6 Great Songs With Smilie In Them

Written by Corey Morgan


Now, this is one unusual choice of song because it’s rather farfetched. In the field of figurative language, a simile is defined as “a comparison of one object with another of a different kind,” and it is employed to make a statement seem more eloquent or expressive.

This is one of the ways musicians air their opinion by comparing it with something of different nature. In Rihanna’s diamond, she said “shine bright like a diamond”. This is an allusion to the lustrous nature of diamonds. Similarly, we have compiled a whole lot of similar songs available for you. Feel free to enjoy the beauty of these pieces of music

1. California Love, A Song by 2Pac

California Love (Original Version)

This song by 2pac is a real definition of songs that has a simile in it The lyrics of this song contain a simile that is worthy to look at. Simile in songs has helped give songs new meaning, added life to them, and allowed people to hide their deepest pains, fears, and desires. This song by 2 pack mentioned a man called Eliot Ness

A state that’s untouchable like Eliot Ness

Who is Eliot Ness? Why did 2 pack use his name as a simile in his song, what meaning was he trying to pass through to his audience in the song?  After a series of research, I got to find out that Eliot Ness was an agent of the law, he was famous for battling and putting gangsters behind bars and Al Capone, Eliot Ness was a thorn in their flesh, he formed a group with the task of putting offenders behind bars, this group was formed to end gangsters activities in California.

Because of Eliot Ness, Many people stated that California is a difficult place to live as a gangster. the songwriter is promoting his home city and making a small nod to his opposition.

This shows how simile can be used in songs, when simile is used in songs it can be used to code the song and hide deeper meaning, you can easily decode it if you understand the definition of simile and what it stands for

2. Amber, a song by 311

311 - Amber (Official Music Video)

Simile has been used many times in songs, to add humour, and feelings or to hide emotions in the song. In this song by 31, he mentioned a striking simile that he used repeatedly in his song. He compared his partner’s voice to a bell.

When you go through the lyrics of this song and listen attentively, you will see the beauty of similes in songs. The song contains lyrics that compare the voice of the love of his life to a school bell ringing in his head. A simile is a good way to express something, something deep that you might be lacking words for.

This simile most likely refers to how far apart the writer and his romantic partner are, he showed from his simile that no matter how far apart they are, he could still hear her voice. Though they’re far apart in distance, he can still hear her voice in his head, this is how powerful the bond of love can be, sometimes it’s so powerful that you still see the same person anywhere you look. Love is beautiful and a simile is a good way to express it.

3. Can I kick it, A Song by A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It? (Official HD Video)

If there’s any music brand that loves the use of simile so much it’s this music brand called A Tribe Called Quest the brand made use of a simile to represent how to fit their rhythm fits like a box of positives.

When you go through these lyrics, you will find a simile in them, almost all of their songs have different types of simile included. The last sentence in his lyrics also explains their social status as being higher than most other music brands across the country. This song was a hit in the 90s, there’s no better way to truly explain something than with a simile attached to it

4. Halo, Song By Beyonce

Beyonce is one of the most popular musicians in the world, from her lyrics in the song, she compares the lover of her life to a ray from the sun hitting her directly. This is a love song that expresses her desires but is hidden in a simile.

When you go through these lyrics, you will understand that this song by Beyonce is a love song. In the lyrics, she uses a simile to describe how much the love she has for her partner touches her soul, if you’re a good literature student or one who listens to songs with understanding, you will understand that she used the simile to describe the feeling of her romantic partner entering her life. just like we do feel towards our partners in real-life experiences. This shows how important a simile is in songs.

5. Howlin’ for you, Song by Black Keys

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You [Official Music Video]

Many songs have been sung to represent how deep someone feels for his or her partner. This song by Black Keys is one of them, cutting from the lyrics black keys compare his partner to a glue that is holding him close to her heart. Like the carpenters’ glue that is not easily detached.

When you go through these lyrics, you will find the simile hidden in it he uses this simile to describe how great his relationships with his partner are.

The simile expresses how much he loved his partner, and as we all know, love comes with an attachment. Similes are great ways to hide emotions, they’re used to express how dear something is to us. This song is a good love and emotional song, where the songwriter hides his feelings using a simile.

6. Money, Song by Cardi B

Cardi B - Money [Official Music Video]

Cardi B is one of the most popular female musicians in the world, cutting from her lyrics she compares herself to being sweet like honey and at the same time aggressive like a gun

When you go through these lyrics, you will find out that Cardi B used two different similes at the same time. She’s noted for using simile in almost all her songs, this simile is used to express and hide deep feelings, but most times the simile isn’t used appropriately.

In this song, she uses two similes. Both similes in this situation relate to Cardi B letting people know how someone can have two qualities at the same time. Now you understand how simile can be used to hide emotions or to describe something in a way people may not comprehend.

The simile in this song means that she is lovely but also aggressive at the same time, the version of her you see depends on how you treat her.

Similes are great ways to hide things that you don’t want people to decipher easily, most times it’s used to describe how deeply you cherish something, how strong someone is, or how wicked the person is. Introducing a simile in songs gives the song a new hit and a new direction, it becomes sweeter to the ear. This song by Cardi B was a big hit when it was sung.