18 Great Songs About Legacy

Songs About Legacy
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Legacy

Music has been a powerful form of communication throughout history, conveying stories and messages that can influence our lives and leave a legacy for generations to come.

From lyrical ballads to uptempo bops, songs about legacy tell stories of how our lives can shape future generations and what we leave behind.

Whether your journey is just beginning or you‘re reflecting on a life filled with memories, songs about legacy can provide comfort and perspective as we honor and remember the past.

1. Nathan Trent’s Legacy

Nathan Trent - Legacy

First on our list of songs with legacy is this ballad written by Nathan Trent, which is a moving song that contemplates the legacy that each of us leaves behind in this world.

Throughout the course of the song, Trent muses over what will remain of him after he has passed away. Will people remember him for the generosity he showed? Will his work hold up over the course of history? These are age-old questions that have occupied the minds of philosophers and thinkers for many years.

However, Trent brings a new point of view to the table with his ethereal melodies and lyrical prowess in regard to the subject matter.

The touching song “Legacy” serves as a gentle reminder that when we pass away, we all leave something behind, and it is up to each of us to decide what kind of legacy we will leave behind.

2. Legacy Five – What A Day

Legacy Five | What A Day (Official Music Video)

Next on our list of songs with legacy in the title is Legacy Five “What A Day”. This song reflects on the band’s history and their legacy, the lyrics talk about how the band has been blessed with success and how they want to keep making music that will encourage and inspire people even though they have already accomplished a lot.

It is evident from the upbeat and positive tone of the song that the members of Legacy Five are pleased with the progress they have made as a group and individually.

They are ecstatic about the prospects that lie ahead of them, and they are thankful for the opportunities they have already had. This is an upbeat song that will leave its listeners feeling motivated and optimistic about the future.

3. Legacy – Jay-Z

Jay-Z is undoubtedly one of the most successful rappers of all time, and a significant portion of his accomplishments can be credited to the fact that he is aware of the importance of legacy.

Jay-Z uses the song “Legacy” to reflect on his life and career, as well as how he would like to be remembered long after he is no longer here.

He raps about the challenges he faced while growing up in Brooklyn and how he overcame those challenges to become the man he is today.

He also discusses his children and the impression that he hopes to leave on them regarding who he is. In the end, “Legacy” is a song about making an impression on the world that will last forever. It is safe to say that Jay-Z has accomplished this objective as he has sold more than one hundred million records.

4. ICF Worship: Legacy

Legacy - ICF Worship

The song “Legacy” by ICF Worship is about how one person can pass on their faith to the next generation. The lyrics discuss the ways in which the choices we make today will have an effect on the future and the ways in which our legacy will be remembered long after we have passed away.

This song is a rallying cry, imploring all of us to lead our lives in such a way that they will have a constructive influence on the generations that come after us.

It is a potent reminder that the time we have on this earth is limited, and that we should make the most of the time we have here. The song “Legacy” is an encouraging rallying cry to make a mark that will endure on the world around us.

5. Legacy – Eminem Legacy

Eminem - Legacy (Music Video)

The song “Legacy” by Eminem is an emotionally charged and potent ode to the rapper’s daughter, Hailie. The lyrics convey the profound love and pride that Eminem has for her, and the song also contemplates the significance of leaving behind a good legacy for future generations.

Throughout the entirety of the song, Eminem makes it abundantly clear that he wants his daughter to be proud of him, and he encourages her to constantly seek excellence in whatever she does.

“Legacy” is an uplifting and motivational song that is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been a parent, regardless of whether or not they have more than one child.

The sincere lyrics of Eminem serve to remind us that our children are the most precious gift that we have been given, and that we should always make an effort to be the best parents that we can be for them.

6. Fireworks First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit - Fireworks (Official Video)

Johanna and Klara Soderberg, two sisters from Sweden, form one half of the folk duo known as First Aid Kit. Their song “Fireworks” is a stunning and eerie ode to their family’s history.

The lyrics ponder what will be left behind after we are gone, as well as the question of whether or not our lives will have been meaningful.

The gorgeous harmonies of the sisters, set against the straightforward accompaniment of guitar and piano, produce an atmosphere that is at once personal and expansive.

The listener is taken to a warm summer night, where they are contemplating the fleeting nature of life while watching fireworks explode in the night sky.

