18 Great Songs With Invisible In The Title

songs with invisible in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs with invisible in the title

Humans have always been fascinated by the sensation of being invisible. A deep-seated fear or longing in all of us causes us to be drawn to stories, songs, and movies about it. The ability to remain invisible provides a safe haven in which to investigate the shadowy corners of human nature. At once exhilarating and terrifying, it brings out the best (and worse) in everyone who experiences it.

The songs on this collection cover a wide range of emotions and moods, but they all deal with the idea of being invisible in some way. No matter if you’re looking for a song to help you cope with your own feelings of invisibility or just want to have some fun with it, these 1 songs with invisible in the title are sure to do the trick for you.

19 Songs with invisible in the title:

1. Hunter Hayes –  Invisible

Hunter Hayes - Invisible (Official Music Video)

Ranking first on our list of songs with invisible in the title is One of Hunter Hayes’ most powerful songs, “Invisible,” which deals with the experience of being alone and unheard.

Lyrics depict a young person who is afraid of being seen by those around them. Despite their best efforts, they seem to disappear into the background, with no one noticing or noticing them.

The song touches on the loneliness and isolation that many people experience, but it also offers hope that things will improve. It has resonated with many fans, many of whom have shared their own stories of feeling invisible. It is a song that provides solace, inspiration, and reassurance to those who hear it.

2. Linkin Park’s “Invisible”

Invisible (Official Lyric Video) - Linkin Park

Next on our list of songs with invisible in the title is Linkin Park’s “Invisible”. When it was released as the band’s fourth and final single from their eighth studio album One More Light. Feeling unnoticed and unimportant is the theme of the song.

There are many times in our lives when it feels as though we’re not being heard or seen, and that we simply want to be acknowledged. That line, “What if I never existed?” in the chorus, will ring true for anyone who has ever felt like an afterthought.

In contrast to the band’s more aggressive sound, this song has a more upbeat sound. It’s still a great song, and it resonates with a lot of people who feel like they don’t have a voice or a platform.

3. Enigma: Beyond The Invisible

Enigma - Beyond The Invisible (Official Video)

The song “Invisible” by Enigma is, well, about invisibility. The song’s lyrics describe the struggles of a person who feels invisible to the rest of the world and struggles to be heard and noticed.

I feel so invisible is the opening phrase of the song, which goes on to express how it feels to be disregarded and unrecognized. I wish I was invisible is a statement that the chorus sings numerous times, highlighting the desire to vanish. But even if he is invisible, the protagonist nonetheless desires human contact.

They sing “I need to be connected” in the bridge, demonstrating that despite feeling invisible, they still yearn for interpersonal contact. Being invisible might be a lonely experience, but this song demonstrates that even when we’re alone, we still need people.

4. Lauv’s “Invisible Things”

Lauv - Invisible Things [Official Visualizer]

The unnoticed aspects of life that frequently have the biggest effects are discussed in the song “Invisible Things” by Lauv. The song’s lyrics talk on how we frequently take the people and things we care about for granted and only recognize their value after they are gone.

The song expresses the idea that the most significant things in life are frequently unnoticeable and serves as a reminder to value the people and possessions we already possess.

The song’s message is straightforward but strong, and it connects with a lot of listeners. It serves as a reminder to value life’s intangibles, which frequently have the greatest influence on us.

5. Invisible – Laleh

Laleh is a Swedish singer-songwriter whose second studio album of the same name has the lead single, “Invisible.” Laleh wrote the song, which was created by Johan Bergqvist. It is an upbeat pop song combining synth-pop and dance-pop elements.

The song’s lyrics are about an invisible individual who is looking for acceptance and affection. Music critics gave the song high marks for its upbeat and encouraging message.

The Swedish Recording Industry Association awarded it a platinum certification, and it reached its high at number eight on the Swedish Singles Chart. Laleh’s self-titled album saw an increase in sales thanks in part to the popularity of “Invisible,” one of her most popular singles.

6. Clay Aiken, “Invisible”

Clay Aiken - Invisible

When Clay Aiken’s career was at its peak, the song “Invisible” was released. The ballad-style song offers hope to individuals who feel unnoticed or undervalued. Regardless of what other people may believe or say, Aiken sings that everyone is valuable and deserving of respect.

The song has stayed popular over the years because of its straightforward yet effective lyrics. Numerous musicians have covered it, and its upbeat message of hope is still felt by people all around the world.

7. Grace Davies, “Invisible”

Grace Davies - Invisible (Official Video)

Grace Davies has a song called Invisible. The theme of the song is feeling unwelcome and invisible. The song’s first line, “I’m all alone in a crowded place,” illustrates how she still feels alone despite being surrounded by people.

This might be the result of her feeling invisible or like she doesn’t fit in. She expresses a feeling of being invisible and unheard in the song’s lyrics, “I try to make a sound but no one hears me.” If I’m invisible, why does it hurt so much, the song’s chorus asks, implying that even though she believes she is invisible, she still experiences the pain of not being seen.

8. Alison Moyet, “Invisible

Alison Moyet - Invisible

The synth-pop ballad “Invisible” was released as a single in 1984 and was written and sung by English singer-songwriter Alison Moyet. Despite the song’s mixed reception from critics, it was a commercial success, peaking in the top ten in a number of nations.

The theme of “Invisible” is feeling unimportant and invisible, as though one’s life is meaningless. The song’s lyrics convey sentiments of loneliness, seclusion, and despair as well as perseverance and optimism.

9. Duran Duran, “INVISIBLE”

Duran Duran - "INVISIBLE" (Official Music Video)

The Duran Duran song “Invisible” is about feeling invisible. The sense of being ignored and unimportant is described in the lyrics. The song explores the notion that, whether to our friends, family, or the general public, we are all invisible in some way.

