14 Great Songs About Dreaming Of Someone

songs about dreaming of someone
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Dreaming Of Someone

When we dream, our minds are exploring things we feel subconsciously but might not be fully aware of consciously. So while it may be enticing to try to pick apart dreams about your crush to see if the universe is sending you a sign, in reality, dreaming about them is just your brain’s way of untangling your feelings. This personal nature is why songs about dreaming someone can be interesting and highly appealing.

This list compiles 21 of the very best songs related to the topics of dreaming about someone.

1. The Everly Brothers’ song “All I Have to Do Is Dream”

All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers

This  is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about dreaming of someone.

This 1970 rock song features a man who is distraught about being apart from his sweetheart. He does, however, find solace in one activity to help close the gap between them: dreaming.

Day or night, whenever he misses her, his dreams give the impression that she is practically standing next to him. The problem is that his approach will only satisfy him temporarily.

2. Selena’s “Dreaming of You”

Selena - Dreaming Of You (Official Music Video)

This is one of the most well-known songs about dreaming of someone, this is a song that is noteworthy not only because of Selena’s beautiful voice, but also because it was included on her final album, which was made public after her untimely passing.

A lovely song that perfectly expresses the innocence of falling in love and daydreaming about the person you’re in love with. Selena transports viewers to a time before text messages and video chats, when we only had our imaginations to help us dream of the one we hope is dreaming of us as well.

Although this song has some Spanish words, they significantly enhance its flavor. After the song’s final stanza, her voice fades to a whisper as she says, “Tonight,” and I take it to mean that she has finally drifted off to a restful sleep.

This song’s subject matter is so straightforward that everybody can grasp it. It is charming, enchanting, and delightful. I simply adore it… Selena, you are the best, and it is terribly upsetting that you passed away before realizing your fame. Even though you aren’t among us any longer, you are still loved by all of your fans.

3. Mariah Carey’s song “Dreamlover”

Mariah Carey - Dreamlover (Official 4K Video)

A song dedicated to everyone who is searching for the perfect mate. Just one ideal partner who can reciprocate love in both directions. The current Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, is fully aware that having just one great lover is preferable to having a large number of inferior partners who hardly know what love is, let alone how to offer it.

This is such a wonderful and uplifting song for individuals who want to sing at the top of their lungs for the entire world to hear and have a partner who can transport them to a location where love triumphs!

4. Carrie Underwood’s “Just a Dream”

Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream

One of Carrie Underwood’s most heartbreaking and saddest music videos. She enters a lovely married life at first, only to have everything go completely black because it was all only a dream.

It’s a heartbreaking song for people who had everything they could possibly want right at their fingertips only to have it taken away by an uncontrollable circumstance. The agony that Underwood expresses in the song video has been experienced by countless spouses and husbands.

5. Nelly’s “Just a Dream”

Nelly - Just A Dream (Official Music Video)

Have you ever experienced a breakup, traveled down a path, and dug out a memory only to realize it was a dream? Nelly specifically addresses this in this song. He is being haunted by the woman he lost.

This is a  song to play when we just want to be mope and reflect on the errors we have made as well as the hopes that might have been.

6. Taylor Swift’s song “Wildest Dreams”

Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift, one of the most well-known musicians, has a history of using her music to tell stories, and this is no exception. The song describes what it would be like to run with someone while understanding that it probably wouldn’t last.

It describes what it might be like to have a romantic relationship built around sunsets and flushed cheeks. It begins with the rush of excitement that comes with a new romance and ultimately transforms into something that appears like a dream. This song has a hazy melody line and drops that give it the impression of emerging from a dream.

7. Aerosmith’s “Dream On”

Aerosmith - Dream On (Live At Capitol Center, Largo, MD / November 9, 1978)

This 1973 rock anthem, written by Steven Tyler over the course of six years, served as Aerosmith’s debut song. The song speaks to both the internal struggle to become someone and the process of maturation.

The song, which was included in Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest songs ever, inspires listeners to keep working hard until their dreams are attained.

8. Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get in My Car”

Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (Official Video)

The song undoubtedly contains elements of a sleazy Pretty Woman rescue story, after listening to the lyrics.

The song is about his obsession with a woman he saw while driving down the road. He refers to “making a deal” with her at the side of the road, compares her to Cinderella (making him Prince Charming), and implies that he saved her from a life of servitude.

It is reasonable to assume that the song “I’ll be your nonstop lover” is about a man who has long-standing but unfulfilled fantasies about having sex with prostitutes and his obsession with a specific hooker he has seen while curb crawling. The song is entirely about sex, sex in cars, and especially not romantic love.

Although it would be premature to imply any connection given that this song was released two years before the Pretty Woman movie, the visual it conjures is undoubtedly in that general area.

9. Lissie’s song “In Sleep

Lissie - In Sleep (Live)

The narrator of this ballad from 2010 is a lover who has been abandoned. The only place she can see her sweetheart now that he is gone is in her dreams. So that they can be together, even briefly, she withdraws to the world of slumber.

10. The Cranberries’ Dream

The Cranberries - Dreams (Dir: Peter Scammell) (Official Music Video)

Lyrically, this is one of the best songs about dreaming of someone, the metaphors in the Cranberries’ song “Dreams” are intended to reflect the singer’s first romantic experience.

In the second verse, as she begs the addressee not to hurt her, this idea is made clearer. She also says that he is “what she couldn’t find,” which indicates that she had never before that point in her life been in a relationship of this kind. She continues by saying that he is “everything to her,” making it abundantly evident that she is in fact in love.

In other words, finding this person is like having one of her “dreams” come true, which is essentially the message the title is trying to convey. Overall, her life is being positively transformed by the fact that she is in love. And she obviously wants to hang onto this experience for as long as possible.

11. Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams”

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams [with lyrics]

A relationship that is about to end is the subject of the song Dreams. Knowing the song’s background helps you appreciate its beauty: The long-term relationship between Lindsey Buckingham, the band’s guitarist, and Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was coming to an end.

Dreams was entirely self-penned by Stevie Nicks, expressing her perspective on the breakup of the relationship. You can hear Lindsey’s guitar in the song, which appears to respond to every word Stevie sings.

So Lindsey wants to leave her, and she cannot keep him against his will. But she advises him to give it some serious thought. because a woman like her may never be found again. And the loneliness might follow him for the rest of his life.

12. The Romantics’ “Talking in Your Sleep”

The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep

The scientific term for the phenomenon of talking while you sleep is “somniloquy,” which is an unexpectedly lovely word. Somniloquy, which refers to a “motor breakthrough” in which the words you’re speaking in a dream become pronounced aloud, is connected to the same stage of sleep that causes rapid eye movement, or R.E.M. Of course, the song’s lyrics are about a lover who is only secretly expressing their love for the singer. This is one of the songs about dreaming of someone I find interesting.

13. The Smithereens’ song “Behind the Wall of Sleep”

The Smithereens - Behind The Wall Of Sleep

This song is fantastic.I believe he has feelings for this girl, but because she is avoiding him, all he can do is “dream of her behind the wall of sleep.”

14. REO Speedwagon’s song In My Dreams

REO Speedwagon - In My Dreams (Official Video)

Finally on our list of songs about dreaming of someone is one of REO’s best songs and a particular favorite of mine is this.

The vocalist of this song longs for escape from his depressing and lonely life. He consequently seeks refuge in his dream world at night, where he is cherished. He can be in love with his crush or his ex-girlfriend or wife.

This aspect of the lyrics seems a little vague, which I believe is deliberate. In either case, I can relate to it because I’ve had personal experience with it. Very depressing, yet a fantastic song.