The song “Fireworks” inspires awe and wonder in its audience, prompting them to consider their own position in the cosmos as they do so.


7. In This Moment – Legacy

In This Moment - "Legacy" [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

In This Moment’s “Legacy” is a song that was released as the band’s second single off of their fourth studio album titled Blood.

Maria Brink and Chris Howorth, both of the band, contributed to the writing of the song, which was produced by Kevin Churko.

The song “Legacy” is primarily metal, but it also contains some elements of industrial music. The lyrics discuss the importance of leaving behind a mark and being remembered after one’s passing.

The heaviness of the song as well as Brink’s vocal performance were both praised by music critics who gave the song favorable reviews.

8. Black Veil Brides – The Legacy

Black Veil Brides - The Legacy

Black Veil Brides is an American rock band, and one of their songs, “The Legacy,” was issued as the band’s second single from their second studio album, which was titled simply Black Veil Brides.

On December 13, 2010, the song was made available to the public. Andy Biersack, the band’s frontman, has stated that this is one of the band’s most personal songs, and the subject matter of the song is about leaving a legacy behind.

In addition to this, he has explained that the song is about “looking back on your life and what you’ve accomplished and realizing that everything you do matters and leaves a mark.”

On December 21, 2010, the music video for the song was made available to the public. A post-apocalyptic setting serves as the backdrop for the band’s performance in this video. As of March 2018, the video has been viewed on YouTube more than 33 million times.

9. Planetshakers’  “A Love I Know”

A LOVE I KNOW | Official Planetshakers Music Video

Planetshakers’ song “A Love I Know” is all about leaving behind a mark on the world. The lyrics discuss the fact that each of us has a decision to make, and that decision is whether or not to live our lives for ourselves or for something more significant.

The song encourages us to choose the latter option because when we live for something that is greater than ourselves, we leave behind a legacy that will continue to exist for a significant amount of time after our deaths.

The lyrics also discuss how love is the most potent force in the universe and how it has the ability to transform anything and everything.

It serves as a timely reminder that our time here on earth is finite, but the legacy we leave behind can endure for generations.

The song “A Love I Know” is both beautiful and powerful, and it serves to bring to our attention the things in life that are truly significant.

10. Legacy – Lost Stars


The American pop rock band Lost Stars is responsible for the song “Legacy.” The band’s first studio album, titled In Your Dreams, featured the song as the album’s lead single when it was initially made available for purchase (2015).

Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael, both members of the band, were responsible for writing “Legacy,” and Levine and Greg Kurstin were the producers of the song.

This song discusses the importance of leaving behind a legacy and the ways in which our deeds can continue to reverberate long after we are gone.

The lyrics have a message that conveys the idea that we should all make an effort to have a positive effect on the world. These lyrics are uplifting and inspirational.

The song “Legacy” is a memorable pop tune that has been expertly crafted and features memorable melodies and a memorable chorus.

It is simple to understand why the song has been such a success with fans and why it continues to be one of the band’s most popular songs to this day.

11. Point of Grace  “Living the Legacy”

This song choice is also among the selected songs with legacy in the title. Point of Grace is a group that performs contemporary Christian music, and one of their songs is titled “Living the Legacy.”

The song is about leaving a legacy, and the importance of living one’s life in such a way that future generations will be proud to carry on the tradition.

The lyrics discuss the importance of living one’s life with purpose and passion and striving to make a positive impact on the world.

The song also discusses the value of one’s family and friends, as well as the ways in which these relationships can assist us in achieving our objectives.

In a nutshell, “Living the Legacy” serves as a potent reminder of the significance of leading our lives in such a way that we are able to leave a constructive legacy for those who will come after us.

12. Feels Like This – Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters - Feels Like This

Maisie Peters’s song “Feels Like This” is all about leaving behind a legacy. The lyrics investigate the concept of what will be left behind after a person has passed away, as well as the ways in which memories can influence the lives of those who are still alive.

The first verse examines the concept of a “legacy” in a more conventional sense, concentrating on the material things that are still around after someone has passed away.

The focus of the second verse shifts to the concept of an emotional legacy, specifically how the love and support of ancestors who have passed away can continue to be passed down through the loved ones they have left behind.

