18 Great Songs With Player In The Title

songs with player in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs with player in the title

Something about a player is simply too alluring to resist. It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned we are; we can’t help but be swayed. Maybe it’s because of their confidence or the way they make us feel like we’re unique. It doesn’t matter what it is, players always manage to captivate our attention.

As a result, it can be difficult to get out of their grasp. Songs like these fill that void. When you fall in love with a player, you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. These songs are able to capture the highs and lows of being in love, as well as the sense of being used and betrayed.

As such, whether you’re currently in a relationship with a player or just need some music to help you get over your last one, these are the best songs with player in the title.

18 Songs With Player In The Title:

1. “Player” by Tinashe ft. Chris Brown

Tinashe - Player ft. Chris Brown

Ranking first on our list of songs with player in the title is this American single by Tinashe and Chris Brown ` player and was released in 2013.

The song’s production and Tinashe’s vocal performance were lauded by music critics upon its release. US Billboard Hot 100 at No. 24 and the UK Singles Chart at No. 19 were the highest positions for the song at its peak.

It was released on October 7, 2014, with a music video made by Mike Ho. Tinashe plays a stripper in the video, while Brown portrays a wealthy man who falls for her.

2. Spice1 – Player Pieces

Spice 1: Playa Pieces

Next on our list of songs with player in the title is Spice1’s Player Pieces. This is a song on the dangers of being a player. The song foretells the eventual capture of players and the end of their game.

The song is set to a slow, sinister tempo and incorporates Spice1’s distinctive deep, rapping voice. In the lyrics, the message is clear: There will be no happy ending for the players.

The song is a cautionary story, yet it is also catchy and irresistible. Spice1’s song Player Pieces is a hit among rap fans, and it’s easy to understand why.

3. Chicago band Street Player

Chicago - Street Player

Street Player is a song by Chicago, an American rock band. It was the lead single from their album Chicago XIII, which was released in 1978. Producer James William Guercio collaborated with bassist Peter Cetera to write the song.

Horns and synths abound in this disco-tinged track. The song’s lyrics describe a “street player” who is “trying to take some time.” It also made the top ten in Australia and Canada. Street Player was one of Chicago’s most successful disco singles.

4. Keyshia Cole – Playa Cardz Right

Keyshia Cole - Playa Cardz Right (Official Music Video) ft. 2Pac

Keyshia Cole’s song “Playa Cardz Right” is all about the difficulties of dating a player. Players are initially thrilling, but they lose their charm with time.

According to Cole, it’s essential to avoid becoming overly attached since players will say anything to get what they want. It’s also worth noting that players’ romantic lives tend to be circular, with them bouncing from one partner to the next. After all, Cole concludes, it’s not worth the misery to get connected with a player.

5. Will Smith, Willow Is A Player

Will Smith - Willow Is a Player

This song by will smith, Willow is a player, is intriguing. The song’s lyrics are about how players are always looking for methods to attract girls, and how they don’t give a damn about what those girls think. There’s also a section on how girls should exercise caution when it comes to who they spend time with or focus their attention on.

The song has a wonderful beat and is really catchy. It’s a music that makes you want to get up and dance. The song’s message, in my opinion, is one that should be heard by everyone.

6. Marky Mcfly – Players Lullaby

The Time Traveler • Marky Mcfly - Player’s lullaby

Marky Mcfly’s “Players Lullaby,” a song about basketball players, is available on iTunes. The sound of a bouncing ball opens the song, setting the mood for the rest of it. Lyrics stress the importance of putting in the effort to develop one’s abilities. They must also exercise extreme caution to avoid injury, which may spell the end of their professional careers.

The song’s chorus exhorts listeners to never give up on their goals or work too hard. One of the most motivating songs for any basketball player, “Players Lullaby” exhorts the listener to keep working hard no matter what the circumstances.

7. Haystak by the Down South Players

Haystak - Down South Players

“Down South Players” by Haystak is a song about the so-called “players” who are common in the southern United States. The term “player” is commonly used to describe a man who is proficient in the art of seduction and can persuade women to have sex with him.

According to Haystak, these men are slick talkers who are also manipulative. Additionally, he mentions the fact that many of these players are also involved in illicit activities, such drug trafficking. Even if the song doesn’t condone these men’s actions, it does provide us an interesting look into the psyche of a player.

8. International Players Anthem – Director’s Cut

UGK (Underground Kingz) - Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Director's Cut) ft. Outkast

The title of the song is a reference to the F. Gary Gray movie magnification International Players Anthem, which starred Outkast member André 3000.

An “International Player’s Anthem” is used by characters in the film to profess their eternal love for women, even though they have cheated on them. It’s a song about a man proclaiming his love for someone, even though he’s been cheating on his partner.

