19 Great Songs With Minutes In The Title

Songs With minute In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to time management. Minutes can seem like hours to some people, while days seem to fly by in a blur of activity for others. Songs with minutes in the title can be both relatable and enjoyable, regardless of how one perceives the passage of time.

From classic rock to modern pop, this playlist has everything you need, whether you want to wind down for the day or get pumped up for the days ahead.

19 Songs with minutes in the title:

1. The Jonas Brothers – 6 Minutes

Jonas Brothers - 6 Minutes (Live)

Ranking first on our list of songs with minutes in the title is this love song by the Jonas Brothers – 6 Minutes. The song is about a long-distance relationship between a couple.

They want their relationship to work, but they fight all the time and don’t know what to do about it. When a couple only has six minutes to talk each day on the phone, the song focuses on their efforts to make the most of it. It’s a melancholy song with a glimmer of hope. Love and loss are the themes of this beautiful song.

2. Wait For A Minute – Justin Bieber And Tyga

Tyga - Wait For A Minute (Official Music Video) (Explicit) ft. Justin Bieber

Next on our list of songs with minutes in the title is this collaboration from Justin Bieber and Tyga “Wait for a Minute.” Minutes can feel like an eternity at times, and this song is about that.

In the song, Justin Bieber and Tyga discuss the passage of time and how it can seem endless at times. The two artists depict the agony of sitting in a waiting room for what seems like an eternity.

They also discuss how time can be a valuable resource and how we frequently take it for granted. Listening to the song “Wait For A Minute” will make you think about the relationship between music and time.

3. The Temptations – Minute By Minute

The Temptations - Minute By Minute

The Temptations are primarily known for their vocal prowess, and “Minute By Minute” is an excellent example of this. Throughout the song, the lyrical theme revolves around the idea that minutes are life-saving.

This song’s first verse describes a near-death experience, and how each passing minute felt like a new chance at life. The second verse is where he focuses on a relationship that is about to end. For the sake of saving it, he begs for just one more minute.

4. Nickodemus – A Beirut Minute

A BEIRUT MINUTE feat Edd Fareeq l'Atrash, Yaseen iVoice, Malikah, Ram6 Hamorabi

In “A Beirut Minute,” Nickodemus sings about the fleeting moments of life in the city. Clocks are used to represent time passing in the song’s opening lines. The city’s sights, sounds, and inhabitants are captured in the song’s lyrics.When you listen to the song, you’ll feel like you’re actually there with the singer as she describes his experiences in the city to his listeners.

At the song’s conclusion, an oncoming car horn symbolizes the hectic pace of city life. It’s a song that captures the bustling metropolis feel of Beirut, one of the most popular songs with minutes in the title.

5. The Pat McGee Band – Minute

Minute LIVE - @PatMcGeeOfficial

It’s a song about minutes, Pat McGee Band’s Minute. The song’s lyrics describe how a few minutes can feel like a lifetime. The  theme of the song is the rapidity with which time can pass and our inability to notice this until it is too late.

When it comes to life’s most precious moments, it’s easy to take a minute for granted. The song serves as a gentle nudge to slow down and appreciate the people and things around us.

It’s a beautiful song by Pat McGee Band that encourages us to slow down and appreciate the precious moments in our lives. one of the most popular songs with minutes in the title.

6. Wait A Minute – Ray J

Lil' Kim Feat Ray J Wait a Minute

The song “Wait a Minute” was recorded by Ray J in the United States. Knockout Entertainment released it on October 27, 2016, and it was distributed digitally. Ray J wrote and produced the song.

It begins with the sound of a police siren and gradually transitions into the song’s tempo and lyrics. While a police siren grows louder in the background, Ray J begins to sing the hook “Wait a minute, let me finish, I ain’t done.”

7. DMX – A Moment for Your Son

DMX - A Minute For Your Son + LYRICS

Moving and powerful, “A Minute for Your Son” reflects on the importance of life, no matter how brief. DMX’s fervent verses are preceded by a haunting soundscape of church bells and children’s laughter.

He begins by pleading with God to grant him one more minute with his son, who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. Right now, he makes a promise to his son: he’ll show him everything he’d otherwise have missed out on. It is then that he asks for some time with the perpetrator to show him the damage he has done.

Ending on a hopeful note, DMX vows to continue fighting for justice for his son even after he is gone. “A Minute for Your Son” is a heartfelt remembrance of loved ones who have passed away, as well as a timely reminder of the value of every human life.

8. Wait a Minute – Willow Smith

Willow Smith’s “Wait a Minute” is a catchy song with a powerful message. Slowing down and appreciating the small things in life is a message conveyed by the lyrics. “Every minute counts,” as the song goes. A hectic modern world makes it easy to lose sight of the beauty around us. We can better appreciate the beauty around us and make the most of the limited time we have if we take a step back and reflect.

In our haste to get from one place to the next, we often miss out on the simple pleasure of existing. The next time you’re in a hurry, stop for a moment and appreciate the little things in life.

9. Tim Minchin, “Three Minute Song”

Tim Minchin's "Three Minute Song" - Ruth Jones' Easter Treat - BBC Two

Intimate and catchy, Tim Minchin’s Three Minute Song is a joy to listen to. Lyrics focus on the passing of time and how it can seem to drag on for minutes at a time.

There is hope in the song as well, encouraging people to use their time wisely. With its upbeat tune and positive message, the song is sure to make you smile.

