5 Great Songs With “Whole” In The Title

Songs With “Whole” In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs With “Whole” In The Title

When we desire an entirety of someone or something, we say we need the “whole” of them. “Whole” is a phrase that is quite common and its usage is predominant when we want to express romantic feelings towards one another.

When you love someone, you want the whole of them, “whole” in this sense includes their smiles, jokes, faces, emotions, love and body. So, “whole” as a phrase is one we use for domination; without leaving anything out. It’s surprising however that many do not still understand this. That’s why issues of cheating and adultery are still on the rise in so many relationships out there.

Song titles have incorporated this phrase too, therefore, it’s my pleasure to show you an exquisite list of songs with “whole” in the title and their meanings.

5 Songs With “Whole” In The Title

1. Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (Official Music Video)

Ranking first on our list of songs with whole in the title is this blockbuster song “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. This is a love song, but it does contain some sexual insinuations that are on the more obvious side. Or put another way, it is made abundantly evident that the vocalist has intense romantic emotions for the addressee, and this can be done in a number of different ways.

However, let us just say that these feelings are more physical as opposed to the emotional aspect. And without going into too much detail, it seems that what he is essentially doing is advertising his sexual prowess to her.

This song is considered to be one of the group’s best performers because it reached its highest rank on the Hot 100 at number four. It also reached No. 21 in the United Kingdom and accomplished impressive heights on the singles charts of many countries, including Germany, where it topped the charts at No. 1 position.

2. “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” by Laurie London

Laurie London - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - 1958 - vinylrip

This classical gospel song gained popularity for the first time when a British singer named Laurie London, who was only 13 years old at the time, released a faster-paced version of it in 1957.

The song had initially been published in the hymnal Spirituals Triumphant, Old and New in 1927. When it reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1958, it made London the very first British musician to ever achieve this feat. Additionally, the track holds the record for being the only gospel song to ever reach No. 1. In addition to its triumph on the pop chart, it also reached No. 3 on the R&B chart.

This song is a gentle reminder that God is in control of everything that he has created, and that we should find solace in the knowledge that he is with us. The title of the song makes this point quite clear. Everything, even “small bitsy babies” and mature men who gamble, is in his control, from the birds in the sky to the fish in the sea.

The power of God is expanded upon in certain interpretations to include the sun and the moon, the land and the sea, the wind and the rain, amongst other things. The Bible makes several references to the omnipotence and sovereignty of God.

3. “The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys

The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon [Official HD Remastered Video]

The phrase “the whole moon” as it appears throughout this song is an idiom. And the concept it is meant to represent is an individual’s unique capacity to comprehend the broad scheme of things and thus pursue greater objectives.

From the lyrics, this form of vision is something the singer lacks, while the addressee possesses it. In essence, the narrator spends a great amount of time contrasting his own limited intellect with that of the addressee’s superior intellect. The person he is singing to is someone he admires, particularly in terms of their imagination and resulting desires.

During this admiration, however, it is also revealed that this particular individual “got too high and got too far too soon.” This is another way of stating that what he was able to accomplish due to his own brilliance ultimately proved to be too much for him to handle. But at the end of the day, the singer’s affection for this someone is unaffected by this unfortunate circumstance.

4. “A Whole New World” (Aladdin) By Disney

A Whole New World - Aladdin (1992) 1080p

This song is about experiencing love for the first time, perhaps for the first time ever. According to the girl, she has never before had feelings like this.

And throughout her entire existence, she has been anticipating the day that someone will come and take her away. On the other hand, the guy thinks he has found the girl of his dreams, and now all he wants to do is make her happy. A statement along the lines of “I can take you anywhere you want to go.” And when put together, they make the ideal pair.

In conclusion, the song tells the story of two people who are in love and the man is pleading with the woman to be his companion for at least one night, if not forever.

I believe that the girl is in euphoria, which is an emotional condition that she may have from being in love with the guy. Together, they are venturing into new worlds, gaining new experiences, and most likely engaging in romantic activities for the first time.

5. “Whole World Is Watching” by Within Temptation

Within Temptation - Whole World is Watching ft. Dave Pirner

The lyrics of the song discuss self-empowerment and triumphing over adversity, which are recurring ideas throughout Hydra’s discography.

Sometimes when you finally recover from a setback in your life, the thing that has given you certain problems, you get the feeling that everyone who was informed about the problem that you had – maybe it could be a physical problem or a disease or you have been struggling with a certain kind of thing – you get the feeling that everybody who knows it is watching and mentally supporting you while you are reaching that moment that you stand up and you get over that problem.

When you realise that everyone is watching you as you make your way to the finish line, you may experience a sense of motivation. This is a very positive feeling. And this is the central idea of this song.