6 Great Songs With “Five” In The Title

Songs with five in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs with five in the title

When it comes to music, numbers have just as much meaning as words do. Numbers can also stand in for important moments in a person’s life. Since music is intended to be expressive, the majority of artists adore including specifics from their personal lives in their music.

According to numerology, the number five stands for independence, curiosity, and a desire to take chances and learn new things. However, it goes beyond just being a means of expressing vitality and anticipation.

The number five has unique meaning and connotations in every discipline. Some of the best songs use the word “five” in the title

6 Songs With Five In The Title:

1. Five Minutes to Midnight by Boys Like Girls

Five Minutes to Midnight

Ranking first on list of songs with five inthe title is “Five Minutes to Midnight” by Boys Like Girls. This song is about a woman who is convinced that she has found true love for the first time. However, in point of fact, he is nothing more than “a dance hall drug,” a drug user who is solely interested in having sexual relations with her.

In essence, the singer is conveying to her that he is not deserving of her time or attention. “Doesn’t it seem like something is wrong with his kiss this evening?”

It is inappropriate for him to want to have sexual relations with you because he wants to. They indulge in sexual activities in any available location. On the other hand, she is of the opinion that she has made a grave mistake and that she should hold off (until marriage or some other event), after which I am not entirely certain what happens.

2. Five Years by David Bowie

Five Years (2012 Remaster)

This song, which also has some other deceptive overtones, is mostly about “Ziggy Stardust” knowing that he only has five years left as a music star before he fades away and is forgotten, which is why it has such a deathly “pleading” feel.

He practically begs for more time. This album, in its whole, can be categorized as a concept album. Every song has some kind of connection to Ziggy and the story he tells.

3. Five Steps by The Davenports

This song has a great deal of impact. I speak from experience and it has special value for me. The five steps of addiction recovery are discussed in this song.

There are five stages of addiction recovery in this song. The opening verses discuss the initial phases:

  1. Recognition and acceptance of your problem. “You are familiar with me enough to know”
  2. Examining the notion of recovery. Deliberate.
  3. Investigate rehabilitation “with your two feet at hand”

The recovery process itself is covered in the final two sections of the program as an epilogue:

  1. The early phases of healing and the process of achieving equilibrium.
  2. Constant maintenance and recovery.

The last lyric might be referring to the train as a means of escape, but the phrase “Get back” implies a warning: if you don’t move, you’ll perish, and that train won’t stop.

4. ‘Five Miles Out’ by Mike Oldfield (1982)

Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out ft. Maggie Reilly

In spite of its short length, the song’s structure is very intricate, and it takes its cues from a near-fatal plane ride that Oldfield was a passenger on, in which a novice pilot piloted a small craft into a strong storm.

Oldfield, who later obtained a pilot’s license, makes significant use of air travel jargon to depict the conversations between a pilot in difficulty stuck in a storm and a traffic controller.

Reilly’s vocals are naked and lyrical as he sings over a vocoder to imitate radio conversation. Tubular Bells, Taurus II, and possibly more are all referenced in the song.

The song’s words are depicted in a simplified form in the music video. Maggie Reilly is not featured in the video, which has multiple images of Oldfield. Elements – The Best of Mike Oldfield includes this song.

One of Mike’s first videos to be aired on television, it may have inspired him to experiment with radio-friendly music, which would lead him to enormous success during the 1980s, as he had throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

5. Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale - Five years time (Music Video) HD

The narrator spends most of the song detailing how beautiful life could be in five years’ time and all the wonderful things that could happen to them in the future.

In the fourth stanza, he makes it abundantly obvious that he does not believe any of this will occur, but despite the fact that it is all “in his head,” he is still dreaming about the life that they could have together.

In the following chorus, he reassures her that she will have an amazing existence full of “love,” even if they do not continue to be in one another’s lives in the future.

It’s the last phrase before the final chorus that reads, “You might just show me wrong,” which suggests that he might be proven incorrect in his forecast that it’s all a dream. His forecast that it’s all a hoax could be proven wrong, according to this line of reasoning.

Therefore, unlike what other people may think, it is neither optimistic or pessimistic in nature. He has come to terms with the fact that it is highly unlikely that he would ever experience all of these events, and as a result, he is content to only exist within the fantasy world of his own imagination.

6. “Five Minutes of Funk” by Whodini

Whodini - Five Minutes Of Funk (1984)

This song is exactly five minutes long, as its name suggests, and even goes on for a little bit longer than that. And the majority of it is just rapping in its most basic form. In conclusion, we can state that its primary purpose is to highlight the lyrical abilities of the performer.

And you are correct, it is braggadocious in its very essence. However, it was published in the middle of the 1980s, which was a long time ago, back when rappers did not take pride in being strong guys or wealthier than their neighbors.

And what the Whodini homeys are actually gloating about is their ability to rock the party, which is again attributable to their lyrical abilities. They accomplish this by releasing a rap song that, at the time it was released, was widely considered to be among the most impressive ever created.