richest tuba players
Written by Corey Morgan

Do you know who the richest tuba players are? You might be surprised to learn that there are several trombone players who are worth millions of dollars. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the net worth of some of the wealthiest tuba players in the world.

From classical musicians to jazz legends, these players have made a fortune playing their instruments. So, without further ado, here are the 5 richest tuba players in the world!

The five richest tuba players are alphabetically listed below:

  1. Alan Baer
  2. Carol Jantsch
  3. Oystein Baadsvik
  4. Roger Bobo
  5. Yashito Sugiyama

In the following paragraphs, we will be sharing with you the professional achievements of these tuba players as well as their net worth.


richest tuba players


Alan Baer is an American instrumentalist that professionally plays the tuba brass instrument. He was born in Erie of Pennsylvania, US. Alan Baer studied at the Indiana University in Pennsylvania, after which he further advanced his studies in the Cleveland Institute of music with Bishop Roland, there Alan Baer completed his bachelor’s degree in music.

He also worked with Johnson Tommy at the University of Southern California – graduate job. Alan Baer developed an interest in music and in instruments as a child from listening to Hansel and Gretel, after which he began taking classes in violin and also in guitar. Over time he began his classes in Tuba because he considered the brass instrument Tuba to have a more perfect fitting for his hands than violin.

Alan Baer was the Principle Tuba player at the Miwaukee Symphony Orchestra Louisiana Philharmonic as well as in so many other orchestras. Alan Baer has also featured in so many performances, like his performances with Cleveland Orchestra which was led by Ashkanzy Vladimir, he also recorded with Cleveland Orchestra.  Alan has his discos too and is the principal tuba for the Newyork Philharmonic. He also is a consultant designer with Meinl Winston, a company that manufactures instruments. Alan Baer is worth about five million US Dollars ($5,000,000).


Carol Jantsch was born at Ohio, US, on 8 March 1985. She was born to a vocal music teacher and a medical practitioner so there was a tendency that Carol Jantsch was going to pick an interest in music. The interest began with Carol Jantsch learning to play piano when she was only six years, and by the time she turned nine, Carol was already learning euphonium.

Carol Jantsch started studying the tuba by the time she got to seventh grade in school. By 2002 Carol Jantsch was already a high school graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy. She auditioned for the New York Philharmonic while she was at the University of Michigan, within the same period, Carol Jantsch also auditioned for the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Carol ended the competition for the New York Philharmonic as a semi-finalist, but for the Philadelphia Orchestra, Carol Jantsch won the principal Tuba. All of these happened in 2006, while she was yet to graduate and she did graduate from the University in that same year. Winning the position of the principle tuba at the Philadelphia Orchestra made Carol Jantsch the first female to have won the Philadelphia Orchestra in America.

She also became the full time chair for the concert within 2006 and 2007 and she also was the youngest member of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Jantsch has won several awards, including a scholarship, she is a Professor and teaches at the Yale school of music. Carol Jantsch is worth about four million US Dollars ($4,000,000).


richest tuba players


Oystein Baadsvik was born on August 14, 1966 at Norway, Trondheim precisely. He is a musician and particularly a soloist player of the tuba brass instrument. Oystein Baadsvik schooled in Norway, the place of his birth and by the age of fifteen (15), he was already playing tuba in his school there at Trondheim.

Oystein Baadsvik won the competition of soloist in Norway—the Norwegian national competition organized for only soloists. Oystein Baadsvik has about twelve works, which Fnuggs (snowflakes) is the most popular work. It was a tuba soloist—the kind of work Oystein liked to do, and it had multiphonics and even lip beats until it was later modified for the addition of concert back and was finally called the Fnugg blue.

Oystein studied with Jacobs Arnold under the guide of the tuba player Philips Harvey. Oystein is also a professor of music and so he organizes concerts, clinic for tuba players, masterclasses too and a lot of performances in different parts of the world. Oystein brings a different life to the world of tuba because of his activities around the brass instrument, he even goes on a tour every October and it is usually a period the tuba music is celebrated. With his career as a tuba soloist and as a professor Oystein Baadsvik is worth about one million US Dollars ($1,000,000).


Roger Bobo is a conductor and a tuba player. Born June 8, 1938 at Los Angeles, California, US. He was a graduate of the Eastman school of music. He began his career playing Tuba in 1961. Not only is Roger Bobo a virtuoso of tuba, he also is a brass pedagogue.

Roger Bobo made history at the Carnegie Recital Hall with his performance of the first tuba solo at the Carnegie Recital Hall. That gave him a lot of reputation in the league of tuba players. Roger is a well detailed tuba soloist that both his ensemble and his solo are quite extensive.

Roger was conducted the Topanga Philharmonic Orchestra, he also was a visiting conductor in Asia, Europe, and North America, and he always went with his ensemble and with his band.

In 2001, Roger Bobo left active performance of Tuba and focused on teaching the art of playing tuba. He also authored a book—‘Mastering the Tuba’. He also lived in Tokyo in 2018 and taught there as well.  Roger Bobo had about seven works during his time of active service and is worth about five million US Dollars ($5,000,000).


Yasuhito Sugiyama was born in 1967. He is a Japenese tuba player and was the first Asian to have auditioned for the Wiener Staatsoper Orchester. He also has been playing at the Cleveland Orchestra since the year 2006. Sugiyama is principal tuba since 2006 as well. He is the head of the tuba department, conservatory, and tuba faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  Sugiyama Yasuhito is worth about five million US Dollars ($5,000,000).

In conclusion, the richest tuba players come from a variety of backgrounds and have achieved their wealth in different ways. Some inherited their money while others earned it through hard work and dedication. What they all have in common, however, is a passion for the tuba and a commitment to using their wealth to support the instrument and its community. We hope this article has inspired you to reach for your own dreams, whatever they may be. Thank you for reading!