5 Great Songs About Defeating The Devil

Songs About Defeating The Devil
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Defeating The Devil

Right from the beginning of time, the devil has been identified as an enemy of God and His people. Triumph over this spiritual being has been one priority of Christians and many Christians have sung about their triumph over the devil as a way to strengthen the faith of their brethren.

5 Songs About Defeating The Devil:

1. Not Today Satan By KB And Andy Mineo

KB - Not Today Satan feat. Andy Mineo | Visual

This song is a blast! This is one of the best songs about defeating the devil, this song is like a direct message to the devil. It is like you’re trying to tell him that “Nah bro, I ain’t got none of your time today, better luck next time. I’m high on the Holy Ghost right now.”

KB raps about how he is aware of the strategies and tactics of the devil.

“…I know your ways…read all your plays…”

So it doesn’t matter the direction the devil attempts to take him, it doesn’t matter if it I’d a sneak attack, ‘The boy is not bothered, he knows he will not break.

It also doesn’t matter on what day the devil tries, it doesn’t matter when the lake of fire needs his soul, the answer remains the same; ‘not today Satan.’ He’ll probably be booked tomorrow and today ain’t just his (the devil’s) day.

He has also devised a way to counter the enemy’s attack: when the devil brings up his past in an attempt to judge him, he brings up the devil’s future, reminding him that, he too, would face the Master on the last day.

Andy Mineo’s verse was fire too! He raps about how the devil hides in every aspect of our daily lives, for example, in politics and his last court date (I think the devil was giving him some funny thoughts). He also says the devil created the explore page. It is well-known that Gen-Zs is all about exploring; exploring their sexuality, etc. Andy is saying, this is just another tactic of Satan.

The way he fights the devil is by keeping in mind that his days on earth are short. So, he has to be woke because evil is taking no days off.

2. The Devil Is A Liar By We Are The Messengers

We Are Messengers - The Devil Is A Liar (Official Music Video)

Well, this song by the messenger is not very complicated. The message of the song is the title of the song. But we’ll still try to break down the lyrics and explain what the song is about if at any point you got confused listening to the song.

If you are a Christian, you should be familiar with the Bible passage that tells who the devil is; the father of lies. Right from when the devil first appeared in the bible, he identified with dishonesty, and you know what they say about first impressions.

That impression has not changed over the centuries. He is still fighting the Children of God, taking no days off.

The song lyrics are saying, the devil is tempting him to be ashamed. Everybody passes through dark times and it is at times like that that the devil pops up and tries to shake your faith. But the bible has made it clear that ‘the truth will make us free from every lie of the devil. The truth is that we are saved by the blood of Christ and we are his beloved. With this truth, the devil is fooling nobody.

3. Armies By KB

KB - Armies (Lyric Video)

In this song, KB flexes that he has the armies of the Highest behind him, so the armies of the underworld do not stand a chance against him.

“shoes are not Gucci, I just keep my foot on reptiles…”

That was a crazy bar! You must be familiar with the pictorial image of the archangel Michael, crushing the head of the serpent, Lucifer. Yeah, I think this is what KB is referring to in that bar.

In the same way that the pictorial image represents the triumph of heaven over the devil, that bar represents KB’s triumph over the devil.

KB is challenging the devil to bring on whatever he’s got. He is fully aware of who is in front of him and who is behind him; The Almighty! He is not just his God, He is also his friend. A true friend always pulls all up in times of need, imagine having a friend that is God! You need not be bothered.

4. Run Devil Run By David Crowder

Crowder - Run Devil Run

Crowder has something that will make the devil run. At the beginning of the song, it doesn’t exactly say what this ‘thing’ is. All he says is ” I got three”. But later on in the song, he says he’s got the King of kings and Lord of Hosts, the Angel armies, and the Holy Ghost…. It is most likely that the three he was talking about earlier in the song, is the Holy Trinity.

So this song is saying that the ‘big gun’ that will make the devil take to his heels is The Highest.

5. Restored By Lecrae ft 1K, Wande, Hulvey

Lecrae - Restored ft. 1K Phew, Wande, Hulvey

Concluding our list of songs about defeating the devil is Restored By Lecrae ft 1K, Wande, Hulvey. This song is all about restoration, just as the title implies.

At the beginning of the song, we find Lecrae in a dark place. He expresses that he’s tired of being disconnected from his Maker. He had put his faith in people, people he thought would be there for him no matter how hard the storm comes. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t find the love and care he was expecting, instead, he found hate burning like a wildfire.

It was at this point that the devil came in. And as typical as the devil is, he always comes in with lies when we are at our lowest.

He (The devil) tries to shake his faith, pointing out how God doesn’t show up for him when he is at his lowest, how after putting so much faith in people, all he got back was hate and hurt. He also points out how he’s been working as a laborer in the Lord’s vineyard but isn’t getting the expected results.

Lecrae’s demons got him tripping, asking him who can deliver him. That’s when he calls on his Father to send an angel in an uber to come and heal him.

It is at this point that his faith in God comes back and he challenges evil saying, “you ain’t got no control of me”. He boasts that he’s not far from the blood that flowed from him. Even if he has lost a lot, there is still too much for him to gain, so he is not bothered in any way.