6 Top Songs With God In The Title

6 Top Songs With God In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With God In The Title

It’s not uncommon to hear songs with God in the title out there. Although it’s not specific to any religion, but its undertones suggest Christianity most of the time.

As these songs tend to be religious, they could be in the form of pleas and supplications. God is a supreme being who reigns over all things and has the power to do all things that we ask of Him.

In some songs, the songwriters beseech God in an effort to help them out of a dire situation given the fact that they’ve tried everything they possibly can.

Others come in the form of redemption; perhaps you’ve tried all you possibly can to redeem yourself and you don’t feel any better, God is the all-forgiving father who’s there to redeem you regardless of the weight of your sin.

I’ve got a huge package for you. Relax and enjoy this list of carefully selected songs.

6 songs with God in the title:

1. “Girls Against God” by Florence + the Machine

Florence + The Machine - Girls Against God (Visualiser)

Let us face facts here for a second. Those who have faith in God are more likely to feel angry with Him at times. When things are truly bad, we tend to believe that a higher power can step in at any moment to make everything all right again. Therefore, disappointment in the heavens can lead to bitterness.

Florence, it seems, formed these opinions during the COVID-19 epidemic, as was previously explained. Welch seems to be someone who genuinely enjoys playing on stage, as well as someone who is a professional musician who makes a living from her acts.

Furthermore, there was a moment when it was unknown whether or not the epidemic and its associated restrictions would ever be lifted. Consequently, it is not hard to see why that singer would have felt cursed.

However, the song is about much more than that. For instance, the singer swears vengeance “against God” in the chorus (as the title puts it). More than that, she makes a veiled admission of not being a good person.

2. “When God Made You My Mother” by Riley Roth

Riley Roth - When God Made You My Mother (Official Audio)

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect Mother’s Day present? You are not alone; we can say that with absolute certainty.

It is a real challenge for a lot of folks when the happy occasion draws near. Riley Roth has decided to pen a song about her mother in which she expresses her gratitude for the unconditional love she has had from the day she was born.

The love of a mother is unconditional and unending. In good times and bad, they are always there when you need them, no matter how weary or lonely you may feel. They are selfless in that they do not expect anything in return, not even affection from their offspring.

Mothers accept their children, flaws and all, without passing judgement. They fill the hole with love and hope, and they teach their children to be strong and courageous.

Definetly one of the best songs with God in the title. This song entails all this and more; do well to listen to it sometime!

3. Mariah Carey (ft. Joe and 98 Degrees)’s “Thank God I Found You”

Mariah Carey, Joe, 98 Degrees - Thank God I Found You (Official HD Video)

This is another another musical case of a vocalist rejoicing over the fact that she has found her soul mate after suffering through a dissatisfying life, “cold inside” and all.

Yes, when the person you love finally appears, it feels like a gift from above, as anyone who has endured an extended period of unwelcome singlehood can attest.

Without getting into too much detail, the title and thesis sentiment are designed to push us in that direction, with the vocalists “thanking God” for “rescuing” them from melancholy and loneliness.

4. “Oh My God” by Adele

Adele - Oh My God (Official Video)

When the listener has an appreciation for the larger context outside the lyrics, the music takes on a new dimension, evoking strong and personal feelings. The song “Oh My God” was written and performed by Adele, a British singer-songwriter.

This track is taken from her album “30,” which was published on November 19, 2021. Lyrics may be interpreted differently by those unfamiliar with Adele’s personal struggles leading up to the release of this album.

She told Rolling Stone in an emotional interview how hard it was to get over her divorce from Simon Konecki in March of that year. Adele’s first album, which launched her career, came out after she had already tied the knot.

5. “No Gods No Masters” by Garbage

Garbage - No Gods No Masters (Official Music Video)

The anarchic undertone of the title, “No Gods, No Masters,” is the first thing that immediately comes to mind when reading the introduction. On the other hand, as is elaborated upon within the lyrics, this does not necessarily come off as an example of the vocalist reneging on their authority.

Yes, it is possible to deduce that she does not have a great esteem for those in positions of authority, as well as religious institutions and other entities of a similar nature, based on a remark that is made in the second stanza, for instance. However, the lyrics are not really about condemning the people in authority positions.

The sentiment that is being sent is more of an advisory one, with the overarching message being that we should be on top of our own business because we cannot rely on other groups.

6. “In God’s Hands” by Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado - In God's Hands

It has been theorised that Nelly Furtado’s connection with fellow musician DJ Jasper Gahunia served as inspiration for the song “In God’s Hands.” She dated this person for four years before they broke up in 2005.

He is also the father of Nevis Gahunia, who is quite likely to be Furtado’s only kid. As a result, we can assume they shared a profound love.

While they were breaking up, the singer wrote this song to record his or her thoughts and emotions. Specifically, she says right off the bat that “all the love had vanished” in their relationship.

True, her boyfriend is acting in a way that suggests he is not all that keen on the idea of their spending the rest of their lives together.

The second verse appears to introduce the idea that they should end their relationship. In addition, in the bridge, Nelly explains that she and her ex-lover broke up because neither of them was “respecting” the love they once shared. This is an idea that is touched on briefly in the song’s pre-chorus.

Even though the vocalist does not elaborate on the depth of their love for each other, it is clear from the song’s metaphorical title that this relationship was pivotal for her. Because, as she puts it, “love began… in God’s hands.”

That is how she explains her conviction that this connection was predestined. Therefore, regret and disillusionment are the overriding emotions being communicated. By the song’s conclusion, Furtado had come out out and stated that she “simply wants back what they had.”