18 Top Songs With Thirst In The Title

songs with thirst in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

When it comes to quenching one’s thirst, there is no substitute for a good song. When we listen to music, we’re able to feel things more intensely, and that includes thirst. Song lyrics like “I’m thirsty” will inspire you to reach for an ice cold beverage no matter the time of day or night. Here are the 18 top songs with thirst in the title:

1. Dallas Green, “Thirst”

City and Colour - Thirst (Lyric Video)

Ranking first on our list of songs with thirst in the title is “Thirst” by Dallas Green, a.k.a. City and Colour, hails from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He is the guitarist and vocalist for the Juno Award-winning post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. Under the stage name City and Colour, he began a solo career in 2005. “Thirst” is a song by City and Colour from his album The Hurry and the Harm.

The song tells the story of a lonely soul in search of love and attention. This is something they’d like to have a taste of. The song’s lyrics express a need for human contact and a sense of abandonment. Dallas Green’s delicate vocals and gentle guitar strumming lend the song an otherworldly feel. It’s a gorgeous song that perfectly depicts the agony and longing of being alone.

2. Skillet – The Thirst Is Taking Over

Skillet: The Thirst is Taking Over

Next our list of songs with thirst in the title is Skillet, an American rock band, has a song called “The Thirst Is Taking Over.” Their ninth studio album, Unleashed, included it as the lead single, which was released on May 13th, 2016.

The song deals with the destructive power of thirst and how it may engulf a person’s life. According to the song’s lyrics, thirst may drive a person “mad” and cause them to do things they would never do in the normal course of events. One can attempt everything they want to quench their hunger, but it will always find a way to overcome them.

“The Thirst Is Taking Over” is a compelling song that underlines the need of staying hydrated. A reminder that everyone should pay attention to their individual thirst levels and ensure that they drink enough water throughout the day.

3. Phil Wickham, “Thirst”

Phil Wickham - Thirst (Pseudo Video)

Phil Wickham’s 2014 single, “Thirst,” is a great example of this. We all have a natural desire for something more, and this song is about the human condition.

Wickham takes us on a journey through the numerous ways we try to quench our thirst, such as materialistic possessions, romantic relationships, and illicit substances. Despite the fact that these substances may provide a short-term fix, they ultimately leave us wanting more. Only God has the power to quench our thirst.


PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Thirsty” is a song about thirst. The narrator declares that he is “thirsty” for the woman he is speaking to, to whom he is obviously drawn.

In the next paragraphs, he describes how she makes him feel and how much he craves her company. To quench his thirst in this song, the narrator will do whatever is necessary to do so. I can guarantee that after a few listens, you’ll have this song stuck in your mind for the rest of the day. “Thirsty” is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a song to get you in the mood.

5. Sovereign Grace’s song, We Hunger and Thirst

We Hunger and Thirst [Sovereign Grace Music]

It’s a wonderful song by Sovereign Grace that transports the listener to an intimate place of worship. In the lyrics, God is depicted as the source of our thirst for Him and the ways in which He provides us with relief.

Beginning with the lyric, “We’re starving and thirsting for you,” this song immediately hooks us into the singer’s pleadings. The song’s words take off from there, portraying a picture of God’s all-satisfying presence as well as our need for Him.

6. One Thirst by Bethel

One Thirst - Emmy Rose feat. Gable Price | Moment

To satiate our deepest thirsts, “One Thirst” is a song by Bethel Music. The song’s lyrics describe the journey of a thirsty and weary traveler who arrives at a well. As soon as he takes a drink, he is reborn with new energy and vigor.

We all long for something greater than what this world has to give, and this song expresses that longing beautifully. Only God can completely satisfy our hunger for something larger than ourselves. We are never too tired or lost for God’s love to revive and restore us, as the song “One Thirst” shows.

7. Scott Cunningham, “My Soul Thirsts”

Everybody has felt thirsty at some point in their lives. When we feel thirsty, our bodies are trying to tell us something. Scott Cunningham’s song “My Soul Thirsts” delves deeper into the subject of thirst. His analogy is that it’s like having a spiritual need that can’t be quenched by just drinking water.

The only one who can quench this desire, according to the narrator, is God. With this metaphor, the idea that some things in life can only be felt rather than explained is powerfully expressed.

8. Far Eastern Movement – Grimey Thirsty

Despite the fact that thirst is a fundamental human need, it may exert such a significant influence. As a result, it can cause us to do things that we ordinarily wouldn’t do, as well as making us feel vulnerable and weak.

Far East Movement’s “Grimey Thirsty” is a song on the force of thirst. You’d go to any lengths to quench your hunger, according to the song’s lyrics. The narrator’s seeming addiction to the precise thing that is making him thirsty is a concept that is explored in the song. After listening to the song, we sense both empathy and thirst.

9. The Sam Willows, “Thirsty”

The Sam Willows - Thirsty (Official Music Video)

The Sam Willows’ song Thirsty is about, you guessed it, thirst. The song’s lyrics convey the story of a thirsty person in need of a drink. Throughout the song, the protagonist is hunting for any water, no matter how small, in order to survive. In the end, they find a small oasis to quench their thirst and return to civilization.