One of Tim Minchin’s many great compositions, Three Minute Song, is clearly a work of art in its own right. Tim Minchin’s Three Minute Song is the perfect song to lift your spirits on a gloomy day.

10. Scotty McCreery – Five More Minutes

Scotty McCreery - Five More Minutes (Official Video)

In Scotty McCreery’s “Five More Minutes,” we long for more time with someone we care about. Looking back on his life, this song’s lyrics depict a man who is regretting not being able to spend more time with his deceased father. In spite of the song’s sadness, it’s incredibly relatable and poignant.

Fans will be moved to tears by McCreery’s raw emotion on stage. ‘Five More Minutes’ pays homage to the importance of family and friends and serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the time we have with them while we still have it.

11. Dean Lewis’s 7-Minutes

Dean Lewis - 7 Minutes (Official Video)

Dean Lewis’ song “7 Minutes” is a song he wrote while living in Australia. In Australia, the song debuted at the top of the ARIA Singles Chart on 3 May 2019 and became Lewis’ first number one single.

Joel Little produced and wrote 7 Minutes with the help of Lewis, Andrew Sharplin, and other members of the team. Lewis sings from the point of view of the breakup in the song, which is about a relationship that came to an abrupt end.

The length of the phone call that ended the relationship is referenced in the song’s title. According to music critics, 7 Minutes was praised for its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics.

12. The Last 10 Minutes – Light Treason

Light Treason - The Last Ten Minutes

During “The Last 10 Minutes” by Light Treason, the speaker contemplates the abrupt end of a relationship. Beginning with a nostalgic look back at good times spent with a beloved companion (the protagonist), the song soon shifts to a more somber tone. What happened, and why it happened so quickly, becomes clearer as the song progresses.

Only questions and a deep sense of loss remain for them at the end. This is a powerful and moving exploration of heartbreak, self-doubt, and the power of memories.

13. 30 Minute Love Affair` Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith - 30 Minute Love Affair (Official Video)

The song is about a woman who falls in love with a stranger she meets on the subway. In the short time she has with him before her stop arrives, she falls madly in love with him.

Short, intense moments of connection between strangers are celebrated in the song. It serves as a reminder that even though our lives are often hectic and our time is limited, we can still make time for love.


JXDN - One Minute (Official Lyric Video)

Jxdn sings about the significance of a single minute in the song “One Minute. He points out that minutes can appear long or short depending on how we perceive them.

According to him, the precious commodity of time is often taken for granted. The singer reflects on how fleeting life is and how important it is to make the most of each moment.

“Live every minute like it’s your last,” he exhorts his audience. This song serves as a gentle nudge to treat each moment with the reverence it deserves.

15. Her – Five minutes

Her - Five Minutes (Official Music Video)

Her’s song “Five Minutes” is a Dutch indie pop tune. In 2019, the song was released as a single, and it quickly became a viral sensation. The song is about Minutes, a time-tracking app that users can use to keep track of their activities.

Because the song is being written by someone who is addicted to the app, the lyrics describe their need to constantly check their minutes and make the most of their free time.

There have been several year-end lists of best songs featuring this song because of its clever lyrics and catchy melody. Her latest single, “Five Minutes,” is a thought-provoking look at how we interact with technology.

16. Jonas Brothers – Five More Minutes

Jonas Brothers - Five More Minutes (Official Lyric Video)

The Jonas Brothers are a pop rock band from America. The group was founded in 2005 and gained fame through their appearances on the Disney Channel.

The Jonas Brothers’ “Five More Minutes” was released as a single on February 2nd, 2019 under their own name. Nick Jonas and Greg Kurstin wrote the song. It is a mid-tempo R&B-influenced pop song.

As stated in the song’s lyrics, the speaker desires more time with a significant other. Five more minutes” was the Jonas Brothers’ highest-charting single since “Burnin’ Up,” it peaked 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2008.

17. MLTR – 25 Minutes

Michael Learns To Rock - 25 Minutes [Official Video] (with Lyrics Closed Caption)

MLTR “25 Minutes” is a pop-rock song. The band used it as the lead single for their second studio album, Colours, which was released in 1993. The song is about the end of a relationship and the struggle to accept one’s own feelings.

Writing from both partners’ viewpoints, these lyrics express a sense of longing for what could have been. Several countries, including Denmark, Norway, and the UK, all ranked the song among the top ten most popular tracks of all time. As one of Michael Learns to Rock’s most popular songs, it’s been covered by numerous artists.

18. Dean Jones’ “One Minute Song”

To get you thinking about minutes, check out Jones’s “One Minute” song. Throughout the song, there is a focus on the use of time and how quickly it can go by. Years and hours of information are also included in this song.

The song is also a great way to consider how time can be divided up and how long something can last. One minute is a great way to learn about minutes and how they can be used in a variety of contexts.

19. Boys Like Girls – Five Minutes to Midnight

Boys Like Girls - Five Minutes to Midnight (from Read Between The Lines)

Concluding our list of songs with minutes in the title is Boys Like Girls’ 2006 single “Five Minutes to Midnight” which  served as the album’s lead single.

To make the most of their remaining time together, the singer sings about a relationship that’s coming to an end. The song’s lyrics lament the passage of time and express a desire to halt it by pressing the pause button.

One Tree Hill and We’re the Millers are just two of the many television shows and movies in which it has appeared Pop-rock classic “Five Minutes to Midnight”  has become a global hit due to its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.