6 Great Songs With Dolphins In The Title

Songs With Dolphins In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With Dolphins In The Title

Dolphins are beautiful creatures that also have a disposition that favors having a good time. Dolphins are intelligent and beautiful creatures; you can notice how merry and lively they are when you watch them swim in the ocean or zoos by observing their playful processions.

Dolphins are increasingly and commonly used by musicians as a metaphor to either depict someone as being intelligent, gorgeous, or fun-loving in the titles of their songs.

This sorted list features well-known songs with dolphins in the title, such as Hancock dolphin dance and a few additional songs whose titles include the word “dolphins.”

Regardless of the musical genre, the following list contains the top songs with dolphins in the title. You are welcome to add any of your preferred songs with dolphins in the title to this list if you find that they are not already included.

1. Dolphin dance by Hancock Herbie

Herbie Hancock - "Dolphin Dance"(Maiden Voyage,1965)

This song was written by Hancock Herbie, this is a heartfelt song, wherein the singer used dolphins to represent love. In this song the singer sang of a tale that lies under the sun, he longs for a chance to love again, a little romance so that he will follow his lover closely.

In this song he was looking for love, a way to touch her again. Dolphins are cheerful animals full of life, no wonder they have been used by songwriters to represent many things. This song by Hancock Herbie was a hit in its time.

2. On Green Dolphin Street Song by Harry Connick Jr.

On Green Dolphin Street

This song was written by Harry Connick, it’s a song with great emotions, the greatest of all emotions which is love. The songwriter sang about the love he found on green Dolphin street, the night he will never forget.

Furthermore, the songwriter expressed his surprise and disappointment, he didn’t know that the love he has found will end so soon. He never let a day pass without thinking of her, it all seems to him like a dream.

This song by Harry Connick was a hit in its time, mostly because his lyrics represented what happens in the real day-to-day human setting, human beings have a way of associating deep emotions with songs, this song stood the test of time.

3. Dolphins Song by Simple Minds

Simple Minds - Dolphins (HD)

There are times in our lives when we feel so tired of living, we feel like giving up and we feel like ending everything. This song by simple mind expresses that emotion of depression, those times when nothing seems to matter to you anymore.

The songwriter used dolphins to represent the ship that drove him down the River. In his song, he begged the dolphins to drag him down, deep to the end of the sea where all his dreams are a reality.

Sometimes when life looks so uncertain, we tend to do what the songwriter sang, but no matter what happens in a man’s life, the sun must surely shine. This song was one of the best hits of the time.

4. After the Dolphin by Crosby, Stills & Nash

This is a heartfelt and emotional song written by the trios. This song by Crosby, Stills and Nash is a song that reminds us of what life used to be. To a soldier it will remind him of life before the war, to a child who has never witnessed any war, it will raise a question in his mind.

In this song, the songwriter sang of a beautiful life, where they watched the dolphins play in the sea, where the evergreen mother earth was at the peak of its radiance.

Then suddenly there was bombing everywhere, the Dolphins were gone, and the songwriters expressed their sadness in this song, it’s a song of reality, a song of what happens to a place before and after a war. They called the song “after the Dolphin”, and this song stood the test of time.

5. The Dream of the Dolphin Song by Enigma

ENIGMA The Dream of The Dolphin

This is a song of hope, the songwriter’s enigma, sang on the hope that lies beneath every disappointment, in every color, there is the light he sang. These few words when looked within show that behind everything that seems to be a disappointment there is a blessing lying underneath.

In the lyrics of his song, he wrote; in every stone sleeps a crystal, these words when decode means behind what seems to be an obstacle there’s a way out.

There are times in life we face obstacles and disappointment, and we feel like giving up to throwing in the towel, the songwriter gave us hope that behind everything that seems to be a disappointment there’s something to learn from it, there’s a crystal behind a stone.

He ended the song with the words “man is the dream of the dolphins. This song was the best hit of its time and represented the hidden emotions people hide from the world and at the same time gave us the listeners hope.

6. Dolphin cry by Grave Digger

Grave Digger - Dolphin's Cry

Songs are great ways to represent our feelings and emotions. Sometimes when life hits us so hard that we don’t know what to do, the best most of us do is to find a song that best suits us at that moment and play it over and over again.

Many songs on the love that was given but never returned have been sung, but no songwriter does it better than grave diggers. In his song, he sang of the love of his life, who swam into the deep waters away from everyone.

He has always believed in the love they shared, he never thought a day would come when he would be forced to say goodbye.

Now that the love of his life is leaving he hears the dolphins cry, there was no room to say goodbye, no room for hugs and kisses because all the tears he gave have come alive.

When going through the lyrics of this song, made me so emotional because I can feel the pain the songwriter felt. Sometimes in life, a song may not make sense to you especially when you cannot relate it to your life, but immediately you do, that song tends to become part of you.

This song by Grave Digger stood the test of time, even up till today. If you’ve got a compilation of songs with dolphins in the title either on your smartphone on your car cd, then this song should not be missing in it.