Are Used Trumpets Good? (What You Need to Know)

are used trumpets good
Written by Corey Morgan

The most common reason why people prefer to purchase secondhand trumpets is the money they may save on the purchasing price. Used trumpets are frequently sold for less than what they are actually worth. If you have a budget of $1000, you can acquire a really nice brand new trumpet. However, if you look at used trumpets, you may come across a trumpet that would cost over $2000 brand new.

Determining between a new or used trumpet is important. Everything you need to know about trumpets will be laid out in this guide, so you can make an informed decision about which trumpet is right for you.

Some people and websites may have advised you to always purchase a new trumpet. I believe this is sound advice. As you will discover throughout this article that purchasing a new trumpet is not always the best option.

When Should You Purchase a used Trumpet?

While purchasing a brand-new trumpet may seem like the ideal decision in every situation, this is not always the case. It’s often preferable to buy a used trumpet rather than a new trumpet in many situations.

Here are some examples. Let’s look at when you should acquire a secondhand trumpet:

  • When you know a trumpet’s true value

If you know a trumpet is worth $1000 and see a used one on sale for $600, you have gotten a great deal.

As a trumpet instructor, I’ve witnessed several students purchase second-hand trumpets at unbelievable discounts over the course of their careers. It is possible to obtain trumpets that would otherwise be beyond of reach for most people when they are aware of the true value of the instrument.

  • Knowing what you’re looking at helps you to see it more clearly

When purchasing a used trumpet, it is critical to understand what you are looking at in order to avoid difficulties.

Sellers may attempt to exaggerate the condition of a used trumpet or conceal any flaws. If you know your gear, you’ll be able to see these flaws and avoid purchasing a bad instrument.

  • You can discover some very impressive second-hand trumpets if you know your gear

Knowing a trumpet’s worth can also come in handy when sellers don’t know what they’re selling (like when a beginner quit learning trumpet and a perfect condition trumpet sits in a closet), your trumpet knowledge can help you get fantastic discounts.

  • When you wish to save money, there are several options available.

When someone purchases a brand-new trumpet, the value of the instrument decreases as soon as the purchaser takes possession of the instrument. Some people are willing to pay a premium for the sensation of holding a brand-new trumpet in their hands.

Purchasing used trumpets can save you a significant amount of money because you have the opportunity to get higher-quality trumpets at lower prices.

Due to the inherent discounting of second-hand items, as will be detailed later, purchasing a used trumpet can result in significant savings.

  • When you understand how to keep trumpets in good condition

There have been other instances in which I’ve seen perfectly nice trumpets for sale that had small faults that the vendor was unable to resolve due to lack of knowledge on his part.

If you’re willing to make a few simple tweaks and correct minor flaws, you’ll have a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing high-quality used trumpets.

What Causes Used Trumpets to Be So Cheap

People instinctively discount everything secondhand, so used trumpets are usually extremely cheap. If two identical trumpets are on the market for the same price and one of them is used, everyone will prefer the new one. In other words, even if used products are in perfect condition, people place a lower value on them.

The seller is another reason why used trumpets are frequently cheaper than they should be. A seller may just want to get rid of a trumpet they no longer use, and they are willing to sell it for less than it is worth.

Consider the scenario of a teenager selling the 3/4-size trumpet that he learned to play as a child. He doesn’t need the trumpet any longer now that he has a full-sized trumpet, so he’s glad to get rid of it. He’ll probably sell it for a lot less than its worth because he doesn’t care about earning the maximum money for it.

I’ve seen it time and again when someone loses interest in learning a trumpet or upgrades to a higher-tier trumpet and wants to sell their old (but still excellent) gear.

People buy a new trumpet at full price, then decide they don’t want it and sell it for a low price while it is still in good condition.

One of my students was about to sell his $1500 trumpet for $250 until I told him what it was actually worth. Used trumpets are frequently sold for such low prices because the seller is unaware of their true value or is uninterested in receiving full payment.

This is why many trumpet players prefer to purchase a used trumpet rather than a new one. If you know what you want, you can generally find a better used trumpet for the same price as a new trumpet if you know what you’re searching for.

Why do people purchase new trumpets?

Buying a new trumpet is a lot like buying a new car. Understanding why people buy new cars will help you make an informed decision about purchasing a new trumpet.

In the event that someone purchases a new car, they should be aware that the car’s value will drop immediately upon driving it out from the dealership’s parking lot. Selling the car right away will result in a 10% or greater loss in value.

So, why are people willing to spend more money on a new car? Most people will tell you that they prefer buying new cars because they know there will be no wear and tear or abuse from a previous owner. A new car provides them with a clean slate to take care of the vehicle as they see fit.

It’s the same thing when it comes to purchasing new trumpets. Many trumpet players are willing to pay a premium for a new trumpet in order to ensure that there will be no wear and tear or difficulties with the trumpet caused by previous owners.

In a store, you can be confident that the trumpet sold are in good shape and that there are no concerns resulting from prior owners.

When Is It Time to Purchase a Brand New Trumpet?

Let’s take a look at why you might want to buy a new trumpet and why you might want to avoid buying secondhand trumpets.

While some individuals may believe that this is a good reason to purchase new trumpets on a regular basis, there are other additional aspects to consider:

  • When saving money isn’t important to you

If you want to purchase a brand new trumpet, you will have to spend a higher price for it. Even if you receive a wonderful deal discount at the store, you will still be paying more than the item is worth. New trumpets always cost more than used instruments in similar condition because people place a mental premium on new items.

If you don’t mind the trumpet’s value dropping as soon as you leave the shop (it will), you could choose a new trumpet.

  • When you don’t want to have to cope with prospective complications in the future.

When purchasing used trumpets, there is a chance that the trumpet will have a flaw or malfunction. Wear and tear, as well as structural faults that are not visible, may necessitate the need for repairs or adjustments after you purchase.

It should not be necessary to be concerned about these kind of issues if you get a new trumpet. If a problem arises, you should be able to return the trumpet to the shop for repair if it is still covered under warranty.

If you don’t know how to or don’t want to deal with problems that can happen with used trumpets, you might want to buy a new one.

  • When you have no idea what you’re purchasing

If you’re just beginning to learn playing the trumpet, purchasing a used trumpet carries an additional risk. You may not detect a severe problem, and the seller may be unwilling to point it out.

Buying a used trumpet without knowing what you’re getting could be good, or it could be as risky as taking your car to a shady mechanic when you have no experience with cars.

Making a decision between new and used trumpets

If you’ve taken the time to read the information above, you should have a good idea of which route you should go in.

Some people will benefit more from investing in new trumpets. Buying a new trumpet is a good choice if you’re willing to pay a little more for the assurance that the trumpet will have no wear and tear.

In order to save money or attempt to obtain a significant discount on a higher-tier trumpet, it is recommended that you look into used trumpets for purchase.

If you’re having trouble determining whether to buy new or used, here are some pointers on how to make your decision:

  1. Go to a trumpet store and look at at least three different models of trumpets.
  2. Look for those trumpets on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other site where you may find used items.
  3. Examine the difference in price between new and secondhand trumpets for the instruments you are considering.
  4. If you come across a potentially decent deal on a used trumpet, request a visit from the seller to test it out (but only if you are confident in spotting potential faults or signs of wear and tear).

The extra work you do helps you find the best deal for what you want. Even if you decide to purchase a new trumpet, knowing how much they sell for second-hand will help you negotiate a lower bargain in a store.