha Franklin rose to fame around the world in the 1960s. She had a voice that was both powerful and soulful, which earned her the nickname “Queen of Soul”.

Early in her adolescence, Franklin started to experiment with secular music, giving club performances and releasing her first single in 1960.

In 1966, she joined Atlantic Records and put out a number of hit singles, such as “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Respect,” and “Think.” The pop and R&B charts’ top 10 was frequently reached by these songs, which also frequently influenced other genres like rock, blues, and jazz.

Franklin’s accomplishments contributed to her rise to fame on a global scale. She was a true original who left behind a body of work that included timeless songs that will live on forever.

At the age of 76, Franklin passed away in 2018. Despite her passing, she left behind a remarkable musical legacy. Future generations will be inspired by her music and her spirit will never be forgotten.

4. Khan, Chaka

Chaka khan is one of the many female r&b singers who broke into the r&b scene in the mid-1970s. She has been an influential musical force that has touched countless lives, starting with her beginnings in the 1970s with the funk band Rufus and continuing with her collaborations with other legendary artists like Stevie Wonder and Prince.

A well-known singer, songwriter, and producer, she has amassed a remarkable career and 10 Grammy Awards. She sings with a strong, soulful voice that infuses every song with happiness and feeling.

Let’s begin by discussing her origins.   In the 1970s, Chaka Khan joined the funk band Rufus and quickly rose to the position of lead singer, showcasing her strong vocal range and songwriting abilities. Rufus went on to have a number of big hits, including “Ain’t Nobody” and “Tell Me Something Good,” all thanks to Chaka.

Along with Rufus, Chaka Khan has collaborated with some of the most well-known musicians. She is well-known for her work with Prince on the popular song “I Feel for You” and her duets with Stevie Wonder. Chaka Khan is renowned for her avant-garde style and constantly changing sound.

She has influenced generations of musicians and had a significant impact on both music and popular culture. Numerous other artists have sampled and covered her songs, leaving behind a lasting legacy that is still felt today.

Some of the most enduring songs from Chaka Khan’s discography are “I’m Every Woman,” “Through the Fire,” and “Ain’t Nobody.” These songs are timeless classics that continue to touch listeners’ hearts and make them happy.

5. Turner, Tina

Best Female R&B Singers

Tina Turner is an iconic figure and arguably one of the best female r&b singers of all time in both music and entertainment, thanks to her recognizable powerhouse vocals and captivating onstage presence, she has been a global superstar for decades. Turner’s influence extends far beyond music; her story of resiliency and strength has served as an example to many.

Turner, who was raised in Nutbush, Tennessee, was exposed to racism and poverty at a young age, but she never let it stop her. She adopted the stage name Tina Turner and collaborated with her then-husband Ike Turner after relocating to St. Louis in the early 1960s.

While Turner endured years of physical and emotional abuse from her husband, the couple’s musical career flourished. She split from Ike and went solo in the 1970s, putting out nine studio albums over a five-year period.

Turner has always been an inspiring figure in music and beyond. She has overcome incredible obstacles to become the music legend that she is today, demonstrating that anything is possible with a little hard work and determination.

Her experience serves as a motivational example for never giving up, no matter how challenging the circumstances may be. Tina Turner is truly unique, and her influence will endure forever.

6. Sade

Best Female R&B Singers

Sade is one of first female r&b singers who caught the music industry’s attention especially r&b superstars.The British singer-songwriter has had decades of success on a global scale, selling more than 75 million records and taking home five Grammys. Since she began performing in the 1980s, her smooth jazz and soulful R&B style has captured audiences.

Early on in the 1980s, Sade was a member of the group Pride, which achieved success with the singles “Smooth Operator” and “Your Love Is King.” Since then, Sade has put out six albums and won a ton of recognition.

Sade’s music and style is timeless, speaking to fans of all ages. Her music combines subtle, empathetic lyrics with soulful vocals, lush instrumental textures, and textured vocals. Her songs’ incisive and moving lyrics have moved millions of listeners and won over adoring fans all over the world.

Additionally, Sade has had a big impact on culture and fashion. She is frequently credited with helping to popularize the power suit style and the comeback of oversized accessories.

She is a well-known figure in the music industry thanks to the fact that her music has been used in commercials, movies, and television programs.

And lastly, Sade has emerged as a significant social figure. She has been vocal about a number of political and human rights movements.

She also collaborates with charities and other groups to advance causes she supports. Her charitable work has included collaboration with Amnesty International, the UNAIDS Foundation, and other organizations.

