Top 5 Songs With Machine In The Title

Top 5 Songs With Machine In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With Machine In The Title

The word “machine” can be used to suggest a lot of different things, but when applied to someone’s emotions, it means to render them emotionless, as if they no longer care about anything or have any desire to live. Most relationships have done more harm than good by faltering these innocent hearts and making them numb.

Thanks to art – to music, every ounce of emotions can be conveyed and expressed. Considering this, and that a great number of songs with the word “machine” in the title; this inspired me to create just the perfect playlist for you. It features songs by iconic artists and the renditions are vast to cover as many perspectives as possible. Enjoy!

5 Songs with machine in the title

1. “Time Machine” by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - Time Machine (Official Video)

As we are all well aware, Alicia Keys may also act as a philosophical and inspirational artist. Along the same lines, the premise of “Time Machine” is to “free your mind” so that you can “see the beauty in everything.”

Apparently, accepting the present moment is a part of this procedure rather than dwelling on the past. The chorus contains the lyrics “we can not rewind; life is not a time machine,” which provide the song’s inspiration for the title.

More precisely, the artist admits that ageing causes undesirable changes in people. Or, perhaps another perspective is that, as time passes, people come to regret the opportunities they missed up on in their younger selves.

And Alicia hypothesises that this is because their own minds are nagging at them. After all, they are not following their aspirations.

And once again, the suggested treatment for this mental disorder is for the affected individuals to free their minds, which can be understood as urging them to fully immerse themselves in the pursuit of their own happiness.

Thus, “Time Machine” might be understood most simply as advocating a philosophy according to which individuals should ignore the past in favour of concentrating on the here and now in their pursuit of happiness and independence.

And they should throw themselves into it with no restraints, for success is theirs for the taking. A truly remarkable piece and one of the best songs with machine in the title.

2. “Cash Machine” by Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree - Cash Machine [Official Music Video]

When trying to convey his message, Oliver Tree is rather straightforward. And in it, he criticises those who put their wealth before their happiness. To add insult to injury, he is not necessarily speaking generally.

Instead, he is honing in on the affluent shopper, the type of consumerist who can afford to indulge in his or her extravagant shopping fantasies. Furthermore, Oliver suggests that such people have insatiable material desires. In addition, he claims that consumers utilise these things to hide who they really are.

It is safe to say that Tree has some serious beef with the capitalist system. In particular, he dislikes it when individuals waste enormous sums of money on frivolous items.

3. “Pressure Machine” by The Killers

To a significant extent, the vocalist’s family life and, more to the point, how he seems to view that reality in the grand scheme of things is reflected in The Killers’ “Pressure Machine.”

Brandon makes the initial claim that “the kingdom of God is a pressure machine,” which is the first time the title is used.

This sentence appears in the first verse, and it has significant religious overtones. What he seems to be saying is that it is not simple to be virtuous, taking into account the context of his words.

Again, it seems like he is making this remark about his family when he says it. This may be the kind of counsel he gives to his kids, for instance.

Speaking of young people, the song’s title and chorus are often attributed to the sentiment of delighting in one’s own children as they mature. You know how the old adage goes, “your kids will be grown up before you know it”?

Of course, Brandon was exposed to similar concepts long before he became a dad. But now that he is in the middle of watching his own seeds mature, he has a much deeper appreciation for such adages.

Now, to drive his argument home, he uses the analogy of a “pressure machine” to describe the whole process of living. To put it another way, life has its stresses, but it also has its pleasures and should be appreciated despite those.

4. “Age of Machine” by Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet - Age of Machine (Official Video)

The members of Greta Van Fleet take the words they write very seriously. So, while the phrase “Age of Machine” can sound complicated, the idea behind it is straightforward.

This concept of modern humans being excessively reliant on technology and “plugged into the matrix,” as the expression goes, is not new, in part because we have come across it many times before.As the first two verses’ plethora of metaphors suggest, this is the message being transmitted.

Therefore, the best course of action is to ideologically “unplug oneself from the source,” or to break free of this reliance on digital technology. Even the name of the song suggests that machines, or technology, are more powerful than humans at this time in history.

5. “Emotional Machine” by MARINA

MARINA - Emotional Machine [Official Audio]

When talking about herself, Marina calls herself an “emotional machine” in this song. She is alluding to the fact that she has a history of emotionally cutting herself off clean in this manner. If her lover does not love her, she is not afraid to walk away, as implied by the lyrics of this song.

That Marina is no longer in love with this guy can be gleaned from the song’s lyrics. As it turns out, it is all because of the way he treated her. But she has a history of being an “emotional machine,” so to speak. A “velvet glove around an iron fist,” as she puts it, describes her attitude.

This exemplifies how icy and unfeeling she truly is on the inside. As a result, she is able to put into practice her conviction that the secret to emotional well-being is to avoid becoming too vested in any one thing.