Despite this, the chorus of the song, which repeats the line “I know I’m not invisible,” is nonetheless upbeat. This upbeat message exhorts listeners to have faith in themselves and persevere in the face of invisibility.

10. 98 Degrees – Invisible Man

98º - Invisible Man (Official Music Video)

Feeling irrelevant and invisible is the subject of 98 Degrees’ song “Invisible Man.” The singer is described in the lyrics as feeling as though he is “standing in the shadows” and that no one ever pays him any attention. He talks about how he wants to be heard and seen, yet it never seems as though anyone is interested in him.

The song addresses the sense of invisibility that many individuals experience occasionally. We all experience it occasionally, however it may be a frustrating and alienating emotion.

The song serves as a reminder that everyone matters and that we are all connected. We continue to exist and are still a part of the world even though we feel invisible.

11. The Police’s “Invisible Sun”

The Police - Invisible Sun (Official Music Video)

Concluding our songs with invisible in the title is The Police’s song “Invisible Sun”. This songs is about the challenges of people who live in areas where poverty and violence are pervasive.

The challenges of individuals attempting to survive in a society that appears to have forgotten them are depicted in the lyrics. In spite of their challenging circumstances, the song alludes to an invisible sun that beams on these folks and gives them hope. Hearing about the Troubles in Northern Ireland gave the police band the idea for this song.

12. Anna Clendening – The Invisible

Anna Clendening - Invisible (Official Music Video)

Anna Clendening’s song “Invisible” was released as a single in 2019. The song deals with a feeling of being unloved and unappreciated. Clendening’s opening line, “I’m standing in a room full of people and I feel so alone,” perfectly captures the invisibility one experiences. We often put on a brave face even when we’re hurting inside, and we try to act like everything is fine when it’s not. That’s what the song is all about.

13. Taylor Swift, “Invisible String”

Taylor Swift – invisible string (Official Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift’s latest album, Folklore, contains the song “Invisible String.” It’s a song about an unbreakable thread that binds two people together, even when they’re far apart geographically.

The song describes how the string can be twisted and stretched without breaking. In the lyrics, she references her relationship with Joe Alwyn, a long-distance relationship she has with him.

The song has a mellow and peaceful sound that perfectly complements the lyrics. As always, Taylor Swift’s lyrics are flawless, and this song is no exception. Invisible String is one of Folklore’s most memorable tracks, thanks to the beautiful story she tells about love and connection.

14. Skylar Grey, “Invisible”

Skylar Grey - Invisible

“Invisible” by Skylar Grey is a haunting ballad about a person who feels unnoticed and unimportant in the world. Throughout the song, the narrator expresses their desire to be recognized and appreciated.

When Grey sings, it’s clear that he’s trying to convey the longing and despair that come with being an outsider. Although “Invisible” has a simple piano accompaniment, the lyrics’ emotional impact is amplified thanks to the accompaniment.

15. “The Invisible Man” by Queen

Queen - The Invisible Man (Official Video Remastered)

It is a song by the British rock band Queen, “The Invisible Man.” The Miracle, their eleventh studio album, was released as the lead single in 1989. Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, the band’s drummer, wrote the song.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a lonely and misunderstood invisible man. However, he craves love and connection even in the face of his invisibility.

Every person has value and deserves to be seen and loved, the song’s message is “The Invisible Man” is a powerful anthem of acceptance and inclusion. It serves as a gentle reminder that we are all deserving of acceptance and love.

16. Zara Larsson, “Invisible (End Title from Klaus)”

Zara Larsson - Invisible (from the Netflix Film Klaus) (Official Music Video)

Swedish singer Zara Larsson’s song “Invisible” served as the final title track for the 2019 Netflix movie Klaus. Larsson, Noonie Bao, Nicklas Lif, and the song’s producer Staffan Karlsson all contributed to its composition.

Pop ballad “Invisible” has R&B influences. The experience of feeling unimportant and underappreciated is discussed in the song’s lyrics. As she frequently feels like she is not seen or heard, Larsson has stated that she related to the song’s message as it was being recorded. The Klaus movie is included in the music video for the song, which was made by director Anders Falck.

17. Bare-Naked Ladies – Invisible Fence

Barenaked Ladies - Invisible Fence (Acoustic)

A song by the Canadian group Barenaked Ladies is titled “Invisible Fence.” It was made available in 2000 as the follow-up single to Maroon, their fifth studio album.

The song is about the narrator creating an invisible wall around himself to keep people out. Anyone who tries to pass the electrified fence comprised of “invisible wire” will be shocked.

The barrier serves to keep the narrator safe from harm, but it also prevents him from enjoying the joy of human interaction. In the end, the narrator concludes that it is not worth risking further injury by tearing down the fence and living alone.

18. Scissor Sisters, “Invisible Light”

Invisible Light - Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters’ song “Invisible Light” is about the belief that love is an immeasurable energy that unites people. The song’s lyrics describe love as something that cannot be seen or measured but is yet present. The song also discusses how, despite the fact that love is difficult to understand, it is still worth pursuing. The song’s message is that love is an unseeable light that shines on everyone.

19. Michael Bolton, “Invisible Tattoo”

Michael Bolton - Invisible Tattoo Album Version HQ

The ballad “Invisible Tattoo” by Michael Bolton is about loving someone despite their flaws. The song’s lyrics express the notion that love overlooks a person’s outward defects in favor of focusing on their inward beauty.

The song explores the notion that despite having scars and flaws that are invisible tattoos, genuine love is blind to these things. Instead, what matters most is the connection between two people. The song serves as a gentle reminder for us to all work toward unconditional love and to seek out the best in those around us.