5 Songs With ‘Burning’ In The Title

Songs With Burning In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs With ‘Burning’ In The Title

Lyrics about the fire can refer to actual flames, but they can also be symbolic of a raging passion, a requirement, a desire, or even a fire within the soul.

This list is not arranged in any particular order by me. The first ten of these songs are my favorites at the moment, and they are listed in date order, with the most recent songs appearing first in this list. The tracks in the table at the bottom are listed in chronological sequence, going from the oldest to the most recent releases.

1. “Burning Heart” by Survivor

Survivor - Burning Heart (Video)

Survivor’s “Burning Heart” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs with burning in the title.

This is the movie’s theme song, and it works perfectly with the plot of Rocky IV. The film’s protagonist, a boxer from the United States, faces off against a Russian opponent. And Hollywood being Hollywood at the time, these characters are more or less blatant personifications of capitalist vs. communist ideologies and the beef between the United States and Russia during the Cold War.

And these are the ideas that the song immediately dives into. For instance, “two worlds” are colliding in this situation. In reality, they are “hostile states” to one another.

With “so much at stake” and “our freedom being up against the ropes,” we can see that whatever is happening is extremely dangerous (with the latter statement being the only lyrical indication that this song is actually about a boxing match).

That is to say, the stakes of the contest depicted therein are high enough that the singer doubts the “crowd” fully grasps them. He wonders if it’s just “man against man,” or if it’s more accurately “East versus West.” To rephrase, these two men fighting represent entire regions.

2. “Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

We can confidently say that the primary message of Midnight Oil’s “Beds Are Burning” is to get involved in social causes. In particular, it is an Australian band’s contribution, and its emotional core is the plight of Australia’s indigenous peoples.

You have to understand that the aborigines of Australia, like many other indigenous peoples around the world, have been oppressed by European settlers. Among other injustices, this includes being forced to leave their homes and farms.

Therefore, many of the lyrics used in this song point to the idea of the White population of Australia giving back, if you will, to the aborigines, such as Midnight Oil calling on the audience “to pay the rent.” That is to say, Midnight Oil has been a vocal supporter of indigenous peoples’ struggles for economic autonomy and self-determination.

Because of this, when heard in the chorus, the title is likely misunderstood. They see it as a commentary on the insensitivity of the ruling elite (those of European descent) to the plight of indigenous people. Rob Hirst (of Midnight Oil), who also contributed to “Beds Are Burning,” claims this is not the case. This is one of the songs wih burning in the title that reflects on a lot of things.

3. “Burning Memories” by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Lil Skies)

Machine Gun Kelly – Burning Memories feat. Lil Skies (Official Audio)

The song’s title is a clear homage to Machine Gun. In contrast to Lil Skies, who comes in later, Kelly provides the song’s opening verse. In his verse, MGK describes the emotional pain he has endured as a result of his mother’s abandonment when he was 9 years old and his inability to reconnect with her in the 20 years since.

And now he’s bitter and (partially) wishes he never sees her again. Thus, it is his mother’s abandonment that catalyzes the “burning memories” of the title (Machine Gun was raised by his dad). The rapper’s exclamation in the chorus, “showed him that just because they’re family doesn’t mean they relate,” emphasizes this point.

To begin his verse, Lil Skies expresses his approval of MGK. His section focuses primarily on his mental instability. His tendency toward violence is also a major theme, especially toward those who “f*** with” the people he cares about.

To sum up, we can say that “Burning Memories” is about the emotional angst the artists are experiencing, albeit from different sources. For MGK, it stems from remembering the time his mother left him alone. Although Lil Skies’ focus is more on the here and now. In addition, what exactly is he experiencing? Simply put, he is wary of those close to him and on the lookout for potential danger.

The song concludes on a hopeful note with an assertion from another artist, Fingazz, that the rappers will not let their “memories” defeat them. Furthermore, he claims that they will eventually turn “all the bad” into good. Lyrically, “Burning memories” by Machine Gun Kelly is one of the best songs with burning in the title.

4. “Burning Man” by Dierks Bentley feat. Brothers Osborne

Dierks Bentley - Burning Man ft. Brothers Osborne (Official Music Video)

The two collaborated in 2018 on a song titled “Burning Man.” This song’s lyrics not only celebrate the Burning Man event but also draw inspiration from it.

Why do people call it “Burning Man?” An annual event, Burning Man is a massive art festival that takes place in the US, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The traditional burning of a huge wooden man sculpture is the festival’s main attraction. The celebration was named after this age-old custom. Conventional themes include free expression through the arts.

Now that you know what the Burning Man festival is, you can focus on the song it inspired.

Singer/co-songwriter Luke Dick claims that the fantastic time he had at the art festival served as inspiration for many of the song’s lyrics. In a 2018 interview, Dick shared this information with Taste of Country.

Amazing people letting loose at a desert festival symbolize the “burning man” in him and the yearning to break free of the daily grind, he says.

5. “Keep It Burnin” by Future (ft. Kanye West)

Future - KEEP IT BURNIN (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

There is a song called “Keep It Burnin” that features Kanye West. As a result, while there will undoubtedly be boastful elements here (especially given the other vocalist), listeners shouldn’t anticipate quite as much mayhem as they might in a similar genre rap song.

Future’s second verse and the subsequent outro make clever use of the title, but they give the impression that they intend for it to be taken literally. Instead, the concept it most obviously alludes to is that the singers are trying to make themselves seem hot, or otherwise extremely successful.