16 Top Songs About Digital World

Songs about digital world
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about digital world

Music is a reflection of life experiences, so it stands to reason that technological advancements would affect musical expression.
These are 16 of our favorite songs that reflect on the ways in which technology has changed our lives.

1. Everyday Robots

Albarn, Damon

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots (Official Video)

This song is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about Digital World. What a wonderful song.

Damon’s explanation of how civilization has transformed into “Everyday Robots” is quite poetic. So dead and enmeshed in technology, drifting through time.

Its really kind of sad the direction we are heading. Although technology is wonderful and helpful, some people let it take total control of their lives. I suppose human evolution, for better or worse, will never stop. Just my opinion, but I don’t like the course things have taken.

2. Daft Punk Technologic

Daft Punk - Technologic (Official Video)

The robot signifys a child. The TV is molding its mind. The repetition of the repeditiveness indicates to me that they refer to our ongoing usage of technology. Overall, what we do today will have an impact on tomorrow, and our kids will imitate what they see.

Truth is revealed through a sinister message… Good music. Strong meaning, though. Our kids are like little robots; they mimic what they are told and learn from what they observe.

3. Metal

Gary Numan

Gary Numan - Metal

The subject of this song is a robot who aspires to be a person. The interaction between technology and people is a topic covered in many of Numan’s songs.

4. Blue Deep

Arcade Fire

Deep Blue - Arcade Fire

The chess-playing super computer created by IBM that defeated grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1996 is referenced in the song’s title. The triumph of technology over humans is shown in the song as a loss of innocence over generations.

5.  “Ayo Technology”

(50 cent feat. Timberland and Justin Timberlake)

50 Cent - Ayo Technology (Official Music Video) ft. Justin Timberlake

The song is about the singer(s) longing after a woman who is essentially a nightclub dancer. The scene suggests that Fifty is observing the dancer from inside a strip club.

Nevertheless, all things considered, it is also possible to say that he is viewing her remotely, i.e. via an online video. In fact, the song’s title relates to the notion that the narrator is adoring this beauty from a distance while also using “technology.”

But more importantly, he wants to engage in physical contact with her. In essence, he is requesting a face-to-face conversation with the woman. And the reason he’s doing it is because his need for her has become so strong that it can no longer be satisfied by merely watching.

6. 3000-21 One More Robot/Sympathy

Flaming Lips

the flaming lips One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21

Of course, as this is a concept album, one can literally take the song as being about a robot who is starting to feel emotions. I get the impression that the robot could be interpreted as a person.

A person coming out of their shell and experiencing love for the first time while being unclear of their emotions and what they signify is, in my opinion, a robot starting to experience emotion.

7. Starting Chime


Lyrically, this is one of the best songs about digital world. Isolationism, or the act of being alone, is the topic here. The mentions of a “unfamiliar brand” and a “school holiday she could do without” all allude to unusual things. During the summer break, people are generally joyful, and it’s unusual to find unknown goods on bare shelves.

The character in the song is possibly a computer addict who spends her time alone in her room, cut off from the outside world. I played this song during a lesson on “Isolationism.”

That is all, I guess.

8. The Dismemberment Plan, Memory Machine

Before erupting into a glitchy breakdown, Memory Machine’s opening is silent. The verses then repeat this melodic motif, and the breakdowns occur at the chorus’ catchy refrain.

The lyrics take a look at a dystopian future in which technology that can erase terrible events allows for the simple erasure of human thoughts that are laden with emotional suffering, existential crises, and psychological faults.

This may very well mirror how individuals might handle their fears or traumatic experiences.

9. Internet Connection

by M.I.A.

M.I.A. - Internet Connection

This song is about “The Mess Age” and how we are so dependent on the internet that we only want to be social and active when we have no other options (your internet connection is down).

10. Deeper Understanding

Kate Bush

Kate Bush - Deeper Understanding - Official Video

When Bush recorded the song in 1989 for her album The Sensual World, the song’s unique theme—a person turning to a computer for emotional comfort—was a big draw. This music gains a lot more relevance if we go forward to the 21st century, when millions of teenagers are sequestered in their homes playing video games alone.

11. Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (Official Music Video)

American homes gradually switched from radio to video in the 1960s as televisions became more affordable for the typical family. A change in media consumption was occurring as families started turning to their televisions for the evening news and entertainment instead of listening to the radio.

The song’s lyrics, “Video murdered the radio star,” are meant to be taken rather literally; the radio industry was finally “killed” by the growing popularity of television as a source of news and entertainment.

The song’s music video was the first to air on MTV.This is one of the songs about digital world I find interesting.

12. Pearl jam do the evolution

Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution (Official HD Video)

Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam is a harsh and biting critique of humanity that parodies the political, social, economic, and religious structures across time.

The song’s goal is to illustrate how the “progressive” animal, the man, may be a cursed species who does the same harmful mistakes over and over again and could ruin the planet.

The protagonist of the song, who has Vedder’s voice, boasts of being the most biologically and technologically advanced being on Earth.

13. Flowers are the only thing

Talking Heads

Talking Heads - [Nothing But] Flowers (Official Video)

The song’s lyrics paint a picture of a post-apocalyptic world where contemporary technology has largely disappeared. The song’s protagonist, lead singer David Byrne, struggles between his love of the beauty of nature and his reliance on vanished objects like lawnmowers and fast food.

14. Digital Witness

(St. Vincent)

St. Vincent - Digital Witness

Annie Clark of St. Vincent addresses her annoyance that the Internet has rendered us unable to live without documenting everything in this song. On the St. Vincent album, Clark expresses her discontent about the world as it appears on screens in one of the more venomous songs.

15. Virtual insanity


Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Official Video)

I think most people have understood the fundamental ideas JK is attempting to convey—namely, that technology is getting so overwhelming in this day and age that we are/have grown completely dependent on it—thus I love it.

In the 1990s, it served as something of a wake-up call for people to realize with fresh eyes that there is more to life. Personally, I believe that this song is just as poignant and current today as it was back when it was first performed. Additionally, it sounds fantastic and includes a matching video!

16. Digital Love

Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Digital Love (Official Audio)

Finally on our list of songs about digital world is a song about “internet love,” in my opinion, rather than merely a love song. Because of this, the song is referred to as “digital love,” and the last verse asks, “Why don’t you play the game?” He thus developed feelings for a girl he only knows from online gaming (and it appears there won’t be any more; perhaps she already has someone or is too old, etc.), and is now waiting for her to join in once more so he can spend more time with her.