5 Great Songs With Simple In The Title

Songs With Simple In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with simple in the title

We have, of necessity, developed a preference for things that are simple and straightforward over those that are complicated and elusive.

Do you have any idea why we are considered the most complex species on the planet? It is indisputable that this is due to the fact that human feelings and actions are infamously difficult to decipher.

Our judgments and emotions play a significant role in determining our choices. Love in its most basic form is still completely difficult for others to understand.

This is because it goes beyond rational reasoning – absolutely so. This is due to the fact that people are willing to give their lives for the sake of love. This and more make us rather complex.

Just as people would shop for simple dresses than flashy and intimidating ones, personalities too can be simple. This is seen in cases where a girl or guy captures you just by their simplicity. No wonder Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication”. In the list below, we’ll review some songs with “simple” in the title and the in-depth meaning of their lyrics. Read on and enjoy!

5 Songs wih simple in the title

1. “Simple Man” by Shinedown

Shinedown - Simple Man (Official Video)

First on our list of songs with simple in the title is “Simple Man” by shine down. This lovely song has rather simple lyrics so you won’t have a difficult time trying to understand it.

“Simple Man” stresses on the ideals of life. It’s about how difficult everything has become, and how you have to move through life one step at a time.

You are bound to run into some difficulties, but they will not last forever. You also do not need to be famous or wealthy or a muscle-head to do it. The song takes the form of advice from the narrator’s mother to him.

The lessons he learned from his mother were invaluable. She is telling him that following her advice will make his life easier and improve him as a person. She equally emphasised the narrator being simple. That way, he would find a girl who loves him dearly and would help make his life a lot better. All she wanted for him was for the narrator to find true happiness.

She reassures him that, if he does what seems right, he will eventually arrive at his true happiness. The overarching theme of this song is to be a man and keep it simple. It seems like the kind of advice every mother would give her son. A truly magnificent piece.

2. “Simple Things” by Miguel

Miguel - Simplethings (Official Video)

Just as the title implies, Miguel wishes for just simple things in his relationship. He is not interested in famous actors or flashy material possessions. His deepest desire was to be with a woman (the addressee) whom he could lavish with his undying affection.

According to the lyrics, his only desire was to love her and have her love him in return. He had no interest in further things.

The lyrics are overly simplistic but they nevertheless manage to convey a lot of meaning. Instead of concentrating on what really matters—the heart.

The majority of relationships in today’s society have normalised extravagant spending on superfluous gifts and locations. This one piece encapsulates the essence of what it is to truly love someone and to want nothing else but that person.

3. “Simple Kind Of Life” by No Doubt

No Doubt - Simple Kind Of Life

There are songs that you’ll listen to and you’ll know without a doubt that they’re from personal experiences. This song by “No doubt” just happens to be one of them.

This is one of my favourite songs sung by Stephani. It’s a very personal song where she expresses that feeling of being overwhelmed when all she ever really wanted was to settle down with a nice guy and become a mom.

This song captures the feeling ladies experience when they’re of age to get married. The pressure and anxiety that comes with it. In this song, she expresses the fact that these things she considered simple were now too complicated for her to handle.

The song explores the tension between Stefani’s desire to settle down and start a family and her dedication to the band. Critics of music were captivated by the song’s melancholy melody and gritty lyrics, and they gave it favourable reviews as a result.

In June of 2000, “Simple Kind of Life” was made available to the public as the album’s third single release. However, while being the most successful single in the United States from Return of Saturn, it did not fare as well internationally. The marriage and familial ties that are discussed in the song are brought to life in the music video

4. “Simple Twist Of Fate” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Simple Twist of Fate (Official Audio)

At first, it looks as though the song is only about fleeting love. The narrator and a woman are engaging in a passionate interaction while strolling by the canal or sitting in the park.

They check into a hotel for the night, but she leaves him before he awakens in the morning. He looks for her, but he is ultimately unsuccessful and ends up accepting it. It narrates the account of Dylan’s one-night stand, which seems to be of far greater significance to Dylan than it is to his admirer at the time.

He clings to the hope that she is his true love. He persists in the delusion that he is the unlucky victim of poor timing. He persists in the delusion that he did not bring about the issue that he is facing. The situation had been brought about by random occurrences.

The song’s central theme is his undying dedication to finding her and the consequences of this obsession for his happiness

5. “Simple Life” by Elton John

Elton John - Simple Life

Last on our list of songs with simple in the title is “simple life” by Elton John. The life that Elton John led was anything but simple, although he did simplify his life quite a bit after he received treatment for his drug addiction and bulimia in the year 1990.

He began doing things on his own, such as making his own phone calls, booking his own hotel rooms, and even taking care of a dog, to break out of his comfort zone and experience new things.

This song is an endorsement of the new way of life he has adopted, as he is now “locomotive strong” and resolved not to relapse into a life characterised by dependence and addiction.

The song “Simple Life,” which was included on his album “The One,” is without a doubt one of my favourites that he has ever produced yet has been grossly underrated throughout his career.

The song has a lot of energy and is highly cheerful, which makes it a lot of fun to listen to. Even though it received little attention, it is still relevant, sounds much better than the majority of music produced today, and is a celebratory ode to overcoming addiction and abuse.