Are King Trumpets Good? (Explained For Beginners)

are king trumpets good
Written by Corey Morgan

Conn-Selmer is currently in charge of and manufacturing King trumpets. However, just because it is a more budget-friendly brand does not mean the instruments are any less good.

Whatever your level of experience with the trumpet, consider King trumpets. The instrument’s construction and materials are of the highest quality at every level.

Are King trumpets worth it?

The King trumpet is an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate players. They’re top-notch and can be used for both marching and indoor music. Beginner King trumpets sell for roughly $1,300, but more sophisticated models can cost up to $1,600 new.

How Difficult Is It to Play King Trumpets?

Students and intermediate players alike will have no trouble mastering the king trumpet. King trumpets can be played by professional musicians, although they are becoming more difficult to come by.

The brand has been since 1894, and notable musicians have selected King throughout that time.

The same manufacturing procedure that made the King trumpets so popular is still used today. In order to provide players with a better starting point, the brand manufactures their student trumpets on the same platform as their professional counterparts.

When compared to professional-level trumpets, beginner-level King trumpets offer a little more resistance. However, they’re wonderful for practice, and they keep up beautifully, even after the lacquer goes off.

King trumpets are among the best student trumpets available. You can’t go wrong with this if you’re just getting started with the instrument.

Which Genres Are They Appropriate for?

King trumpets are excellent for playing classical and jazz music. These trumpets are flexible because of their design and tone. They come in handy when you’re in a marching band and need to keep your posture correct.

Are King Trumpets Suitable for a Marching band?

King trumpets are ideal for marching bands since they are lightweight and sturdy. You can easily take the trumpet on the field because it can tolerate high temperatures and frequent travel.

In addition to helping you project over large distances, the brilliant tone of this instrument allows you to play any marching band music. For pop, rock, or anything else, King trumpets are excellent.

How Jazz-Friendly Are King Trumpets?

Ziggy Elman, a well-known jazz trumpeter, used a King trumpet. When it comes to playing jazz, intermediate models like the Silver Flair are ideal.

All brass instruments, including jazz instruments, have long been associated with the King brand. Even King’s other instruments, such as trombones and saxophones, have been used by jazz legends.

For Classical Music, Can You Play a King Trumpet?

Classical trumpeters can play King, despite its popularity in jazz. All King trumpets have a thumb trigger on the first valve that allows you to fine-tune your intonation.

Your trumpet can get out of tune while you’re playing a piece, but you don’t have to stop performing. In this way, the symphony may go on as scheduled.

What Is the Life Expectancy of King Trumpets?

The lifespan of a king trumpet might be decades or even millennia.

Lots of old instruments are up for sale on the internet. The trumpets, despite the lack of lacquer, nevertheless play beautifully and have a unique sound that can’t be achieved with a new King trumpet.

Some trumpets on the used market date back as 1925. You won’t have to buy a new King trumpet if you take good care of your old one. The valves can wear out even if you take care of them. That can happen more quickly if you play the trumpet on a regular basis, rather than reserve the King for occasional performances.

However, valve oil can help alleviate this problem. As a result, there will be no sticking or other problems with the valves moving up and down.

You can sell or donate your King trumpet to a pupil or a child if you take good care of it after you stop playing. After that, they’ll be able to play the trumpet for years.

What do the Reviews Say?

You need to know what others think before choosing if King trumpets are the best choice for you.

We discovered 27 reviews in total:

  • Amazon
  • Musicians’ Friend
  • WWBW

All three websites have an average rating of 4.1/5 stars.

Many individuals still enjoy playing King trumpets, despite the fact that the brand is not as well-known as Bach.


The fact that King trumpets are so light is a major advantage.

Because of this, they can be used by novices and those who need a marching instrument. Despite being exposed to the elements, several customers report that their trumpet is still in good working order.

The weight of the trumpet might be an important consideration for those just starting out on the instrument. Maintaining good posture while playing with the mouthpiece firmly against your lips is essential when holding the trumpet.


The durability of King trumpets has also been acknowledged by several consumers. In spite of not using it as their primary instrument, it is still easy to play and practice on.

For students who may not treat their instruments with the utmost care, this is a good option. For anyone looking for a vintage trumpet, there are still many Kings on the market that are in excellent playing condition.

How Long Do King Trumpets Last?

Older King trumpets, unfortunately, do not always retain their value. The instrument’s value will decrease if the lacquer wears off or the valves fail.

In addition to being more expensive, silver-plated King trumpets are also more expensive than normal brass trumpets. Lacquer wears off more easily than plating, therefore this may be the reason.

Depending on the instrument’s level, the value can vary. It is far cheaper to buy a second-hand student horn than a brand-new one. Longer-lasting horns can be found at the professional and intermediate levels of the horn-playing spectrum.

Because of their rarity and lack of deterioration, some antique King trumpets can command a premium price over used instruments. A pre-owned Silver Flair costs around $1,300. In contrast, the 601 model is available on the used market for roughly $100.

When it comes to King Trumpets, how long do they have a warranty?

When you purchase a new King trumpet, you will receive a five-year warranty. King’s trumpets, like those of other brands, are subject to warranty limits.

For starters, if you buy a trumpet from an authorized dealer, you’ll get the warranty. You can’t use the trumpet for anything other than its intended use and still get coverage.

Damage or loss resulting from a breach of policy are not covered by King’s guarantee, which only covers replacement.

The trumpet is not covered by the warranty if it is sold or maintained. To keep the model in good shape, you’ll need to pay for regular checkups in full.

The King trumpet comes with a five-year warranty, while other Conn-Selmer brands only offer one to three years of protection.

What Does a King Trumpet Come With?

A mouthpiece is included with the purchase of a King trumpet. The model you choose will depend on the trumpet you purchase. ‘

The mouthpiece on the 601 student model, for instance, is a King 7C. For the Silver Flair 2055 models, the standard mouthpiece is the CKB 3C. You can buy a new mouthpiece if you don’t like the one that comes with the trumpet.

In addition, you’ll need to get valve oil and a soft cloth. You’ll be able to keep the valves functioning smoothly while also keeping exterior surfaces looking nice.

Frequently Asked Questions about the King Trumpets

  • How reliable is the King 600 trumpet?

This is a student line King 600 trumpet from a previous model. The King 600 is one of the greatest student horns on the market, and it’s built to last. If you’re a beginner trumpet player, this is the horn for you!

  • Which King trumpets on eBay are the greatest deals?

Listed below are the most frequently seen King trumpet models on eBay. The King Cleveland 600 trumpet, a beginner trumpet with a brass finish, is available from King Music. The King Cleveland Super 20 is a vintage professional horn that is frequently used by jazz players.

  • What was the king master trumpet’s size?

According to the 1919 catalog, the King small bore Trumpet is renamed the Master Model Trumpet. Trumpet Specifications for the King Master Trumpet from 1919 Bell 4.5 inches in diameter 19 Inches in length

  • What kind of trumpet is a king small bore?

The H. N. White Company primarily produced medium and large-bore trumpets, therefore this sort of small-bore trumpet is rare. A new name for the King small bore trumpet is given to it in the 1919 catalog: the Master Model Trumpet. The King Master Trumpet from 1919