The song perfectly captures the sense of desperation that comes with being thirsty in both its literal and metaphorical senses. For anyone whose life has been touched by the repercussions of extreme dehydration, Sam Willows’ powerful and moving song is a must-listen.

10. Soulja Boy’s She Thirsty

Soulja Boy’s song “She Thirsty” depicts a woman who is yearning for attention. When it comes to finding a boyfriend, she’s never happy with just one.

As a result, she craves new experiences every day. She’s thus constantly “thirsty” for more. He urges other guys to be wary of this type of women in the song’s chorus. In his warning, he makes it clear that she has one goal in mind, and it’s not love. Instead, she is only interested in their wealth and status.

11. Scott Wesley Brown – A Heart for You

It is a song by Graham Kendrick that deals with the human predicament of thirst. The song’s lyrics address the fact that we all crave something more than this planet has to provide. We crave love, acceptance, and forgiveness because we are thirsty for it.

Kendrick inquires as to if anyone else feels the same way he does. The song gives us hope that we are not alone in our thirst and that there is someone else out there who feels the same.

Despite the challenging subject matter, the song offers a joyful and upbeat message. That we are not alone in our troubles and that there is always someone else who understands exactly how we feel.

12. Heather Clark – I’m Still Thirsty

As the title suggests, Heather Clark sings about one of the most universal human emotions: thirst. Feeling thirsty and in need of a drink is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. Like “my throat is so dry I can’t even swallow,” the song does an excellent job of conveying that experience.

In addition to being a common symptom, excessive thirst may be an indication of a more serious health problem. Even in hot temperatures or during heavy exercise, dehydration can occur. Our bodies tell us how much water we need, so it’s crucial to pay attention to what they say.

13. Robert Glasper – I’m Dying Of Thirst

I'm Dying Of Thirst (Live At Capitol Studios / 2014)

The song explores the idea of desiring something so passionately that it consumes one’s entire life and all one’s efforts. The narrator begs for a drop of water, and the desperation in their voice is clear.

The song serves as a reminder of the strength of our emotions and how they can influence us.. It’s a heartfelt look at what it means to be human, and everybody can identify with it.

14. Dr. Tumi’s Overflow

Dr Tumi - Overflow (Live At The Voortrekker Monument)

Dr. Tumi’s Overflow is a song about thirst. Regardless of how much we have, we always feel that we are shortchanged. It begins with the phrase “my cup overflows” and discusses the fact that even when we have all we need, we still need more.

Throughout the song, we are reminded of the dangers of our own insatiable appetites. There are times when the best thing we can do is simply accept what we have and go on. This is one of the best songs with thirst in the title.

15. Mark Lowry: I’m thirsty –

An emotional and personal depiction of the speaker’s relationship with God is conveyed by Mark Lowry in the song “I Thirst.” Desperation and hunger for God are shown in the lyrics, and the speaker is willing to give up all to satisfy their cravings.

Both the picture and the speaker’s journey from skepticism to trust are compelling in this song. “I Thirst” is a beautiful reminder that God is always waiting for us with open arms, no matter how lost we feel.

16. Thirsty – AJR

Thirsty - AJR (Official Video)

Thirsty is an uplifting song with a good message about overcoming your thirst and reaching your goals. Lyrics of the song are uplifting and encouraging, pushing listeners to never give up on their dreams.

With its catchy melody and enticing pace, Thirsty is sure to be a summer song. AJR’s Thirsty is a great pick if you’re looking for a new exercise tune or just some motivation to keep going. This is one of the best songs with thirst in the title.

17. Ann Marie’s Thirst Trap

Ann Marie - Thirst Trap (LYRIC VIDEO)

The term “thirst trap” is used to describe someone who uses social media to lure people into connecting with them by posting a photo or video of oneself. It’s a term that’s commonly used negatively to describe someone who’s trying to garner attention solely on the basis of their appearance. As a more positive connotation, “self-assured” simply means someone who is secure and comfortable in their own skin.

“Thirst Trap” by Ann Marie falls into the latter group, as it depicts a lady who is sexually confident and unafraid to show off her cleavage. When Ann Marie sings, she encourages others to do the same, embracing their own thirstiness in the process. She sings on the importance of being proud of one’s sexuality and how it’s okay to crave attention.

18. Sandra McCracken, Thirst No More

Thirst No More (LIVE) | Sandra McCracken

Concluding our list of songs with thirst in the title is this Sandra McCracken’s song “Thirst No More” which is about her own quest for inner peace and contentment. She admits that she’s always been a “thirsty soul,” and that she’s always been searching for anything to satisfy her appetite.

No matter how hard she tries, nothing ever quite hits the mark for her. Only God can genuinely satisfy her longings, she learns, and that realization changes her life. “Oh Lord, come now and satisfy my thirst,” she screams out to him. After a lengthy search, she finally gets the serenity and contentment she has been searching for.