9. I Don’t Want To Be A Playa no more ` Big Pun

Big Pun - Still Not a Player (Official Video) ft. Joe

The song is about the risks of being a player, or someone who has several partners for sex. Big Pun forewarns players that their partners would soon get weary of their games, leaving them alone and lonely. Change your ways and settle down with one person, he advises.

With its catchy tune and uplifting message regarding sexual promiscuity, the song is both amusing and educational. Players may think they’re living the high life, but in reality, they’re placing themselves at risk of heartbreak and isolation.

10. Female Players – Too short

The song “Female Players” by Too short is, well, about female players. The opening lyric of the song, “She’s a player, she plays games / She’s a player, she’s like guys,” very much gives the listener a clear sense of what the song is going to be about.

And it doesn’t disappoint, with Too Short providing listeners with a comprehensive and graphic account of his “female player’s” varied sexual activities.

It’s not just about sex, though; Too Short expresses his displeasure with the way female players treat males in the song as well. As a whole, “Female Players” is an engrossing and thought-provoking piece of music.

11. 3LW Playas Gon’ Play

3LW - Playas Gon' Play

American girl trio 3LW released “Playas Gon’ Play” as a single. The song was written by Andre Brissett, Eric Foster White, and Sean Combs, who also produced it. As the third single from their self-titled first album, it was released on 31 October 2000.

The lyrics in the song are about “players,” or men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends. Despite this, the song is seen as inspiring to women because it encourages them to stand up for themselves in relationships and not allow themselves to be disrespected. In addition, it serves as a motivator for women to end unhealthy romantic relationships.

12. Imaginary Players by Jay-Z

Jay-Z - Imaginary Players (Official Music Video)

‘Imaginary Players’ is a song by American rapper Jay-Z, from his 1997 album In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.

In “Imaginary Players,” Jay-Z raps about the allure of the opulent lifestyle that comes with becoming a successful basketball or hip-hop star. He remembers when he was a young boy from Brooklyn with a vivid imagination who had the ambition to become successful like them.

13. Train – Play That Song

Train - Play That Song (Official Video)

“Play That Song” was written and performed by the rock group Train from the United States. The debut song from the band’s ninth studio album, A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat, was released in February 2017. “Play That Song” is a feel-good song about living in the now and enjoying life.

The song’s lyrics discuss the power of music to unite people and make them happy. Songs like this are ideal for social gatherings because of their appealing melodies and catchy chorus. “Play That Song” is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face, whether you’re driving or dancing in your living room.

14. I’m Not a Playa `Big Pun

Big Pun - Still Not a Player (Official Video) ft. Joe

The R&B artist Joe contributes his vocals to this track, which was produced by Nasty Beat Makers. There is a satirical tone to Big Pun’s take on the “player” lifestyle, in which he criticizes the practice of sleeping with several women at once. “I’m Not a Player,” which appears on the album’s title track, helped establish Big Pun as one of the most renowned MCs of the late 1990s.

15. ‘I’ll Be Your Player,’ by Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy-I'll Be Your Player

In his song “I’ll Be Your Player,” Trick Daddy talks about the value of having players on hand in various circumstances. Trick Daddy begins the song by defining what it means to be a player for someone else.

He claims that he would offer financial stability and that his only real desire is to have sex. He also emphasizes how he would be someone who could be relied upon and who would never criticize them if they needed someone. The song then transitions into the chorus, which reaffirms the song’s central themes.

16. Steve Miller Band – The Joker

Steve Miller Band - The Joker (Official Music Video)

Steve Miller Band’s song “The Joker” is a classic example of American rock. Billboard’s Hot 100 list ranked the song at number one in the United States, as well as in several other countries.

The song is about a “joker” who is in love with a woman who is seeing other men. The joker tries to persuade her to remain his sole companion, but she refuses.

Despite its popularity, the song’s lyrics, which include explicit references to drug use and promiscuity, were met with backlash. Regardless, it’s one of the Steve Miller Band’s most well-known songs, and many other musicians have covered it.

17. Don’t Wanna Be A Player, `Joe

Joe - Don't Wanna Be A Player

The narrator of the song declares at the beginning of the track that he is “sick and weary of being a player.” According to him, players are constantly attempting to win the affections of ladies, which only leads to disaster for them.

The catchy lyrics “I don’t want to be a player no more/I just want to find a girl to call my own” appear in the song’s chorus. Verse two recounts how the narrator has been burnt by love before and now is ready to settle down with someone. Finally, the narrator admits that he’s “been a fool for too long” and vows to change his ways.

18. Ella Eyre’s comeback

Ella Eyre - Comeback

Concluding our list of songs with player in the title is Ella Eyere’s “Comeback”  which is about a player who “played [her] like a game.” The song’s lyrics describe a romance that went sour; Eyre laments that she was “blinded by the lights” and failed to recognize the player for what he truly was.