5 Great Songs With ‘Empty’ In The Title

Songs With Empty In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs With ‘Empty’ In The Title

Emptiness can bring on a wide range of emotions, such as loneliness, despair, or a general sense of being numb or detached. It’s not uncommon for people to have these kinds of emotions following a loss, tragedy, or other traumatic incidents. This feeling can also leave a person in a very dark place.

Many artists are well-known for their expressive music. This article examines songs with ‘empty’ in the title. Let’s find out what is behind this emptiness that these artists feel.

5 Songs with “Empty” in the title:

1. Empty By 24K Goldn

24kGoldn - Empty (Official Audio) ft. Swae Lee

“fake love feels good until it’s over”

In this song, 24k gold is expressing his pain from a broken relationship, which seems not to have been genuine from the get-go.

From the lyrics of the song, it seems that the artist had given his heart to his lover only to discover that she did not cherish it. He let her occupy his heart and since she left him, it hasn’t been the same. He doesn’t even feel pain, all he feels is void; space; empty.

He is also trying his best to forget her but it would take a long time to do so, maybe a thousand years. Now, the aftermath after all this mirage, this illusion, this fake love is him feeling that there’s no such thing as true love.

2. Empty By Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha - Empty [Official Audio]

Bebe Rexha expresses her struggle with bipolar disorder. “Break My Heart Myself,” the first song on the “Better Mistakes” playlist, also touches on this topic.

When it comes to interpersonal connections, however, she once again notes that she has the potential to be her own worst enemy. As a result, this is a more internal matter.

Her interpersonal difficulties stem from the disappointments she’s had in relationships in the past. Overthinking and obsessive tendencies plague the singer as well. Also, those around her don’t know what’s going on since she wears a “false grin” to hide her true feelings from them.

She’s “weary of feeling low.” And sure, dear reader, this all boils down to the singer being depressed, whether or not this sensation is caused by mental illness.

The singer indeed makes no mention of having any kind of mental health issue. If this song is based on such a fact, however, it never expresses it in any way. According to the story, the phrase “empty” is a synonym for “chronic depression,” which is one of the possible signs of bipolar disorder.

3. Empty Love By Gracey & Ruel

GRACEY, Ruel - Empty Love (Official Video)

The lyrics to “Empty Love” are more complicated than they initially appear to be. It would appear, however, that the vocalists, Gracey and Ruel, are referring to the practice of conducting the majority of one’s communication with a potential romantic partner through social media.

And what they are essentially saying is that in the end, these kinds of relationships typically end up being very unfulfilling. They are nevertheless eager to engage in an “empty love,” even though they are already leading emotionally challenging lives that fall short of ideal standards.

And this is to suggest that even while the aforementioned romance may be “shallow,” it is still preferable to having no one to love if you will pardon the expression.

4. Empty By Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD - Empty [Music Video] (Dir. by @easter.records)

Juice WRLD uses the term “empty” to describe how he feels on the inside. And according to this song, the way he compensates for this inner deficit is by using drugs – notably beer, pills, and dope – even though he portrays such behaviors as detrimental.

As an allusion to lean, a fashionable but potentially fatal alcohol beverage that has grown in popularity among hip-hop performers, “Styrofoam” is used in “Empty” to describe how he plans to solve his problem.

As for blowing trees, he refers to “rolling” in the sense of rolling joints or blunts (also popular in hip-hop), which is a term commonly used to describe the act of smoking cannabis or other tobacco products.

Juice, on the other hand, is clearly on something stronger than ganja, even if he is referring to it. The rap community, for example, does not use the term “dope” to refer to smoking herbs. “Swallowing pills’ ‘is mentioned in the song, which indicates that WRLD has taken some kind of hard substance, and Juice, who is well-known for being a recovering drug user despite his young age, is aware of this fact.

Juice, on the other hand, is using these narcotics as a means of dealing with his troubles. Even so, he sees these very acts as damaging to his general health.

Juice’s aggressive impulses and his journey “from rags to riches” are two other themes that are discussed in the song.

5. Empty Space By James Arthur

James Arthur - Empty Space (Official Video)

Concluding our songs with empty in the title is James Arthur’s song “Empty Space” which is a lament for lost love. After winning The X Factor‘s ninth season in 2012, Arthur became a household name around the world. Arthur released this song six years after achieving that feat (his tenth).

Having lost his beloved, Arthur sings about the “space” left in his heart and his life as a result of their separation. To add insult to injury, he has turned to several possibly harmful methods to deal with the discomfort. To illustrate this point, towards the beginning of the song, he outright denies missing his love, even if he knows it isn’t genuine.

His actions convey the idea that he has succumbed to drinking, as he begins a connection with a “stranger.” A car crash is featured in the video for the song, which shows how distraught the vocalist is after losing his best friend.

As far as the lyrics go, he finally admits that he is to blame for this heartbreak.

If you’ve ever had a difficult time dealing with the loss of a loved one and subsequently tried to fill the hole left by their absence, “Empty Space” is for you. The song, according to Arthur, is about realizing that no one else can fill the emptiness they left behind. A breakup may be implied, but it might also be an indication that his lover has died.