8 Top Songs About Bipolar

Songs About Bipolar
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Bipolar

Have you ever had the experience of feeling like you were being pulled in multiple directions all at once? This might be a common feeling for persons who have bipolar disorder and undergo episodes of mixed mania and depression.

When someone who lives with bipolar disorder has both depression and mania at the same time, they are said to be having a mixed episode. The fact that a person might be experiencing both manic and depressed episodes at the same time, despite the fact that this may sound strange, is actually rather normal.

At least once throughout their lifetime, approximately forty per cent of those who have bipolar disorder will have what is known as a mixed episode. In this article, we’ll review songs about bipolar. Relax and continue reading!

1. “Breathe Me” by Sia

First on our list of songs about bipolar is “Breath Me” by Sia. This is a song that is both incredibly beautiful and vulnerable, and it focuses on the sense of isolation that is often associated with mental illness and self-harm.

In the lyrics, Sia combines wordplay and repetition to portray the recurring nature of mental illness and the idea of hurting oneself. This idea is intricately intertwined with the desire to have one’s thoughts and feelings acknowledged, which is brought out by the refrain’s repetitive chanting of “breathe me.”

2. “Spirits” by The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas - Spirits

The experience of waging an inner conflict is depicted in “Spirits” in a way that is flawless and reveals it to be unrelenting, explosive, and permanent.

This song’s peppy speed and dark metaphors work together to hammer upon the inner turmoil and melancholy that many people experience.

The Strumbellas have written a ballad for people who are coping with similar internal struggles by including references to mental battles in their songs.

3. “Gasoline” by Halsey

Halsey - Gasoline (Audio)

The gloomy pop single “Gasoline” is centred around the ongoing struggle that Halsey faces with her bipolar disease and the unhealthy coping strategies that she uses.

Halsey offers a raw, uncontrolled image of this generally neglected condition in her description of her self-proclaimed mental disorder and her desire to manage it.

Several of the lines give the impression that her mental health condition caused her to feel like a machine and dehumanised. By depicting her life as disorganised and spiralling into a continuous downward spiral, Halsey has remained honest about the facts of how mental health may impact an individual’s life and the impact it can have on a person’s life.

4. “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

The song “Shake It Out,” which is a rousing example of indie rock, is the king of all conquest songs. This upbeat and mind-shifting tune stresses the necessity of letting go of any regrets and tragedies in one’s past.

Florence has crafted a song that appears to be directed toward overcoming mental illness. The chorus of the song is catchy and features high notes, and it is woven together with generic clichés and powerful revelations.

5. “How Are You True” by Cage the Elephant

Cage The Elephant - How Are You True (Audio)

The vocalist Matt Schultz was on a flight when he made the acquaintance of a young man named True, who served as the muse for the calm but undoubtedly revealing song “How Are You True.”

The song’s lyrics incorporate thoughts and reflections about a life’s labour that has been wasted, and True’s record label was the one who sent him to rehabilitation. The theme of the song is highlighted by the rhythm, which is slow and gruelling.

Love is presented by “Cage the Elephant” as a potential remedy to a life that is unfulfilling and depressing and as a source of hope for those who feel as though they have no way out of a humdrum existence.

6. “About Today” by The National

The National - About Today

Many interpretations can be given to the song “About Today,” but one interpretation, in particular, offers a fresh viewpoint on the condition of depression by imitating the thoughts that might go through the head of a person who is watching another person become more and more consumed by their mental illness.

Matt Berninger’s voice and instrumentals come together to create a melancholy atmosphere that is set to a rhythm that is significantly faster than the norm.

The lyrics paint a harrowing picture of the emotional distance and isolation that sadness can bring into a relationship. “About Today,” even though it could be construed in numerous ways, is a deep cut into an outsider’s understanding of what depression looks like and feels like.

7. “Warrior” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato - Warrior (Official Video)

“Warrior” is a song by Demi Lovato that stresses the struggles she’s had throughout her life. She discusses her struggles with mental illness, bulimia, and the fears that led to her self-harming behaviour of cutting herself.

In 2013. Demi felt that she needed to release all of the pain that she felt and that led to the birth of this song. During an interview, she stated that she has struggled with suicidal thoughts ever since she was 7 years old.

This song is a direct message from Demi to anyone who is struggling with any of the things she has done in the past, including her fans as well as anyone else. To let them know that they are not the only ones going through this and that they should be proud of themselves for not giving up and continuing to fight with everything that they have.

This song offers encouragement to listeners who are experiencing difficult emotions such as hurt and loss. People who have the feeling that they no longer want to live because they believe they are unable to live up to the expectations of the world. She had no idea that by writing this song and relaying her tale, she was also saving a million lives as well.

8. “Leave Out All The Rest” ` Linkinn Park

Leave Out All The Rest (Official Music Video) [4K Upgrade] - Linkin Park

Last on our list of songs about bipolar is “Leave Out All the Rest” ` Linkinn park. This song has become something of an anthem for people who struggle with mental health issues. This song was released by Linkin Park in 2008, and it features Chester Bennington’s voice.

The lyrics provide the foundation for the tone of the song, which is melancholy but insistent at the same time. The event, which takes place within a dream, consists of the lyricist considering how he would be remembered after his death and requesting that those who know him exclude the negative attributes and memories associated with him.