6 Great Songs With “My” In The Title

songs with my in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with my in the title

Do you know any songs whose titles include the word “my”? All these examples seem to be based on the author’s own life. The word “my” is frequently used by musicians and artists to refer to themselves, their current situation, or a recent, very personal experience.

How many songs can you name that include the word “my” in the title?

6 Songs with my in the title:

1. Losing My Religion by REM

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Official HD Music Video)

First on our list of songs with my in the title is “losing my religion” by REM. To begin, let me just state that this is without a doubt one of the top songs currently available. The lyrics address issues that are relevant to everyone, and I have to admit that Michael Stipe possesses a strong musical aptitude.

His lyrics are just wonderful. In addition, I believe that people hear something unusual in this song, just like they hear something different in a lot of other songs.

My interpretation is that the song is about being insane and depressed. The manner that an individual loses themselves on the inside when they lose their way, their beliefs, or their fate.

The experience of being under the “spotlight” by society but simultaneously being isolated and thinking “that’s me in the corner” is a highly symbolic paradox to life as it is right now.

It is difficult to explain, but it is possible to have the experience of being alone and also being the center of attention at the same moment. It is a terrible sensation to be in, but sadly, it is something that can occur on occasion.

The character in the song seems to believe that there is no longer any chance of changing their situation because “it was just a dream,” suggesting that it is now too late. Because at some point in the course of his life he misplaced himself, and with that came the ultimate loss of his sanity.

2. My Immortal by Evanescence

Evanescence - My Immortal (Official HD Music Video)

This song was clearly written from a place of great anguish and feeling. This song is the perfect way to explain how you feel if you’ve ever been abandoned by someone who was extremely important to you.

When you love someone so deeply that they leave your life and you fear that you will never see them again, it might feel as though they are right there with you, tormenting you even when they are thousands of miles away.

The song is about a guy and a girl who were great buddies and were secretly in love with each other but did not act on it. However, they did not act on their feelings for each other.

One of them passed away unexpectedly, leaving the other with an overwhelming sense of emptiness and remorse due to the fact that she had never spoken to him how much she loved him. Then, she has the sensation that her deceased friend’s spirit is following her around, and while she wishes that he would just leave her alone, she has a hard time letting go of the idea that he is still there. Terribly, very sad!

3. Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons - Awake My Soul (Live from Denver) ft. The Milk Carton Kids

The entire song is about how the narrator’s heart was broken by the love of another person, most likely through deceit. The style is strange because he begins by describing his emotional state rather than the reason of his pain. My emotions are like a mercurial tide, and my mind is cloudy.

The gist of what he’s saying is that he has lost any sense of who or what to believe. The tears have blurred his vision, and all his heart wants is something to hold on to. I can hardly believe any of your falsehoods.

This is the first clue that a fib was responsible for his transformation. The person, he implies, was so entangled in a web of lies that it was impossible to tell what was real and what wasn’t. And now my soul is stumbling over mysteries. The exposure of these falsehoods completely alters the course of his life.

Extreme in nature, these lies have left him doubting everything and everyone. “I have to admit my frailty,” she said. It’s clear he’s feeling down and out. He’s been like that for a while now. He has been able to conceal his problems by blissfully ignoring them and by believing these lies. Since he no longer has faith in those falsehoods, he is unable to conceal his sadness. It’s a desperate plea for aid.

4. First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life [Official Music Video]

The theme of this song is a fresh start in a relationship. Putting your worries outside the door. Keeping the past from influencing the present.

It is exhilarating to meet someone for the first time and find that they have all the qualities you’ve been seeking. The question arises within your mind, “Will things be different this time? Is this the one I’ve been looking for all along?”

Your initial encounter with this person need not be the inspiration for this song. Maybe it takes a few dates with this individual before you realize that you’ve found someone truly remarkable.

Set the past in the past. leave them in the past. put aside your envy and your grudges. Give your all to the person you’re with and stop holding back.

5. Shape Of My Heart by Sting

Sting - Shape of My Heart (Official Music Video)

Playing cards originated as a Tarot deck, therefore the concept of foretelling one’s future with them has some merit. Sting has been known to dabble in paranormal pursuits, such as reading tea leaves.

There are two components to the song’s central concept. Before beginning a game for other people, the dealer checks his own fortune. For another, the dealer’s poker face isn’t only for the table; he keeps his secrets from everybody, even those who think they know the whole truth.

It’s incredible that such a mysterious and aloof personality could be crafted into a song with only two stanzas, a bridge, and a chorus.

Dominic Miller, Sting’s guitarist, is credited as a co-writer for creating the song’s signature guitar riff. A rare example of a Sting song that wasn’t written by him.

6. In My Life by The Beatles

In My Life (Remastered 2009)

Last on our list of songs with “My” in the title is In My Life by The Beatles, you can feel the intimacy in this song. It’s about looking back on the years with mixed feelings, remembering the good times but also remembering the bad. When we are going by a certain location or just taking the time to reflect on our past, it causes us to recall every forgotten memory that we have ever had.

All of the people who were once very important to us but who have since faded into hazy recollections. Buddhists insist that once you set foot in this world, you must learn to recognize its true character. All is set for its final dissolution.