In conclusion, Sade is a legendary artist and an inspirational figure whose activism, music, and fashion have impacted millions of people worldwide.

Given her long career, her influence has been especially potent. Fans of all ages are still listening to her music, demonstrating that her influence and legacy will endure for years to come.

7. Beyonce


This list of female r&b singers wont be complete without Queen Bey. Beyoncé has long been a source of fascination for people all over the world.

She epitomizes success in today’s society thanks to her enormously successful career as a singer, songwriter, and performer as well as her roles as a fashion and beauty icon.

She has a significant impact on almost every medium, including music, television, and other media. In this blog post, we’ll look at a few of the factors that have contributed to her global impact.

Unquestionably, Beyoncé has singing and performing talent. Her vocal range and dance prowess have helped her become a household name in the pop music industry.

She has received 22 Grammy nominations in total. Beyoncé is not only a talented musician but also a highly regarded beauty icon. She has appeared on many magazine covers, frequently displaying her recognizable curly hair and smokey eye makeup.

Her own clothing line, Ivy Park, which specializes in athleisure-style offerings, serves as proof of her impeccable sense of style. She also served as the face of several luxury brands, such as Lancôme and H&M.

Beyoncé has promoted significant causes using her celebrity and influence. She has supported a number of causes, including body positivity, racial justice, and gender equality. Beyoncé has made it clear that she won’t stay in one lane, and her unwavering efforts to improve the world are admirable.

Beyoncé is clearly much more than just a singer, as evidenced by her activism and willingness to speak her mind. She is a potent artist, a recognized beauty icon, and a motivating female role model.

Beyond her music and style, Beyoncé has a significant global impact. She is regarded as one of the most significant figures of our time, and her influence cuts across a variety of platforms. Beyoncé has been able to motivate a generation of young people through her music, outings, and social media presence. Many people can relate to her message of grit and perseverance.

8. SZA

Best Female R&B Singers

SZA, one of the most well-liked musicians of our generation, has had great success in her career as well as her music. Millions of streams and downloads worldwide are attributable to her distinctive R&B and soul sound, which has made her a favorite among her fans. No doubt SZA is one of the best female r&b singers of all time.

SZA is best known for her 2017 critically acclaimed debut studio album, Ctrl. The album was nominated for several Grammy Awards and is regarded as one of the best albums of the last ten years. Ctrl, which heavily draws from soul, funk, and hip-hop, demonstrated SZA’s artistry’s versatility and dexterity. Additionally, her inventive songwriting, production, and vocals

SZA has stayed at the forefront of contemporary R&B ever since the release of Ctrl. She has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Drake on his album Scorpion and Kendrick Lamar on the smash hit song “All The Stars.”

SZA is also an outspoken advocate for female empowerment and has become an icon for young women everywhere. She is unapologetically herself in everything she does, from her music to her interviews, and she exhorts people to accept who they are. Regardless of gender or race, she has consistently fought for the notion that everyone should be accepted and celebrated for who they are.

SZA has cemented her position as one of the most significant figures in contemporary music overall. Her accomplishments are a result of her perseverance, originality, and commitment to her field. With her music and her message of self-love, empowerment, and acceptance, she has inspired fans all over the world.

9. Summer Walker

Walker is best known for her distinctive sound and her capacity to combine elements of alternative, R&B, and soul music. Her smooth, sultry voice and captivating lyrics are guaranteed to soothe even the most intense summer days.

Over the past few years, she has steadily grown in popularity in the music industry, reaching a pinnacle with the release of her debut album, Last Day of Summer. Some of her biggest hits, including “Girls Need Love,” are included on the album.

The album is evidence of Walker’s talent and originality. She creates a rich, soulful sound with hints of trap, dancehall, and other genres by drawing on her own experiences and emotions. Her music has an enduring quality that makes it both contemporary and nostalgic.

Walker has received praise from her peers in the music industry for her careful approach to songwriting. She has worked with many different musicians and released a lot of singles that have received positive reviews. She has also performed on tours across the globe, showcasing her incredible vocal range and captivating stage presence.

It is obvious that Summer Walker is a talented artist. Walker is a proponent of self-care and mental health in addition to making waves with her distinctive sound and passionate lyrics.

She encourages her followers to take the time to look after themselves by being open about her battles with anxiety and depression. Her fans can learn from her candor and see that it’s okay to struggle.

Walker is a living example of the value of imagination and self-expression. She shows through her music the therapeutic benefits of music and empowers listeners to own their emotions. Any summer day needs Summer Walker as the background music.