In the end, the song is about how the memories of the people we’ve lost can help to direct and form our lives in meaningful ways.

13. The Faim’s Make Believe

Legacies 1x08 Music - The Faim - Make Believe

The song “Make Believe” is about leaving a mark on the world. The lyrics discuss how after we pass away, we all want to be remembered for something, and how we want our lives to have had some sort of significance.

The Faim are a band that formed not too long ago, but their music is already causing a stir due to the depth of thought it provokes.

This song will undoubtedly strike a chord with listeners who are searching for a more profound significance in their own lives.

This song should serve as a rallying cry for anyone who aspires to make the world a better place. It urges us to have faith in ourselves and in our capacity to effect positive change in the world.

The song “Make Believe,” with its infectious tune and positive message, is destined to become a fan favorite for many people.

14. Girl – Syml

SYML - "Girl" [Official Music Video]

The concept of leaving behind a legacy is a significant part of SYML’s song “Girl.” The singer kicks off her performance by describing a young woman as being “all alone in this world.” He paints a picture of her as being disoriented and perplexed, stumbling through life attempting to find her way.

On the other hand, in the end, he tells her that she is “not alone” and that she has “a legacy.” This legacy is a reference to the singer’s own daughter, who, according to the singer, is also attempting to figure out what she wants to do with her life.

The takeaway from the song is that ultimately, we all have a legacy that we are going to leave behind, and it is up to each of us to make sure that the legacy we leave behind is a good one.

The song is a moving and uplifting remembrance of the significance of leaving behind a legacy that will endure for future generations.

15. Nichole Nordeman “Legacy Song.”

The songwriter Nicole Nordeman titled her song Legacy after the concept of passing on one’s heritage to succeeding generations.

In the song, Nordeman discusses the significance of instilling one’s morals and principles in one’s offspring as well as one’s grandchildren, saying that it is our responsibility to do so.

In addition to this, she emphasizes the significance of protecting the environment and leaving the planet in a better state than when we first discovered it.

This song serves as a gentle reminder that each and every action we take today will have repercussions for the world in the day that follows.

This is a powerful song that really gets to the heart of what it means to be a good steward of the earth and all of its resources, and it’s called “Legacy.”

This serves as a timely reminder that each and every one of us bears the obligation to make the world a better place than we found it. You can now add this tune to your repertoire of songs with legacy in the title.

16. Legacy – Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson - Legacy [Official Audio]

The song “Legacy” by Matt Maeson discusses how the decisions we make and the actions we take can have an effect on future generations.

The first line of the song states that everyone is “Standing on the shoulders of giants,” which translates to the idea that we are able to advance our own lives thanks to the achievements of those who came before us.

On the other hand, we are each responsible for the responsibility of leaving our own mark on the world. To paraphrase what is said in the song, “We’re writing our legacy now.” This indicates that everything we do in the present will contribute in some way to the formation of the future.

17. Take Me Home – Chord Overstreet

Chord Overstreet, an American singer and actor, is the artist behind the song “Take Me Home,” which was published in the year 2020.

Overstreet, along with a number of other songwriters, contributed to the creation of the track. Pop ballad “Take Me Home” incorporates elements of R&B, soul, and country music into its soundscape.

The lyrics of the song discuss the importance of making an impression on others and the world at large. Overstreet explained the meaning behind the song in an interview, saying that it is about “passing on something to someone else that is going to live on long after you have gone.”

In addition to that, he mentioned that he wanted the song to have a positive message and inspire people to go after their goals.

18. You Were Good To Me by Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker.

Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler - you were good to me (Live in New York)

The song “You Were Good To Me” is about leaving behind a legacy. The singer reflects on a previous relationship and how it has shaped who she is today through the lens of the song’s lyrics.

The song recalls joyful times, but it also acknowledges the anguish that comes with the passage of time and relationships. Despite this, the song is ultimately about development and how the singer has become a better person as a result of the experiences he has had.

The song is remarkable due to the fact that it illustrates how legacies can be both beneficial and harmful. It serves as a reminder that the things that have happened to us in the past have shaped not only who we are but also how we view the world.

The song “You Were Good To Me” is absolutely stunning, and it perfectly illustrates the complexities of legacies and the influence they have on our lives. This is one of the songs with legacy in the title that reflects on a lot of things.