10. Kehlani

Best Female R&B Singers

Are you prepared for some jams this summer? Kehlani is a rising star in the music industry and a singer-songwriter. The most distinctive aspect of Kehlani’s sound is how she combines elements of R&B, pop, hip-hop, and soul. She has gained popularity among the audience thanks to her moving lyrics and strong vocals.

Kehlani’s debut album, SweetSexySavage, was released in 2017 and was met with critical acclaim. The album, which included anthems like “CRZY” and “Distraction,” displayed Kehlani’s enthusiasm and originality. Since then, she has put out a number of mixtapes and singles that showcase her versatility and ability to make music.

Kehlani is a fierce supporter of self-care and mental health. She encourages her followers to practice self-care and set aside time to look after themselves because she is open about her own struggles with depression and anxiety. Her openness and willingness to speak out about her own experiences has been inspiring to many.

In the music business, Kehlani is a force to be reckoned with. She is certain to become well-known thanks to her distinctive sound, strong voice, and profound lyrics. Her music ensures a consistently energizing and refreshing experience, making it the ideal summertime soundtrack.

11. Aiko Jhene

Best Female R&B Singers

She has created a distinctive sound that has captivated audiences all over the world with hit singles like “The Worst” and “Bed Peace.” Let’s examine this incredible musician’s life and musical career.

Her soulful voice, which had been lacking in the R&B music scene, could now be heard in the EP. Her highly successful single “The Worst” was included on her second EP, Sail Out, which was released in 2013. Her distinct and sultry vocal style was also made known to the world thanks to this EP.

Souled Out, her debut studio album, was released in 2014 to positive reviews and a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. The singles from the album, “Spotless Mind” and “To Love & Die,” showcased her heavenly voice and deep lyricism.

In 2018, Aiko released her second studio album, Trip. This album marked a major departure from her previous work, as it featured more experimental and abstract songs. She even worked with musical legends like Big Sean, Dev Hynes, and John Mayer, solidifying her position in the realm of contemporary R&B music.

Jhene Aiko is an unparalleled artist who has crafted a sound that is distinct from everything else in the music industry by fusing effortlessly sultry vocals with emotionally charged lyrics.

Her creative output displays a wise understanding of life’s cyclical nature. She has enthralled audiences around the globe and keeps motivating and inspiring listeners everywhere.

12. H.E.R

Best Female R&B Singers

H.E.R. has made a significant impact on music and popular culture as a whole, as evidenced by her Grammy-winning album and numerous awards and nominations.

Her music has the power to evoke strong emotions in listeners thanks to a combination of her soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and alluring melodies. The songs of H.E.R. are also brimming with optimism, spreading a message of fortitude and positivity even in the face of adversity.

One of the most remarkable things about H.E.R. is her ability to create such strong music without relying on explicit lyrics. As a result, her music appeals to listeners of all ages and backgrounds. H.E.R. continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible in music with her distinctive style of fusing traditional soul with contemporary R&B.

H.E.R.’s stellar live performances have also become known for their emotional intensity. H.E.R. consistently seems to leave her audience feeling in awe and admiration, whether it be the tenderness of one of her ballads or the sheer joy of her more upbeat songs.

It is obvious that in both R&B and pop music, H.E.R. is a true force to be reckoned with. She has won the admiration of fans and critics everywhere for her passionate lyrics, genre-defying style, and emotionally charged performances.

H.E.R. keeps demonstrating why she is one of the most significant and influential musicians of our time with each new album. Anyone who aspires to realize their dreams will find inspiration in her story, which demonstrates that anything is achievable with commitment and hard work.

13. Normani

The world recently received a gift in the form of R&B/pop singer-songwriter Normani. As a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Normani has made a name for herself as a strong performer and vocalist with an engaging stage presence.

Her solo career is fast on the rise and her songs demonstrate her powerhouse vocals, ranging from the whimsical to the heart-wrenching. Her debut song, “Motivating,” speaks of inner strength and tenacity, giving her listeners hope that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Her music videos also feature enthralling choreography and breathtaking visuals, as is particularly evident in her most recent single, “Thats My Girl,” featuring 5H. The depth of her artistic expression, however, is best displayed on her most recent album, It’s a Normani Life.

It’s a Normani Life is a provocative project that presents a stunning body of work that serves as a tribute to her many talents and artistic prowess. With a potent narrative crafted from her own experiences, Normani’s new album expertly fuses elements of pop, R&B, and hip hop, from the euphoric dance banger “Waves” to the soulful ballad “Love Lies” featuring Khalid.

The goal of Normani’s music is to enable her listeners to embrace their identities and stand up for themselves in the face of difficulty or opposition.

Her music serves as a source of comfort and inspiration for her fans during trying times, encouraging them to remain true to who they are and keep going.

With Normani’s music and passion for advocacy, young girls around the world can find solace and motivation to do anything they set their minds to.

14. Ellie Mai

Best Female R&B Singers

The R&B scene has been completely swept up by Ella Mai. She has established herself as one of the most well-known and popular performers in the genre thanks to her smooth and soulful voice, contagious melodies, and insightful lyrics.

Ella Mai, a native of London, England, has enjoyed tremendous commercial success with her debut albums My Life and Time as well as her top-charting single “Boo’d Up.”

Ella Mai has inspired aspiring female singers thanks to her distinctive sound and style, which has won over listeners all over the world.

Ella Mai has been causing a stir in the music business ever since she launched her career in 2015. Her music has been heard all over the world and has been streamed more than a billion times.

Ella Mai has received nominations for a number of honors, including four BET Awards and two Grammy Awards. She has not only had enormous success on the charts but also in the fashion industry. She worked with MAC Cosmetics and Maybelline and was chosen as the face of Adidas Originals.

Her songs frequently reflect her own experiences, touching on issues like racism, betrayal, and heartbreak. Ella Mai’s lyrics are always sincere and give her music a level of depth and emotion that makes it stand out from the competition.

It’s encouraging to see Ella Mai’s career progress and continued success. In the future, we hope to hear more of her music, and we’re excited to see what she has in store for us.

15. Tinashe

Tinashe is an American singer and one of the very few female r&b singers who have made it big in the American r&b scene. Tinashe has consistently created distinctive and alluring sounds, beginning with her debut album Aquarius in 2014 and continuing with her most recent collaboration with Diplo.

Tinashe’s diverse musical influences are just one of the many elements that distinguish her music from others. Her music is “a mix of R&B, hip hop, funk, pop, jazz, soul, and electronic,” as she puts it. combining these various components to create something son

Additionally, Tinashe’s music is incredibly adaptable. She combines various singing and rapping techniques in many of her songs to produce truly original music. She frequently uses a variety of sounds and textures, such as lush synths, funk bass lines, and clean, precise drums.

Tinashe’s lyrics are notable as well; they touch on topics like relationships, self-awareness, and society. She frequently adopts a more upbeat stance when writing, spreading messages of strength, resilience, and emancipation.

Additionally well-known for her spellbinding live performances, Tinashe. Her performances are extraordinary, bringing her music to life through intricate staging, challenging choreography, and distinctive visuals. The singer has additionally received praise for her capacity to engage the audience and foster an exceptional atmosphere at her performances.

Tinashe has achieved success as a performer and a musician. Last but not least, Tinashe has also shown off her acting prowess in well-known series like Empire and Black Lightning. Tinashe is a very gifted artist, and her body of work keeps expanding.

16. Jorja Smith

Last on list but not the least of the best female r&b singers is Jorja Smith, she is quickly emerging as the new R&B and hip-hop queen. Her soulful voice and stirring lyrics have achieved mainstream success, connecting with listeners from all backgrounds. It should come as no surprise that she has received numerous honors and awards, including two BRITs and a Grammy nomination.

Her talent is undeniable, and it is evident in her songs that examine the complexities of life and the difficulties we face on a daily basis. She thinks back on her childhood in Walsall, England, and how it influenced who she is today. She also discusses relationships, mental health, and other topics openly.

However, her musical prowess extends beyond just composition and performance. Additionally, she is a phenomenal producer who launched her own independent label, FAMM, in 2019. She has released a number of EPs, singles, and her critically acclaimed debut album Lost & Found through FAMM.

Jorja Smith’s powerful lyrics, catchy production, and distinctive sound that effortlessly blends traditional soul and contemporary R&B have cemented her place in music history. Her success speaks for itself, but you must hear her songs for yourself to fully understand how talented she is.

Jorja Smith has also pushed for more radical change using her platform. She has made no secret of her commitment to the social justice movements and the Black Lives Matter movement in particular. Her most recent release was a cover of The Staves’ original song “The Riches,” which was included in a compilation for the #BlackOutTuesday movement.

There is no denying Jorja Smith’s talent as an artist. She is certain to continue inspiring fans for years to come with her sincere lyrics, passionate performances, and unwavering dedication to social justice.